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Move the world with You

The Hyundai Motor Group’s journey for ‘Together for a better future’ consists of passion for technology as well as curiosity and responsibility for the future. HMG believes that the starting point of this bold journey is ‘People’ and the driving force behind it is also ‘People.’

A talent is someone who creates new value based on an open mind and self-reliance, and realizes new possibilities through ceaseless revitalization and development

Hyundai motor North America Head quarters


HMG members communicate and cooperate with each other to advance into a wider world: Connecting people and technologies, people and the future by becoming a companion who makes customers’ time valuable thanks to the evolution of mobility, an inventor searching for new possibilities of iron, an explorer looking for another value of spaces, and a supporter for a rich lifestyle. HMG envisions and challenges the same dream as everyone who wants to create the future of human-centered mobility.

Hyundai Motor Group Competencies

We look for talents who can realize the core values of the Group through dedication, creativity, passion, collaboration and global mindset

Hyundai Motor Group Talent Award 'Challenge, Creativity, Passion (Customer, Challenge, People), Collaboration, Globality'

Hyundai Motor Group Talent
  • Challenge  People who are not afraid of failure and promote projects actively, with confidence and willpower
  • Creativity  People who always look at problems from a new perspective, and apply creative ideas and practices to the actual project
  • Passion  People who have the spirit of ownership and responsibility required to sacrifice themselves for the company and customers
  • Collaboration  People who share the way to go with other organizations and communicate with others actively based on an open mind
  • Global Mindedness  People who develop expertise by utilizing the advantage of the global network based on cross-cultural understanding and respect for diversity

Corporate Culture

View of Hyundai Mobis Headquarters

The diverse, free, and flexible corporate culture enables individuals and organizations alike to grow and to contribute to their society. HMG dramatically transforms and innovates the way of working and thinking over the years. Under the autonomous decision-making organization, each member transforms themselves as a 'startup entrepreneur' full of creativity and the spirit of challenge.

Horizontal Communication

Hyundai Motor Group’s organizational culture of horizontal communication

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ‘the rules of the game’ are changing. HMG promotes a new corporate culture after transforming and innovating the way of thinking and working in organizations. HMG has adopted work methods such as a town hall meeting where top management meets and communicates with employees in person, the non-face-to-face reporting for fast and horizontal decision-making, a reduction in the rank system streamlined to a manager and a responsible manager. The Group steps up innovation by abolishing the annual promotion system, which allows the talent with expertise to get more opportunities for faster growth.

Flexible Organizational Culture

The grammar of innovation should not be to stick to principles but to promote flexibility. A prerequisite for HMG’s corporate culture, which puts emphasis on convergence and practicality, is flexibility. The DNA of a creative and autonomous organizational culture is transplanted such as a fully autonomous dress code regardless of a suit or a tie, the flextime in which employees can freely adjust their commuting time, and a year-round recruiting that directly select talents with job competencies in the field.


Human Resources

Human resources make a difference in corporate competitiveness: the best and brightest serves as the driving force in securing leadership in the coming global market. Cultivating human resources correspond to a plan which spans a hundred years and requires long-term planning and support, just like planting a tree and cultivating a forest. The Group supports systematic and unsparing training so that all employees can exert their capabilities and collaborate with each other to create common achievement.

I am confident that people are the most precious asset for business development, followed by capital, resources, and technologies

Juyung Chung, founder and honorary chairman of Hyundai

Back view of three working-level workers discussing car sketches

Fostering global leaders to drive future growth

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Center has fostered leaders with a global mindset throughout all business processes for sustainable growth. The center has nurtured leaders so that they can excel in their roles through leadership competency courses to perform the assigned positions smoothly and effectively, and programs that develop the competencies required for the upper leadership stage in advance. The center runs competency enhancement courses to broaden a leader perspective across business value chains, including strategy, marketing, finance, and production.

Laying the foundation for fostering creative talents

Lecture scene for nurturing creative talent

HMG strives to foster ingenious talents who will take the lead in the ever-changing era. Global e-Campus, which can be used in a range of digital environments, serves as the space in which all employees and partners can network as well as collaborate with each other, and study regardless of time and space. The Mabuk campus of the Human Resource Development Center, opened in 2012, has evolved into a global top-level HRD center by establishing an environment where employees can immerse themselves in learning.

Human Resource Development Institute

The Human Resources Development Institute has played a continuous role for HMG in becoming a global giant by planting common goals and visions in the hearts of employees.

  • Performance Center  where leaders analyze management issues and discuss strategies
  • Global HRD Hub  that fosters the talents to be equipped with global competitiveness
  • Culture Channel  that spreads HMG’s core values

Research Scholarship Program

A research scholarship program is implemented by selecting and supporting more than 200 excellent talents in the bachelor's and master's and doctoral courses in the R&D field on a yearly basis. It is expected that they will play a leading role in helping HMG to take a leap forward as a global auto group.

Infographics about the ‘Hyundai Motor Group Research Scholarship Program’, which selects research scholarship students and nurtures them into R&D talents with core competencies

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