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Hyundai Motor Group Executive Chair Euisun Chung

“We need to create a virtuous cycle where all activities of Hyundai Motor Group contribute to people’s lives, safety and happiness, and then this lays the foundation for the Group’s growth and development.”.

“We must bring about a virtuous cycle in which all our activities contribute to human life, safety and happiness, and lead to the growth and development of Hyundai Motor Group.”

Executive Chair Euisun Chung at his Group chairmanship inauguration on October 14, 2020

Realizing the ambition of humanity for “a peaceful life and safe and free movement” is an essential mission of Hyundai Motor Group. Executive Chair Euisun Chung emphasizes that humanity’s well-being and development remain the ultimate goal of the Group’s technological innovations, and that the customer should be at the center of all our activities.

As such, Hyundai Motor Group is committed to leading a new era, where people around the world benefit from the opportunities afforded by improved mobility. In order to create more opportunities for customers and to contribute to the progress of humankind, Executive Chair Chung is leading the transformation of Hyundai Motor Group into a “mobility solutions enterprise.” Under this transformation, the Group is accelerating its initiatives in electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity, as well as urban air mobility (UAM), robotics, purpose-built vehicles (PBV), and smart cities. Before long, these human-centered mobility solutions and technologies will turn our dreams and ambitions into tangible reality.

The evolution of mobility has offered people quality time, as well as happiness and prosperity.

Euisun Chung at the Hyundai Motor Group New Year’s address on January 2, 2020

A robotic vision image presented by Hyundai Motor Company at CES 2022, a future city that freely moves through PBV using PnD module and urban air mobility UAM

Alongside technological innovations, Hyundai Motor Group is dedicated to the protection and management of our shared natural environment. In addition to providing advanced eco-friendly mobility solutions, we are enabling further breakthroughs in the utilization of hydrogen as an important future energy solution. In 2019, as co-chair of the Hydrogen Council, Executive Chair Chung laid out a blueprint for realizing a global hydrogen society through innovations across the entire hydrogen industry value chain. In 2021, Hyundai Motor Group presented its Hydrogen Vision 2040, and is continuing its journey toward a decarbonized, ecofriendly world with diverse stakeholders. 

To preserve the sustainable life of our planet Earth, we need not fancy words, but immediate action. The hydrogen economy is the most viable solution for our successful energy transition going forward.

Executive Chair Euisun Chung at the G20 Energy Ministers’ Meeting in June, 2019

The side of the hydrogen car that's charging-changing image

Executive Chair Chung is also ensuring Hyundai Motor Group fulfills its social responsibilities, and that all colleagues can contribute together to the company’s global role as a positive corporate citizen. Guided by the strategic social contribution program, called “MOVE,” Hyundai Motor Group has pursued comprehensive social contribution activities around the world. Central to these initiatives, the company is implementing its ESG management that prioritizes sustainable strategies and practices for the benefit of the environment, society and for good corporate governance. Furthermore, by communicating with diverse stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, suppliers and local communities, the company is offering more value that benefits the wider society in which it operates. 

Through technological advancement, Hyundai Motor Group is achieving innovative freedom of movement and preparing for a new era that, in addition to creating people-to-people connections, will genuinely contribute to people’s lives.

Executive Chair Euisun Chung in the 2020 Hyundai Motor Group Global CSR Report

Supernal Debuts eVTOL Product Concept at CES 2024

Executive Chair Chung has been implementing change to realize Hyundai Motor Group’s vision of operating “Together for a Better Future.” He has harmonized talent not only within the automotive sector, but also across auto parts, steel, construction and finance sectors. 

After being appointed president of Kia in 2005, he started to promote “design-oriented management” that introduced and developed greater creativity and vitality within the company. And after becoming the Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group in 2009, he successfully steered the Group’s growth and progress amid a difficult business environment following the 2007-08 global financial crisis.  

In 2015, he led the successful launch of the Genesis luxury brand, as well as Hyundai Motor Company’s high-performance N sub-brand, both of which have highlighted the technological capabilities and competitiveness of Hyundai Motor Group. Executive Chair Chung has also emphasized the importance of communication and autonomy for its corporate culture. In addition, he has supported an open innovation strategy that prioritizes collaboration with a broad spectrum of companies and startups around the world. Through these efforts, Hyundai Motor Group is creating an ecosystem that supports its continuous evolution and growth. 

Chairman Chung Eui-sun walking with the robot dog 'Spot' at ces2022

Our challenges have no limits. We will challenge ourselves to our limits.

Executive Chair Chung at CES Media Day, January 1, 2022

Going forward, Hyundai Motor Group will continue to act upon its steadfast philosophy and belief that: “We can help realize humanity’s dreams by creating a new future through our creativity and endless challenges.” We will accelerate our innovations, working as a true partner of customers around the world, and usher in a world in which the corporate sector and society at large create endless synergies.

Our mission this year will be ‘Consistency and Sustainability’ consistently strengthening our capabilities, which will allow us to scale any challenges and achieve sustainable progress.

Executive Chair Euisun Chung in his New Year’s message, January, 2024