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Hyundai Kia Motor Company Subscription Services are Stronger than Ever

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Ride all the cars you wanted to with the Hyundai Kia Motors Company subscription services.

It is now the era of share economy, where you can share everything including your house, luxury goods and office. It is being globally highlighted as it allows individuals and companies both to share their assets and services to increase asset fusibility and to cut ownership costs to continuously develop the economy. Cars, which seemed to be forever in the private ownership realm, have entered the sharing era. HyundaiㆍKia Motors began its vehicle subscription services last year and provides vehicle subscription services for a monthly subscription fee. This year, HyundaiㆍKia Motors’ subscription vehicle lineup will expand, and used car subscription service has also taken off. Shall we take a look at the upgraded HyundaiㆍKia Motors’ subscription services?

Subscribe beyond cars to mobility life, Hyundai Selection

‘Hyundai Selection’ will go through a major renewal from April and become a mobility life subscription platform that takes care of vehicle subscription and even parking

‘Hyundai Selection’ began its subscription service last January and now has about 2,000 members. It allows the members to choose from 3 types of cars including Sonata, Tucson and Veloster. From this April, it will be renewed. Its subscription vehicle lineup will be greatly expanded which will include the new Avante, and the service prices will go down, below the original price to around 500,000 won. Also, its service, which was limited to Seoul, will be expanded to the metropolitan area. With collaboration with other mobility businesses, it will become a mobility life subscription platform which takes care of various vehicle subscription and even parking.

‘Hyundai Selection’ has a great price competitiveness against car sharing/rent-a-car prices

Hyundai Selection’s subscription vehicles include the upper trim models, unlike the lowest trims which are included in the car sharing and rent-a-car services. For all the cars that are included, digital key, LFA (Lane Following Assist), cruise control (fixed speed driving assistance device), and other latest specifications will be implemented to realize state of the art driving life. Also, just like Netflix, you can get unlimited use per month for a fee and use the mobile app to easily make payment and reservations. Monthly subscription and unsubscribing is also possible. The price is also reasonable, too. It’s as competitive as 2-year contract long-term rent-a-car that does not provide vehicle exchange during the period. It’s highly competitive when compared to car sharing and short-term rent-a-car prices as well. As the social trend prioritizes experience rather than ownership, customers will be able to encounter various Hyundai Motors models according to their taste and situations.

Ride upper trim Genesis of various colors, Genesis Spectrum

With the 1490000 won/month subscription fee and you can experience the entire Genesis sedan lineup

Since December 2018, Genesis is currently carrying out a trial operation of the subscription service ‘Genesis Spectrum’, which allows you to switch cars among G70, G80 and G80 Sports. With the 1,490,000 won/month subscription fee, you can change the vehicle type up to twice. You can use vehicles of various colors without any limits to the driving distance, and all vehicles are of upper trim which comes with options such as HTRAC (electronic 4-wheel drive system). Are you wishing G90 was also included in the lineup? You can drive G90 once per month up to 72 hours, for free. With just a single subscription program, you can experience the entire Genesis sedan lineup, which is super exciting. It doesn’t end here. Subscribers can also experience ‘Genesis Connected Service’ which provides vehicle remote control, safety security and vehicle management service for free. Recently, cars are sterilized before delivery considering the corona19 disinfection and hygiene issues, and vehicle disinfectant is also being provided.

After its trial run, ‘Genesis Spectrum’ will include new cars such as GV80 and pursue its official launch

Monthly subscription fee includes tax, insurance, and maintenance fee and will not cost you anything else. As the contract is made per month, there’s no pressure unsubscribing. You can also add 1 extra driver. Anyone who’s over 26 with a driver’s license obtained over a year and a credit card to his/her name can easily use the service with the app. Thanks to the advantages of easy subscription and unsubscribing and having to choose from Genesis vehicles, Genesis Spectrum met its program quota in just 2 months since launching and has had 1,600 accumulated members. Its trial run ends early May but given the popularity of the service, the official launch will be pursued for the later half of the year, with new cars like GV80 included in the lineup.

Experience the K9 full option model as well as electronic cars, Kia Flex

You can subscribe to Kia Motors’ premium models with ‘Kia Flex’

Kia Motors also launched their premium lineup subscription service ‘Kia Flex’ last June. With the monthly subscription fee of 1,290,000won, you can choose from Kia Motors’ premium line - K9, Stinger and Mojave the Master. You can exchange car type once per month and ride Carnival High Limousine for 72 additional hours. K9 was also introduced as a separate service. This service allows you to experience all K9 functions with K9 3.8 Grand Platinum. Imagine driving a full option specification K9. Isn’t it exciting? ‘Kia Flex’, which has seen continuous increase in subscription ad experience vehicle lineup since the launch, will expand its lineup this year. Subscription vehicles will include Niro EV and Soul Booster EV in March to expand the experience of electronic cars.

You can subscribe to K9 3.8 Grand Platinum, which allows you to experience all K9 functions, as well as electronic cars

Those who wish to use the subscription service can choose and reserve the desired vehicle 3 days prior initial use on the app. You will be delivered the vehicle when and where you want it in Seoul city. If you go for the 3-month package plan, you can get a 50,000won discount on your monthly fee. Those who have used the subscription service that purchase K9 or Stinger within 60 days of their use will also get an additional discount benefit for 300,000won. Enjoy Kia Motors’ premium model at a reasonable price!

Enjoy all sorts of used cars that look brand new, from compact cars to SUVs, DelCar CLUB

‘DelCar CLUB’ is Korea’s first used car subscription service

Most car subscription programs out there are limited to premium vehicles. Now there’s a subscription service for used cars. Hyundai Capital car sharing platform DelCar introduces Korea’s first ever used car subscription service ‘DelCar CLUB’. ‘DelCar CLUB’ is competitive in that it has various vehicle lineups for each price range. There’s the Light type, where you can subscribe to a vehicle for an inexpensive price (less than 600,000 won per month); the Standard type, where you can enjoy a wider range of cars for reasonable prices (600,000~1,000,000 won per month); and the Premium type, where you can enjoy luxurious vehicles (more than 1,000,000 won per month) to choose from according to the customer’s taste. With a 50,000 won switching fee, you can use all big, medium, compact, and SUV vehicles from HyundaiㆍKia Motors that have been ridden for less than 5 years. It’s a very reasonable service for you to ride a used car with great functions.

You can subscribe from compact cars to large vehicles in different price range; with a switch fee and you can choose from all types of cars from sedan to SUV

For 3-month subscribers, 5% discount rate is provided; 7.5% for 6-month subscribers, and up to 10% discount rate for 12-month subscribers. There’s no additional cost or penalty if you unsubscribe from the service, which makes this a very interesting service for those who wish to experience many types of HyundaiㆍKia Motors cars. Search ‘DelCar CLUB’ on Google Play and Apple App Store, download it, join membership, and try it out.

From Genesis to used cars, HyundaiㆍKia Motors’ subscription services now have a much stronger composition than before. Price ranges and vehicle types are much wider. Many options are added to the subscription vehicles, which will also contribute to an upgraded driving experience. Subscription service may be a great alternative if you are deeply interested in cars and wish to experience new vehicles but feel that the cost is burdensome. Since the cost is quite competitive, it’s only natural that this service is popular among the users. The day when you get to ride whatever car you wish to have finally arrived. Go find the HyundaiㆍKia Motors subscription service app on your smartphone and explore the world of fun driving!

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