2021.01.06 GENESIS

G70: Exceeding Expectation

The G70 is the most dynamic model that came from Genesis. Now when everything has halted, and let's take a winter drive with G70.

Satisfying someone's expectations is not easy. You have to meet or exceed certain standards. If you add something new to an existing image, even better; but of course, this also should be part of that expectation - just like The New G70.

The G70, a mid-size luxury sedan of Genesis, was reborn as a performance sedan through partial changes. It adds elegance and dynamic looks to the predecessor's luxury and softness. Elegance is the brand's identity, and dynamic looks are the model's unique personality.

G70 doesn't emphasize its identity as a performance sedan with sharp lines and details. Rather, it depicted, 'Athletic Elegance', the brand identity, through moderation; and at the same time, the classical looks of the G70 reminds us of traditional Korean dances.

What do people expect from a performance sedan? It's definitely a sporty driving feel. The G70 has added a new 'Sport+' driving mode regardless of trim, and this means you can enjoy the excitement of driving with any model you pick. The V6 3.3 turbo engine with the sports package creates a powerful acceleration like a sports car, featuring a maximum output of 373 horsepower and a maximum torque of 52.0 kg.m. The variable exhaust valve added as an optional sport package makes the exhaust sound even sportier. Lastly, the 4WD system added to this would show you stable and agile movement in any driving environment.

If you want to brag about the robust performance of G70, the 19-inch dark sputtering wheel, exclusive to the Sport Package, would be the right choice. This makes you visually feel the high performance of G70.

The cabin is where the excitement begins. The G70 is thoroughly driver-centered so that you can focus on your driving pleasure. The 12.3-inch 3D cluster doubles the fun of driving through the unique design based on a driving mode. Aluminum panels added to the steering wheel as well as the door trim convey a high-tech feel.

The combination of the matte black seat and the red stitching embroidered on it will make your heart beat fast just by looking at it. It seems to increase the heartbeat rate before starting the engine. The side bolsters securely hold the driver's body against the G70's violent movement.

The side of the body inherits the original dynamic proportions, yet the functionality and aesthetics are further enhanced. It also visually depicts the G70's agile driving. The combination of a long hood, a short overhang, and a lowered roof even creates tension. In addition, the thin lines of the quad lamps that run from the front to the rear add vitality even when the car is standing still.

The quad lamp on the rear is a sign that the G70 is one of the Genesis family. It embodies the wings of the brand emblem. The capitalized GENESIS letter located in the middle of the two brake lights clearly indicates the brand identity. When you look down, there is a dual muffler that represents the robust performance of the G70. With a diffuser that organizes the airflow along the floor, it completes the rear view of a true sports sedan.

Living a life is a constant and vibrant movement; just the degree and magnitude of the energy is only slightly different. G70 pursues a better tomorrow and tries to realize that future. Towards life - that is the DNA of G70 and the reason for its existence. The world is discouraging us; how about feeling alive with G70?

Photography by Choi Jin-Ho

HMG Journal Operation Team


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