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Kia: Brand New Logo, New Brand Logo

Kia is transitioning to a future mobility company by announcing its pursuit, logo, and brand slogan. And through these, here are Kia's brand orientation and strategy examined.

Kia Motors has changed its name, the logo that symbolizes the company, and the slogan that represents the brand's identity - hence just 'Kia'. This change is part of Kia's mid-to-long-term strategy, Plan S, a will to establish a leading position in the future mobility market, and it has a handwritten-signature-shaped logo to emphasize the company's will to stay loyal to its customers.

The change of Kia's mission, logo, and slogan could be a cue to become a true mobility company, not just an automaker. Kia also held an unveiling event for the new logo earlier to publicize it on a large scale. On that day, 6th, the company used a total of 303 drones along with firecrackers to embroider a new logo in the night sky, and set a world record in the Guinness Book of Records in the category of “the most unmanned aerial vehicle launched simultaneously with firecrackers”. Kia's new logo, slogan, and strategic pursuits are explained below.

The new logo symbolizes Kia's commitment to lead change and innovation

The new logo stands for 'Symmetry', 'Rhythm', and 'Rising' and embodies Kia's determination to lead change and innovation based on those. 'Balance', the first spirit of the new logo, refers to Kia's confidence in customer satisfaction and experience. It will not only continue to satisfy existing customers as an automaker but also provide innovative future mobility products and services for an unprecedented customer experience.

Karim Habib, Senior Vice President, Head of Kia Global Design Center, explains about the logo: “I was inspired by the energy of Seoul; it has opposing energies that coexist, such as the new and the old, or turbulence and silence"

'Rhythm,' the company's second spirit, refers to Kia's integrity and determination. The monoline logo represents the company constantly moving and changing to meet customers' needs. It also contains the company's willingness to keep inspiring its customers. Finally, ‘Rising’ represents Kia’s passion to evolve to a new brand with a true customer perspective.

Such determination and direction contained in the new logo without the word 'motors'. Though it is just one word missing, behind this is the determination and plans to transform the business that was once centered in manufacturing into providing future mobility solutions. The new strategy and direction are revealed through the new slogan.

On January 15th, Kia unveiled a brand manifesto video showing the new brand purpose and the meaning of the brand slogan 'Movement That Inspires' in the New Kia brand showcase video

Kia's new slogan 'Movement That Inspires' focuses on that 'movement' is the origin of human evolution and the source of inspiration. People always move from their current locations to new places with new people and experience new things.

To this end, Kia considers providing customers with various mobility as the essence of the brand and aims to provide relaxation and inspiration to customers through products and services. It is a strategy to inspire customers' daily lives by providing innovative indoor spaces with convenient and meaningful services - and the company plans to make progress through various activities.

Based on its brand orientation and strategy, Kia will expand its exclusive electric vehicle lineup and purpose-built vehicles from 2021

In addition, Kia announced the beginning of the mid-to-long-term strategy 'Plan S' in 2020. Plan S is a strategy to expand the business into the sustainable mobility industry, which covers eco-friendly vehicles including electric vehicles, mobility solutions and services, and purpose-built vehicles (PBVs). It also includes a production system such as expanding the use of clean energy and recycled materials.

First of all, Kia is planning to launch a total of seven new electric vehicles by 2027, including passenger cars, SUVs, and MPVs, using E-GMP, a platform Hyundai Motor Group exclusively developed for electric vehicles. The first model would be a crossover to be introduced in 2021, which will take the lead in popularizing electric vehicles by applying long-distance driving and fast charging technology. Through this, it plans to account for 6.6% of the global electric vehicle market by 2025 and to achieve annual sales of 500,000 electric vehicles by 2026.

KiaMobility, Kia's mobility service, will expand to Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia, starting from Europe in 2021

Kia is also developing various PBV products based on the skateboard platform through collaboration with the American EV maker Canoo and Arrival. Since the body of a vehicle is simply mounted on the platform, it can be used in various ways depending on each purpose. The company plans to launch products such as shared service vehicles, low-floor wagons, and commercial vehicles.

The company is also seeking to strengthen its partnerships for business diversification. Kia did invest in Indian mobility service company Ola and Southeast Asia's largest ride-hailing transport service and e-payment company Grab; mobility services are provided through collaboration in Europe; it is operating a vehicle sharing service WiBLE with energy company Repsol in Spain; and in Italy and Russia, it has developed its own vehicle management platform and introduced a new rental service, Kia Mobility, in collaboration with local dealers.

Kia's brand orientation, the brand showcase video that announced its future strategy, and the brand manifesto video are available on Kia's official YouTube channel and the website (worldwide.kia.com)

The change of the company name, logo, and slogan is not just a visual transformation. It means an internal change for a bright future. The essence of the Kia brand is mobility. Kia has been connecting people by producing not only the first domestic bicycles and tricycles but also various kinds of trucks, and by focusing on its philosophy, Kia wants to actively respond to changes and build a better mobility environment. This is why we look forward to the future of the new Kia.

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