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Making A Colorful Life for You: IONIQ 5

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With the launch of the Hyundai IONIQ 5, changes came to the mobility life of electric vehicle owners. Let's see who chose the IONIQ 5 and what their EV life will look like.

As Hyundai Motor Company's first dedicated electric vehicle, the IONIQ 5, released in February, people grew expectations for a new EV era. And it is all about its unique EV features - the 350kW super-fast charging system, the 400V/800V multi-quick charging system, the spacious cabin for a leisurely and convenient electric vehicle life, and the V2L feature that can charge other gadgets with the electric batteries housed in the vehicle. Given the fact that the number of contracts for the IONIQ 5 on the first day of the pre-order was 23,760, the highest ever, it is clear that there will be many customers who would want an unprecedented electric vehicle life.

Who would choose the innovative electric car, the IONIQ 5?

Since April when the IONIQ 5 was released, comments about the vehicle's innovative features are going viral on online car communities and social media. Some comments are about people using the IONIQ 5 with convenient functions such as V2L and ultra-fast charging every day, while others are about using the IONIQ 5 for both daily and leisure life.

So, who has chosen the IONIQ 5, and how are they enjoying their mobility life in their IONIQ 5? Let's get closer to the lives of customers who have chosen 5,700 IONIQ 5s manufactured until June.

Internal combustion engine users' choice

Analysis of sales ratios by age, gender, and region of customers who chose the IONIQ 5

First, here are the analyses of the age and gender of individual customers who chose the IONIQ 5 and the percentage of sales by region. The customers of IONIQ 5 were in their 50s (31.1%), 40s (27.6%), 60s or more (20.6%), 30s (16.8%), and 20s (3.8%), and most of them were male (75%). The situation is not so different from the majority of automobile owners. It seems that customers who have been familiar with internal combustion engines have naturally chosen the IONIQ 5 with innovative cutting-edge specifications and convenient charging functions.

E-pit: a high-speed charging station at 12 Korean highway rest stops, will be a great help in expanding the electric vehicle market

By region, it is clear that many IONIQ 5 users are in cities where stable electric vehicle charging infrastructures are, such as Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Incheon metropolitan areas (32.8%), and Gyeongsang, Busan, Daegu, and Ulsan (28.4%). However, this ratio is likely to change at any time, as EV charging infrastructure is currently growing rapidly. Another good news is that Hyundai Motor Group is eagerly building E-pits with high-speed charging facilities of up to 350kW in highway rest stops and big cities across the country.

The IONIQ 5 with an 800V high voltage system can charge the 72.6kWh battery from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes when using the 350kW class super-fast charger. Currently, there are 12 high-speed charging station E-pits nationwide and one in Euljiro Center One building in Seoul, and it is planned to expand to Incheon, Daejeon, and Jeju in the second half of this year.

Convenience and safety are important

Customers have opted for advanced features that focus on convenience and safety

What was the preferred choice of IONIQ 5 owners? Based on the features that can be selected for each trim, customers mainly chose advanced specifications focusing on convenience and safety. For example, 69.4% of customers who chose the exclusive trim opted for the convenience package including Hyundai digital key, smartphone wireless charging, high-pass system, ECM rearview mirror, and rain sensor.

Following that, more than half (52.4%) of the customers chose Hyundai SmartSense, an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) package. 33.3% of customers who chose the Prestige trim, which includes Convenience and Hyundai SmartSense as standard, selected parking assist package (rear side monitor, surround-view monitor, rear parking collision avoidance assist, remote smart parking assist) that helps safe parking and exiting.

Among the indoor V2L items, 31.7% of IONIQ 5 customers chose a convenient, advanced function that allows them to use various home appliances in the car

Speaking of the most beloved individual selection items regardless of trim, the IONIQ 5 owners were very interested in cutting-edge technology and trends. The most selected item was the indoor V2L function (31.7%) that can connect 220V power in the car. If you use indoor V2L, you can use a laptop for a long time in the car or use various electronic devices that require a power supply.

Customers also opted for a built-in cam to record driving and a vision roof to maximize the openness of the cabin

The second most frequently selected item by customers was the built-in camera (31.6%). The built-in cam is a function that allows you to check the images on the 12.3-inch infotainment monitor captured by the front and rear cameras while driving. If you use the built-in cam, you can take a high-resolution video when driving in dark tunnels and at night, and you can transfer the recorded video to your smartphone and share it on social media. In addition, unlike the driving recorders in the aftermarket, it is installed as soon as the vehicle is ready, making it one of the most beloved choices.

Another favorite choice was the Vision Roof (23.4%). The vision roof maximizes the openness of the cabin by applying glass with good light to the entire roof and installing electric roll blinds; hence selected by the customers who want to enjoy the excellent livability of indoor space of the IONIQ 5.

IONIQ 5 owners mainly chose colors that show the looks of an eco-friendly car or have a futuristic and metallic feel

There is also a fun fact about the interior and exterior colors chosen by IONIQ 5 owners. Customers chose Atlas White (41.1%), which has a pure and clean image, as the exterior color that matches the innovative eco-friendly electric vehicle IONIQ 5 the most. Following that, Cyber Gray Metallic (19.3%), Galactic Gray Metallic (10.21%), and Gravity Gold Matte (10.15%, matte) colors with a mechanical and metallic feel were chosen.

For interior colors, more than half of the owners (50.4%) chose black monotone shade for easy maintenance. Exotic colors such as dark pebble gray (27.9%) with a bright interior atmosphere and terra brown (15.3%) with a sense of forest and nature with green and brown colors were also selected by many owners.

Experience a new mobility life

Reviews of customers who have actually experienced the IONIQ 5 are going viral through various online communities

Trendsetters who lead an era always get a lot of attention and drive a lot of talks. The same goes for the IONIQ 5 with innovative advanced features and various charms. Customers with IONIQ 5 are sharing the unique changes they experience in their daily life through various online channels. Those who have experienced the IONIQ 5 for a while are also creating various content. And this becomes the energy to create a new mobility life. This is the butterfly effect created by the unprecedented electric car.

Customers said that the actual fuel efficiency and the driving range of the IONIQ 5 exceed the actual specifications

The keywords used by IONIQ 5 owners in their reviews were mainly EV-related driving range and charging convenience. In particular, they were surprised by the longer mileage than expected and said that they would like to see more super-fast charging facilities because of the faster charging time than expected. Opinions about the super-fast charging that matches the characteristics of IONIQ 5, E-pit the super-fast charging station, V2L, and various ways to utilize the spacious interior space have also been shared.

Regarding the drivable distance, the owners shared photos confirming the mileage much longer than the previously published specifications on a single charge. Some owners who drive efficiently shared reviews that the IONIQ 5 can travel over 600 km when fully charged using a slow charger. It clearly shows the characteristics of electric vehicles, which can vary greatly depending on the driving method.

The charging time can be significantly reduced by using the 350kW class super-fast charger provided in the E-pit

Some funny reviews after using E-pit at the 12 highway rest stops in the country were also notable; previously, you could even have meals and other things while charging the electric car, but charging the IONIQ 5 in the E-pit significantly reduces the charging time, so you only have time to eat snacks in the car. There was also sincere advice from E-pit that a surcharge will be added if the vehicle is not removed immediately after the charging time allotted to the individual is over. However, there were many opinions that the IONIQ 5's driver's seat relaxation comfort seat allows for a short rest while charging and the interior space is large enough to comfortably eat food.

Thanks to the V2L features of the IONIQ 5, various uses of mobility are emerging

The V2L function was the material that appeared the most in the experiences. In particular, various ways to utilize the V2L features for camping were shared, which has recently emerged as a popular leisure activity. As more and more people start to go camping, various electric camping products began to become popular, and so did the V2L function of the IONIQ 5.

Ming-dong, a YouTuber who enjoys car camping, has released a video of using various electric camping equipment using the V2L function of the IONIQ 5. Photo: Ming-dong YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/awskxAIjg44)

Ming-Dong, who deals with video related to car camping, showed the various ways of using the V2L function in the IONIQ 5 and off-site camping. Ming-Dong showed how to Sous Vide, where a steak brought in sealed packaging from home is placed in water at 57°C for 2 hours and then lightly cooked over a fire. In addition, at the end of the camping trip, she cleaned the camping equipment with an electric air gun and even dried her dog.

In addition, there were campers who enjoyed the food that was difficult to cook outdoors using an electric torch that the external V2L features houses, without burning firewood or using home appliances such as microwave ovens and air fryers. A camper who likes to play video games shared a review of enjoying a hobby in the quiet nature with a console and a monitor. When you go camping in hot weather like these days, even if you sleep with the air conditioning all night, it produces no greenhouse gas, hence eco-friendly. Thanks to V2L, the camping environment has changed significantly.

As more and more owners use the indoor V2L function, people are thinking that the IONIQ 5 is a portable living space

There were also several owners who gave new changes to their daily life by using the indoor V2L function. Recently, as more and more people work from home, many complain about having to spend a lot of time at home; and an influencer's experience of living freely even while comfortably doing office work inside the IONIQ 5 was shared. She added that working with your laptop in the car with the air conditioner on is more efficient than working in the house with the AC on in many ways. Also, there were reviews saying that it became possible to have a video conference comfortably in a spacious and independent cabin without being disturbed by other family members, without consuming too much power no matter how long you work in the car.

The innovative features of the IONIQ 5 are opening up a new era of mobility life

As above, many customers who have experienced the IONIQ 5 are enjoying the new changes in their daily lives. In addition, by sharing these experiences, more people get to create lifestyles and cultures beyond the limits. IONIQ 5 is indeed opening a new era of mobility life and a new mobility experience. When the eco-friendly brand lineup expands in the future, such as IONIQ 6 and IONIQ 7, this wave of change will become stronger. The new future that Hyundai Motor Company and the IONIQ brand will create is quickly coming true.

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