2021.06.17 Kia

Kia K8: Inspired by Nature

Dynamic and elegant, the K8 is inspired by Mother Nature. It also inspires the passengers with its eco-friendliness. Let's meet K8 in nature full of greenery.

Lush green leaves can only be enjoyed in summer. It's a landscape you can see every year, but it changes every time you give it a look. It is a time when you want to go somewhere to feel the freshness of indigo trees and grass. You can't blame the hearts of those who want to be with nature. Here is the story of Lee Bo-Ram's life with nature, decorating a garden in the city center.

Lee Bo-Ram is a gardener who creates a life where nature permeates. As CEO of gardening company Botnik, she uses multiple plants to make a space more emotional and lively. “Nature - lush forests, green fields - makes people feel comfortable. But most of the places we live are far from nature. This is where you need a gardener. We create spaces for flowers and plants to live for ordinary yet extraordinary lives.”

People think that a gardener who works with flowers and trees will stay in one place for a long time, but that's not the case. Lee Bo-Ram's daily life involves many business trips, even long-distance ones. It's because she often visits a suburban farm that sells all kinds of plants, such as seedlings. Even plants of the same species are different in size, shape, etc., so Lee Bo-Ram visits the farm and checks them one by one before starting her work.

Today, Kia K8 joined her. The K8 is dynamic yet elegant. The brand's new design philosophy, Opposites United, was applied for the first time. This means the creative fusion of opposing concepts. The automaker got inspired by the harmonious coexistence of contrasting elements in nature. You can see this on the side of the K8 clearly - the smooth flow, geometric lines and planes work well together to create a concise yet rich volume.

It is because of this story that Lee is with K8 today. “Creating a garden in an artificial space is not just about creating a beautiful landscape. It is important to choose plants that are suitable for the place and environment and to arrange both beauty and nature as harmoniously as possible. That's why we try to break free from the one-size-fits-all landscape pattern and stereotypes. This brings out the individuality of the space and adds a story to the area,” says Lee.

Just as nature is a place of healing, the interior of the K8 is designed to create a space that delicately holds the driver and relieves tension. It utilizes a material similar to real wood using a new crafting method along with a spacious cabin. A comfortable environment encourages creative ideas. Every interior element of the K8 is designed to inspire the driver based on comfort; It is an exquisite blend of emotional materials and high-tech technology.

The front part also shows the charm of the K8. The diamond-shaped radiator grille stands out for its three-dimensional aesthetics, and it is seamlessly connected to the bumper as one piece - diamonds have the most beautiful appearance among materials that are created in nature. The grill of the K8 also has a luxurious atmosphere and a strong presence at the same time. It is also attractive in that it conveys different feelings depending on the direction of light, like a brilliant jewel. ‘Star Cloud Lighting (Daytime Running Light)’, which resembles a cluster of stars in the night sky, exudes mystery.

The tail lamps with geometric details give the K8 a futuristic image. Triangles pointing up and down add fun to the lamp graphic, which may seem monotonous. This is another charm of the K8. Beneath that, the eye-catching new brand logo and K8 lettering stand for the ever-challenging spirit of the future-oriented Kia and K8. The frameless logo made of aluminum creates a clean and strong image.

Lee Bo-Ram works particularly hard to create a colorful garden so that the changes of the four seasons can be visually enjoyed through plants. Such a garden is bound to become stronger and more abundant as the years go by. Flowers and trees of all four seasons take their place in one place and offer a variety of scenery - like the K8, which combines opposing elements to move to a new place.

Mother Nature is generous - always giving away, whether tangible or intangible. It's all Mother Nature's work that we could have a comfortable, convenient life like now. You could also find nature in the first model, the K8, which reflects Kia's new brand direction.

Photograph by Jo Hye-Jin

Model Lee Bo-Ram

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