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When Mobility Meets Sensitivity, Hyundai Motor Studios' Exhibitions

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Here are some exhibitions at Korea’s Hyundai Motor Studios.

Hyundai Motor Studio is Hyundai Motors’ brand experience center. But it’s not a simple exhibition site that sells automobiles. Art works, experience contents, goods, etc. that reflect the brand direction of Hyundai Motors are prepared here; it’s becoming a cultural, art space that provides inspiration to the visitors’ everyday lives. Since its opening in Seoul in May 2014, Hyundai Motor Studio it’s been expanding to Goyang, Hanam, Beijing, Moscow and Busan, providing a new mobility experience. With various themes like art, design, future mobility, etc., it’s been inspiring the visitors. Here are many exhibitions you can encounter in Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul, Busan, Goyang, and Hanam.

If You Want to Experience Digital Art, Come Visit Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul

You can enjoy the ‘World on A Wire’ exhibition at Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul

Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul now has a mixed reality exhibition space. Hyundai Motors has been operating the exhibition ‘World on A Wire,’ which they prepared together with Rhizome, since May 7th at Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul and on the exhibition website. Rhizome is Hyundai Arts Center New Museum’s digital art institute located in New York, America. Through this exhibition, art works both online and offline that utilize latest technologies such as augmented reality, digital animation, computer 3D and game engines are introduced.

The ‘World on A Wire’ exhibition can also be appreciated online

6 digital artists? Joo Young Oh, Theo Triantafyllidis, Tabor Robak, Rachel Rossin, Maria Fedorova, and ZZYW are participating in the Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul exhibition. Their works explore the infinite possibility of media art, created with art and digital technology, and express unique human imagination and sentiment. Synthesized life and game characters created by the artists are so lively; it’s as if the mixed reality world has been realized in the actual exhibition center. At this exhibition, you can see the works by ‘World on A Wire’ exhibition artists which was held in Hyundai Motor Studio Beijing in January. Hyundai Motors will continue to support artists so that they can carry out challenging activities through various platforms where they combine art and technology.

Experience ‘World on A Wire’ online exhibition

Satisfy Your Design Sensitivity Needs at Hyundai Motor Studio Busan!

Hyundai Motor Studio Busan is launching an opening design exhibition

Hyundai Motor Studio Busan, which is all about Hyundai Motors’ design mood, opened its doors in April. This is the 6th Hyundai Motor Studio following Seoul, Goyang, Hanam, Beijing, and Moscow. Unlike other Motor Studios, it does not exhibit mass produced automobiles sold to the general public. Instead, it exhibits contents that are about design in our everyday lives, under the theme of ‘Design to Live by.’

Art exhibition is about the vision of future mobility

The first design exhibition ‘Reflections in Motion,’ which celebrates its official opening, is held at the 2nd floor exhibition center from April 8th to June 27th. You can admire the 'Heritage Series ? PONY,' which reinterprets Pony, first launched in 1975, as well as ‘Color & Light,’ where you can experience the harmony of color and light, ‘Material,’ which shows design objects through kaleidoscope, ’45,’ which inspired the IONIQ 5, ‘Prophecy,’ which suggests the direction of future electric car designs, and 'Media Strings,' in which the media artist Jin Yo Mok recreated the vibration and echo of strings through machinery and light.

On the 1st floor, there is the 17m by 3.8m huge LED screen ‘Creative Wall’ installed. Two works including ‘Run Forever,’ which is a collaborative work with the UK digital art group ‘Universal Everything,’ established by creative director Matt Pyke, will be screened. It will continue to be a space for art that will contain Hyundai Motors’ brand vision and direction.

If You Wish to Experience Future Mobility, Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang

You can experience the future mobility ‘S-link’ at Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang

Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang is a theme park for automobile manias. Since opening as an experience type theme park in April 2017, it’s been loved by many. It’s famous for its permanent exhibition where you can enjoy various future mobility experiences. The permanent exhibition ‘Into the Car’ allows you to experience each process of car manufacturing. From producing the car body to welding, painting, and assembly, you will be able to experience how an automobile ? the combination of latest technologies ? is built as well as the level of Hyundai Motors’ technology. On the 2nd floor, there is an exhibition for N brand experience. The whole process of producing motor sports automobiles racing the track to mass produced cars that bring us the joy of driving in our everyday lives are shown. You can witness the history of N brand here.

In addition, through the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) model components prepared in the exhibition space, you will be able to find out about the technical principles of FCEV and get on the future mobility 'S-link' where you can experience various activities like ordering food, checking your health, shopping, etc. On the 1st floor, there are all the Hyundai Motors line-ups in front of the huge Connect Wall.

Curious about Eco-friendly Hydrogen Life? Visit Hyundai Motor Studio Hanam!

Hyundai Motor Studio Hanam introduces Hyundai Motors’ eco-friendly vision

Hyundai Motor Studio Hanam was created on the 1st floor of Starfield in 2016. This is a place where you can experience eco-friendly future energy hydrogen and hydrogen electric cars through various artistic media. You can experience Hyundai Motors’ future mobility which will lead the eco-friendly lifestyle. You can also admire the core elements of Hyundai Motors’ hydrogen fuel battery technology through the sensual 4-side LED media wall ‘Hydrogen Life.’ It’s a beautiful video with the theme of ‘The Sun, Water, Energy, Clean Air,’ which are the core elements of Hyundai Motors’ hydrogen fuel battery technology. The media wall video detects and reacts to the visitors’ movements and provides interesting experience. Experience the mother nature energy and freedom that will remind you of an eco-friendly life through the video.

Fill up your everyday life with inspiration at Hyundai Motor Studios!

Hyundai Motor Group dreams of becoming our partner in life to enrich our lives. Hyundai Motor Studios are the spaces that hold such vision. Enhance your sensitivity at Hyundai Motor Studios, where the boundary of technology and art are blurred and new possibilities of mobility are discovered. Your thoughts on mobility will definitely expand. Add the official Instagram, Facebook, and Kakao talk channel if you don’t want to miss the various experience programs and exhibition dates of Hyundai Motor Studios. You can also get the latest news on Hyundai Motor Studios through the homepage.

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