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Driving Without a Car Key or Smartphone: Genesis GV60

The Genesis GV60 offers a unique electric vehicle experience with advanced technology.

Genesis unveiled the GV60, a coupe-type CUV based on an EV-exclusive platform. The GV60 is a newborn model among the Genesis GV lineup, and also an important model that will promote the electrification strategy of the Genesis brand. The model shows dynamic styling based on 'Athletic Elegance', and it is drawing worldwide attention as it is expected to be unveiled in the second half of this year. But the beauty of the GV60 is not just an innovative design - it boasts connectivity, and based on several cutting-edge seamless technologies, it interacts with the driver in various ways and provides an unprecedented user experience.

Interaction technology provides new experiences

As a luxury brand model, the Genesis GV60 houses several cutting-edge technologies

Recently, as the importance of connectivity increases, convenient seamless technologies are also drawing attention. Seamless technology literally becomes a seamless bridge between various technologies and functions, and it also connects the users and the system. Such expanded connectivity provides a much more vivid user experience. The vehicle communicates with the driver, recognizes the driver's needs - so that the driver can experience the user environment that maximizes convenience.

The GV60 is also full of seamless technology that provides a unique luxury EV experience with the spirit of the Genesis brand. For example, Face Connect and Fingerprint Authentication System not only allows the driver to get into a vehicle through just the facial recognition system but also to start the engine, drive the car, and pay online. In addition, the expanded over-the-air (OTA) software update technology, has widened its range, always keeping various systems of the vehicle up-to-date. As such, the GV60 applies advanced technology that interacts with and responds to the driver from the beginning until the end.

Face Connect recognizes your face

Genesis GV60 with Face Connect technology - the face recognition system allows the vehicle to unlock even without a smart key

The Genesis GV60 is equipped with Face Connect technology that recognizes human faces. Face Connect technology locks/unlocks the door through its face recognition system and provides a customized user environment through personalized settings that each user saved. In other words, the owners no longer need a key to use the car.

A near-infrared camera recognizes the user's face and unlocks the door

The Genesis GV60 has a face recognition camera attached to the B-pillar. The vehicle would unlock itself when the driver gently touches the door handle and gets his/her face scanned. GV60's Face Connect uses a near-infrared (NIR) camera to guarantee the same level of recognition performance as daytime even in the dark, and uses image recognition technology based on deep learning to detect the registered faces.

Little green light on the GV60's Face Connect camera means it successfully detected a registered face

The driver can check the face recognition process and result through the LED indicator; The round LED surrounding the camera lens rotates during the face recognition process, then turns on a green light if it detected a registered face and a red light if recognition fails. When the system recognizes the driver, the GV60 starts to create a cockpit environment according to the previously saved personalized setting. The positions of the driver's seat and the steering wheel, head-up display, side mirrors, and infotainment settings are adjusted to provide an optimized environment for the driver. In addition, the GV60 can lock the door through face recognition even with the smart key inside the vehicle; it is to help users to enjoy outdoor activities more conveniently, such as surfing, swimming, climbing, running, or cycling without needing to carry a smart key.

Fingerprint authentication system offering both security and convenience

The Genesis GV60 houses a fingerprint authentication system using its biometric technology

In addition to facial recognition, the GV60 also recognizes the driver in another way - through a fingerprint recognition system. Just as face recognition, the fingerprint recognition system is also a part of the biometric authentication technology that everyone uses through their smartphones. The GV60, too, can recognize the driver quickly and easily through its fingerprint authentication system, and the security menu offers personalized sync for authentication or keyless drive.

For example, if the driver approaches the GV60 without a smart key, the door would still automatically unlocks after recognizing a face using the Face Connect technology mentioned above. When the driver gets into the car, each customized setting gets activated according to the personalized setting. After that, the user can drive the vehicle by scanning his/her fingerprint and pressing the start button within 30 seconds after finishing the identification process.

The fingerprint authentication system identifies users with great accuracy and fast response speed just like smartphones

The fingerprint recognition module is attached to the floating console of the GV60 and boasts great accuracy and fast response speed just like smartphones. Thanks to this, the user can easily perform go through the fingerprint authentication process while sitting comfortably in a car. In addition, the system is also linked with Genesis Car Pay (in-vehicle payment system) and valet mode. When the driver pays in the vehicle or deactivates the valet mode, his/her fingerprint will do the magic as well, without entering a PIN code.

Over-the-air (OTA) software updates to keep vehicle systems up to date

Genesis GV60 with over-the-air (OTA) software update technology

The GV60 housed over-the-air (OTA) software update technology to ensure that the vehicle's software is always up to date. So far, such updates only covered infotainment features such as navigation, cluster, and head-up display; but GV60 houses an extended update feature for overall electronic control units in the vehicle. This allows owners to use the latest software without needing to visit auto repair shops. In addition, the always-up-to-date GV60 guarantees owners an improved performance and cockpit environment.

When the driver gets into the vehicle and pushes the power button, the Over-the-air (OTA) software update system automatically downloads the latest software while driving. Then, when the car is pulled over and the power is turned off, the system determines if a wireless software update is needed, activates the update while parking, and delivers the result to the driver's smartphone when the update is complete.

The most notable part of GV60 over-the-air (OTA) software technology is what gets updated; the updates have been greatly expanded to the EV control unit, brake, steering wheel, suspension, and airbag, along with driving performance, so owners can expect overall and continuous performance improvement.

Interacting with people: GV60's advanced technology specialized in connectivity

The Genesis GV60 will provide a unique user experience with cutting-edge technology that interacts with customers

The GV60 is the brand's first dedicated EV model, and it will showcase various advanced technologies altogether as well as state-of-the-art electrification technologies. The most attractive part is that it provides a new user experience through technologies that focus on connectivity between the driver and the vehicle. Owners of the GV60 can fully benefit from advanced technology that well-responds to users. GV60 will recognize its owner even without a smart key, housing the latest version at all times.

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