2021.10.07 GENESIS

PLUG INTO YOUR SENSES: GV60 Special Exhibition

Genesis' first dedicated electric vehicle, the GV60, was showcased for the first time. And to commemorate this, a special exhibition of GV60, which houses both innovative technology and aesthetic beauty, was held in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul.

The Genesis GV60 is the brand's first dedicated electric vehicle. It is characterized by the sleek and dynamic styling of a coupe-like CUV, created based on the design paradigm of Genesis, 'Athletic Elegance'. The keywords that represent the GV60 are the elegant exterior design, powerful driving performance, and sympathy. This model houses an incredible amount of innovative technology that enables driver-vehicle interaction. Here are the details of what everyday life is like with the GV60 - a special exhibition in which a huge gallery embodies the model's special sympathetic skills.

Reception Area, Ground Floor - Brand Vision of the Genesis GV60

The GV60 special exhibition provides content that reflects each taste after conducting a preliminary survey for visitors. The exhibition hall itself resembles a gigantic GV60, where visitors can enjoy synesthetic experiences with key features and specifications of the GV60, such as Face Connect, Crystal Sphere, natural language-based AI voice recognition, and B&O sound system. Visitors to the exhibition are accompanied by a docent who introduces the exhibition, and the visitors are divided into small groups to tour.

The registered visitors get to receive the NFC tagging device to experience the personalized exhibition at the reception

What makes the GV60 special exhibition different from other exhibitions is that it focuses on ‘connectedness’. Not only do all the visitors check the same exhibition with their own eyes, but each person's taste provided by filling out a preliminary survey is reflected in the exhibition. Just as the GV60 houses various technologies to communicate with the driver, the GV60 special exhibition is also a personalized theme, providing an emotional journey as if the visitor made communion with the GV60.

Entrance to the main exhibition hall on the 2nd floor - When visitors tag an NFC card containing information of personal taste to the kiosk, a customized GV60 special exhibition begins
Transition Media Tunnel, where a personalized welcome message is displayed at the beginning of the exhibition

Visitors are welcomed first in the main exhibition hall on the second floor. Upon entering by tagging the NFC card received at the reception, personalized welcome messages are printed along both walls. This space symbolizes the beginning of a true EV life journey, and at the same time is a place where the driver hops on the Genesis GV60.

Visualization of GV60's Face Connect System

At the end of the Transition Media Tunnel, visitors can experience the face connect system housed by the GV60 for the first time in Korea. Just as the GV60's Face Connect system recognizes the driver's face and permits boarding, when a visitor gets near the 'Face Connect' sign displayed on the floor, an image of the Face Connect system is displayed on the front, and the system completes authentication. Then, a welcome message is displayed and the door to the next exhibition space opens automatically.

Face Connect System of GV60

GV60's Face Connect is a function that allows the vehicle to recognize the driver's face and lock or open the vehicle door without a key. After touching the door handle, the camera located on the B-pillar of the vehicle operates by recognizing the driver's face, and up to two people can be registered. The camera used for face recognition can recognize faces even in adverse conditions such as cloudy weather or at night using the near-infrared method. In addition, when a user is identified through face recognition, the driver's seat and steering wheel position, head-up display (HUD), side mirrors, and infotainment settings are automatically linked with the user's pre-saved personal profile, making it convenient as if the vehicle recognizes each user.

Visualized GV60's Electronic Transmission - Crystal Sphere
If you tag the NFC card, the graphic of the sphere changes according to your personal preference, the drive mode is set, and you can enjoy the sound and driving video that matches it

The second exhibition space is ‘GV60 DRIVING WAY’, and it is decorated with the theme of the crystal sphere, the core of GV60 interior design. A large sphere in the shape of a crystal sphere is located in a large space, and when the NFC tag is touched, an electronic transmission appears on the surface of the sphere. At this time, the exhibits can select one of three drive modes: Sport, Eco, and Comfort to suit personal preferences stored in the NFC tag. Visitors can listen to the actual driving sound suitable for each drive mode and watch the driving video. This exhibition is a visualization of the function of the crystal sphere turning and revealing the electronic transmission when the driver actually started the GV60.

The Crystal Sphere of GV60

When the vehicle is turned off, the Crystal Sphere - Shift By Wire transmitter - becomes the vehicle’s mood lights, adding to the aesthetic of the driving experience. And when the vehicle is ready to drive, the sphere rotates and the SBW transmitter appears, creating an indoor atmosphere of futuristic mobility. It is not only an aesthetic element of the interior design but is also built to create an emotional connection between the driver and the vehicle.

AI VOICE OF GV60: The space to experience the Natural language-based voice recognition function of GV60

The third exhibition space is ‘AI VOICE OF GV60’ where you can experience the natural language-based infotainment voice recognition function housed by GV60. In the case of the voice recognition system used in existing cars, it was necessary to use a language containing essential commands to perform a specific function with voice recognition. . For example, if you are curious about the remaining range of the GV60 and ask, “How much further can you go?”, the system will tell you the remaining mileage. In AI VOICE OF GV60, you can experience a variety of natural language-based voice recognition functions as if you were actually using vehicle control or infotainment systems in a car.

RELAXATION IN GV60, where you can experience synesthetic sound in three themes with the B&O sound system installed in the GV60
B&O sound system mounted on GV60

RELAXATION IN GV60 is the last session of the exhibition space on the 2nd floor, and you can listen to the personalized theme sound provided by the B&O (BANG & OLUFSEN) system installed in the GV60. If you tag the NFC card in the kiosk, customized BGM for each theme is recommended, and the sound mixed with the selected custom BGM and virtual exhaust sound flows through the B&O system - such a sound provides a sense of relaxation and connectedness.

The kiosk informs visitors how much the GV60 has been charged during the tour

If you tag the NFC card at the last kiosk after finishing all the experience, the time taken for the tour will be displayed, and another message will be displayed to indicate how much the GV60's battery has been charged during that time. In fact, the exhibition takes about 20 minutes, and when you tag an NFC card after viewing, it tells you how much the battery has been charged for 20 minutes. This makes the owners of the GV60 with ultra-speed charging feel that there is almost no charging stress. The short time spent enjoying the exhibition clearly shows that a sufficient amount of battery has been charged; for your information, the GV60 can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes when using a 350kW super-fast charger.

1st floor: GV60 exhibition Hall

If it was a space where you could experience the virtual GV60 so far, the visitors many now see the real GV60 after viewing all the exhibitions. Through the exhibition car, you can not only directly check the Face Connect system, Crystal Sphere, and B&O sound system that you met in previous exhibitions, but also experience interior and exterior designs and various functions. The tour of the exhibited cars lasts about 30 minutes.

The GV60 special exhibition will be held at Cafe Camptong (27 Apgujeong-ro 42-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) located in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul until October 14th. Reserved tour only. For the customized exhibition, answering the questionnaire about personal preference is required when booking tickets online.

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