2021.10.12 Kia

Inspiring Every Journey: EV6

The Kia EV6 proposes a new mobility experience with an innovative concept. Here are the details of the EV6 that fills simple means of transportation with a variety of inspirations.

It's always exciting to see innovative cars. A car is more than just a means of transportation, it provides a special transportation experience that stimulates the five senses. When I first saw the Kia EV6, I too was filled with anticipation; I couldn't take my eyes off the car as it sped away, sharp and silent. Thanks to the debut of the EV6, I realized that the era of electric vehicles is fast approaching. And today, I finally saw the EV6, Kia's first dedicated electric car.

When you face the Kia EV6, the first thing that catches your eye is its unique design. The unfamiliar first impression is somewhat different from the appearance of a typical car that has existed so far, but above all, the crossover style stands out while a sharp silhouette and a bold sense of volume coexist. The reason EV6 has such an unconventional style is that it reflects Kia's design philosophy, Opposites United (creative fusion of opposing concepts). Thanks to this, the appearance of the EV6 has both mechanical and natural elements.

Anyone who sees the front of the EV6 can immediately recognize that it is a Kia EV. This is thanks to the ‘digital tiger face’ grille, which reinterprets the automaker’s tiger-nose design. The EV6 resembles Kia's signature front look, but also shows the characteristics of an electric car. In addition to the grille, new design elements are popping up all over the body. In particular, the clamshell-shaped bonnet and sharply raised character line show the dynamic atmosphere of the EV6.

Compared to the straight horizontal line, the EV6's bold and energetic stance stands out even more. The wedge-shaped posture that rises toward the rear of the car is reminiscent of a crouching beast to capture its prey. Short overhangs and a wheelbase of 2,900mm create a high-performance GT-like ratio. This is the result of E-GMP, a platform built exclusively for electric vehicles.

The EV6 has a spacious interior comparable to that of an SUV, but its movements are surprisingly light. As you floor the accelerator, an electric motor with a maximum output of 168 kW (229 hp) powers the body at high speed. Quietly sprinting, the EV6 was ideal for driving on winding waterfront roads. As I drive the car with the windows open, I could fully hear the waves crashing and crashing.

Instead of loud engine noise, the cockpit is filled with distinctive electric vehicle sounds - thanks to the electric-specific Active Sound Design (e-ASD) used in the EV6. The sound that is dynamically produced according to the driving speed adds to the immersive feeling of driving; Now driving was a series of thrills. In this way, the EV6 has turned the dull moment of movement into an exhilarating driving experience.

The e-ASD captured the driver's ears, and so jk the state-of-the-art convenience that filled the cockpit catch the driver's attention. The curvy dashboard features a wide curved display, and the floating-type center console that looks like a yacht has an electronic shift dial (SBW) and a power button. Even the function buttons are combined with haptic technology, so you can enjoy both high-tech sensibility and convenient usability.

What's appealing is that all these convenient features naturally surround the driver. The cockpit, which is full of cutting-edge equipment, including the curved display with ergonomic curvature, the center fascia twisted toward the driver, and the center console as a perfect armrest, was designed for the driver.

I headed to the silent forest to fully feel nature with the EV6. Suddenly, the heat of midsummer fades away, and the forest is filled with the fresh smell of grass and a cool breeze. The EV6 moved on damp dirt roads instead of hot asphalt, and finally the EV6 blended in nicely even in a tranquil natural space.

With the EV6, you can fully enjoy the stillness in the serene forest; the refreshing smell of grass and the melodic sound of insects filled my senses. Where there is no noise or pollution, the EV6 becomes a comfortable resting place. It is perfect to recline the seat for a while to relax, or to enjoy the blue autumn sky through the wide sunroof.

Meanwhile, on the asphalt, the dynamic driving performance of the EV6 feels more obvious. When driving on a winding road over a mountain slope, you may set the drive mode to 'Sport' to fully experience the sizzling performance of the EV6. Eventually, the digital instrument cluster turned red, and the interior was filled with the dynamic electric car sound unique to the EV6. The driver's seat, which had been lounge-like while in the forest, now has been transformed into the cockpit where you can solely concentrate on driving.

The driving characteristic that sharply digs into the apex of the corner is an essential attraction of the EV6. The EV6 daringly turns its head without hesitation and exits the corner stably. The steering wheel, which has become heavier, and the suspension sensation that firmly handles road shocks, highlights the driving fun. You can enjoy the pure pleasure of driving while decelerating, turning, and accelerating again.

The EV6 also has light handling and excellent stability only seen in high-performance cars. The secret is the E-GMP platform exclusively for electric vehicles. E-GMP has a low center of gravity by putting the battery on the floor of the car body, and it exhibits dynamic driving performance based on rear-wheel drive. This, along with the characteristics of an electric motor that instantly delivers maximum torque, has been added to realize a sense of agile driving - so we can expect even more from the unveiled high-performance model EV6 GT later.

It was a special journey with the Kia EV6 on a long journey. The most impressive part of this journey is the combination of contrasting charms. The EV6 was quiet but fast, thoroughly comfortable, and yet exhilarating. Whether you're taking a break or driving fast, you can enjoy all the opposite sides of the EV6's. I hope you will experience the special mobility that EV6 offers. With the EV6, you will find plenty of inspiration wherever you go.

photography by Choi Dae-Il

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