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Cars in The Post-COVID Era That Hyundai Motor Group Employees Think

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What will mobility look like after the end of COVID-19, which changed our daily lives? Here are the ideas of Hyundai Motor Group employees about future mobility in the post-COVID era.

An idea contest was held for future mobility in the post-COVID era. Hyundai Motor Group held the 'All-New Idea Festival', which ended on January 7th. Employees of Hyundai Motor Company (limited to the metropolitan area) who participated in the Idea Festival thought about the direction that mobility companies should take in the post-pandemic era, and poured out various ideas based on this. Among the final winners, here is an idea of a team that focused on the changes caused by COVID 19.

In this Idea Festival, due to COVID 19, all processes including VR exhibition halls and video presentations were made non-face-to-face

The Idea Festival is celebrating its 11th anniversary; it has been held every year since 2010 under the supervision of the Hyundai Motor Group R&D Headquarters to build a creative and challenging organizational environment and discover next-generation technologies through employees' ideas. This Idea Festival was held under the slogan 'Future Mobility We Propose for the Post COVID Era' divided into two categories, actual production and scenario. The scenario is a newly established section; technical scenarios are proposed through visual media such as photographs and videos.

Thanks to this, a total of 244 ideas, the highest number ever, were submitted during the festival. 21 teams were selected through document presentation at first, then interviews were conducted to award 11 teams with an opportunity to produce works that could realize their ideas. The Hyundai Motor Group supported the space and costs, and each team created an actual product or scenario over about five months. And as a result of fierce competition, the company picked one grand prize winner, including gold and silver awards given for each division.

Car Pure: An electrolytic water vehicle sterilization system that eliminates bacteria in mobility

The interior space of mobility can also be contaminated by various harmful substances such as viruses

The grand prize was given to 'CAR PURE' in the actual production category. Car Pure is an electrolytic water vehicle sterilization system that disinfects the cabin with recycled water, a byproduct of hydrogen-electric vehicles. It is a technology that removes harmful substances such as viruses by adding a small amount of chlorine to the discharged, pure water and applying electrical stimulation to make electrolyzed water, then spraying it indoors. Electrolyzed water, also known as ionized water, has the effect of reducing various pollutants, so it is also used as a substitute for chemical substances such as sterilizers and disinfectants.

How it works is simple. When you press the operation button of the smartphone app, the system collects the car's discharged water and generates electrolyzed water. This electrolyzed water is sprayed into the cabin through an aerosol-type spray unit. After 30 seconds, the interlocked air conditioner automatically operates and quickly dries the electrolyzed water. The app alerts when the process is done. The electrolyzed water vehicle sterilization system makes it possible to secure safety in indoor spaces for not only private vehicles but also car-sharing services.

'SafeGuard': Outside mirror torque system that allows external communication without having to open a window

A safe driving environment can be secured simply by reducing contact with the outside

Three Gold Prizes were given to “SafeGuard,” “Interactive Digital Showroom,” and “Un-tact Virtual Controller.” SAFEGUARD is a system devised by researchers at the China Institute of Technology and helps non-face-to-face communication with the outside world. Speakers and microphones are mounted on the side mirrors, so communication is possible even when the window is closed. Through this, services such as drive-through, fueling, and valet parking can be done in a safer way. In addition, it is possible to talk to a driver who is absent by pressing the call button installed at the bottom of the side mirror.

Interactive Digital Showroom: An intuitive new car experience through mobile devices anytime, anywhere

After the COVID 19 pandemic, the demand for non-face-to-face presentation for newly released models is expected to increase further

The Interactive Digital Showroom is an idea that allows you to look at new cars online without visiting an exhibition hall. Anytime, anywhere, through smartphones, tablets, or PCs, you can easily find a car by accessing a web page without installing a single software. Through the content created based on the actual design data, you can take a closer look at everything inside and outside the car, including the newly released engine, chassis, and electrical wiring. In addition, super-realistic simulated driving tests are also available.

Un-tact Virtual Controller: Mobility that can be controlled without a touch

Controlling mobility without touching it could be a cleaner way for hygiene

The more physical contact you have, the more likely the bacteria will spread. Individual mobility is relatively freer from such problems, but shared mobility is not - even if sterilization and disinfection are thoroughly performed. The feature designed to solve this problem is the Untact Virtual Controller. Using mid-air haptics and holograms, it is possible to manipulate mobility from user recognition to steering, even without a steering wheel. It is to maintain cleanliness by minimizing contact and thereby secure a safe driving environment.

‘The World of Infinite View’ and ‘L.U.V’: Real-life experiences and changes in mobility

The World of Infinite View introduced a tunnel-type display using a light shield as a projector screen

Two silver prizes were given to ‘The World of Infinite View’ and ‘L.U.V (Lastmile Utility·Untact Vehicle)’. The World of Infinite View is a technology that provides a variety of mobility experiences by using the curtains on the rear seat windows and the sunroof as a screen. It was conceived under the prediction that the role of mobility from transportation to living space will accelerate due to COVID 19. L.U.V is an idea that cares about the movement after getting off the mobility. The electric side step is combined with a last-mile vehicle, a scooter, so you can move safely from the parking lot to your destination.

‘Max Box’ For the scenario category: A detachable console platform

The console box that can be changed in various ways helps to use the indoor environment more comfortably

For the scenario category, Max Box was awarded for showing the right direction for the post-COVID era. A console box platform was proposed that can be attached and detached under the armrest between the driver's seat and the passenger seat. Not only as a storage unit, but this console can also provide additional functions, such as an air purifier, speaker, water purifier, and business bag. For the power source, you can use the charging module and cradle installed in the trunk. Multiple console boxes can be mounted depending on each purpose.

All members of Hyundai Motor Group are preparing for the post-COVID era

COVID-19 has changed many things in our daily lives. Therefore, experts predict that life after the pandemic will become so much different. In particular, because of the mandatory social distancing policies, there is likely to be a big change in the means of transportation. Hence the transition to future mobility is progressing rapidly. Mobility will transform from a simple means of transportation to a living space and will play a variety of roles. Hyundai Motor Group is preparing for mobility in the post-COVID era with all of its capabilities, including the ideas and passions of all employees.

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