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Summer Gourmet Trip with Haevichi Hotel & Resort

Haevichi Hotel & Resort
Enjoy summer with Haevichi Hotel & Resort’s gourmet packages.

With the extended repercussions of COVID-19, we won’t be able to get away to abroad this summer holiday either. People are missing the summer days they used to enjoy great food while admiring refreshing landscape from exotic destinations. How about going on a hotel gourmet trip if you are looking to make great memories with the loved ones while keeping safe? Haevichi Hotel & Resort introduces gourmet packages, with which you can enjoy local destination food privately with your family, friends, or lovers.

Hawaiian Flavors, Enjoyed at Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Hotel is carrying out the ‘Hawaii Gourmet Trip Promotion’ until August

If you have been missing Loco Moco and poke you had at the Waikiki beach in Hawaii, focus on the Rolling Hills Hotel’s ‘Hawaii Gourmet Trip Promotion’ which takes place until the end of August. You will be able to enjoy Hawaii’s well-known foods and desserts. The all-day dining restaurant ‘Blue Sapphire’ carries out the ‘Hawaiian Food Festival.’ You can taste local Hawaiian foods including tuna poke and octopus poke made by seasoning fresh fish with exotic spices, Huli Huli chicken, cooked by roasting salty-seasoned chicken on open fire, as well as Loco Moco, consisted of patty, sunny-side ups and special sweet sauce on the rice.

Reservation inquiries: Rolling Hills Hotel 1F Blue Sapphire (031-369-7800~1)

There’s also a promotion for Hawaiian barbeque

You cannot leave out enjoying the sunset on the Hawaiian beach while having a barbeque during a perfect gourmet trip. Rolling Hills Hotel and Haevichi Hotel introduce the ‘Hawaiian BBQ Platter,’ consisted of beef brisket, baby back rip, chicken thighs, sausage, etc. It also comes with unlimited draft beer; how about enjoying your summer night with cold beer as well?

There’s also a promotion which allows you to enjoy a barbeque on your own at a large, grassy terrace. The Rolling Hills Hotel’s ‘Garden BBQ Party’ provides marinated beef, pork neck, prawns, as well as Hawaiian salad and tropical fruits. This promotion also comes with unlimited draft beer; get together with family, friends, or lovers for a private day out.

Reservation inquiries: Haevichi Resort 1F Iidy (064-780-8314) / Rolling Hills Hotel 1F The Kitchen (031-369-7900~1)

Feel the tropical mood with Rainbow Shave Ice

There’s also a unique summer dessert. Enjoy the Hawaiian ice cream ‘Rainbow Shave Ice’ in the Rolling Hills Hotel 1st floor ‘The Lounge.’ Colorful homemade syrups in fruit flavors like papaya, strawberry, green grapes, pineapples, etc. on finely shaved ice will satisfy both your eyes and tastebuds. Rolling Hills Hotel has also launched the ‘Hawaii At Rolling’ package for those who are dreaming of exotic summer holidays, which includes the use of indoor pool that shows off a great garden view alongside its various gourmet promotions. It’s available until the end of August with prices that begin from 230,100 KRW per night. Feel the Hawaiian vibes at Rolling Hills Hotel.

Reservation inquiries: Haevichi Resort 1F Iidy (064-780-8314) / Rolling Hills Hotel 1F The Lounge (031-369-7575)

Chinese Food, Excellent in Boosting Your Energy

The Chinese restaurant Jungsim is having a stamina Chinese food promotion, created with revitalizing produce

Haevichi Hotel & Resort’s Chinese restaurant Jungsim is holding a stamina Chinese food promotion until the end of August, created with revitalizing produce. Specific menu includes Stamina Chinese Cold Noodle, Fried Tendon, and Chinese Fotiaogiang Soup. The Stamina Chinese cold noodle is made with 6-hour brewed stock and chef’s handmade noodles. 9 premium ingredients including abalone, sea cucumber, five spice sliced steamed pork, sea jelly, etc. make this dish nutritious as well as diverse in texture. The Fried Tendon is a dish made with cow tendons and the muscle-surrounding areas, by boiling them and adding large green onions, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, celeries upon frying them in high heat. Tendon is known for its chewy texture; it’s full of collagen, great for skin, as well as nutrients, making it the perfect stamina dish.

Jungsim’s stamina Chinese food promotion menu is available for take-out, you can enjoy it anywhere

Chinese Fotiaogiang Soup is said to be China’s best stamina dish. The name is derived from an anecdote about a Buddhist monk who was praying at a temple, was seduced by the dish’s intense, delicious smell and jumped over a fence in search of it. Jungsim’s Chinese Fotiaogiang Soup is made by steaming ingredients from both land and sea including beef brisket, chicken feet, cow tendons, etc. for over 2 hours and flavoring with 2 kinds of shao-hsing wine. Jungsim’s stamina Chinese food promotion menu is available for take-out. Revitalize your appetite and your physique that’s been tired from the wet rainy days and scorching heat with healthy Chinese foods.

Reservation inquiries: Jungsim 02-722-4320

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French Dining, Created with Jeju Seafood and Seasonal Produce

Enjoy French food made with seasonal produce at Haevichi Hotel

You can enjoy France at Jeju Haevichi Hotel with food. Milieu, a fine dining restaurant on the 1st floor of Haevichi Hotel, introduces the ‘Milieu Seasonal Course.’ It’s consisted of amuse-bouche, langoustine, foie gras, and sea bream. Produce is directly brought from the local Jeju organic farm, and all vegetables used at the restaurant are organic. Garnish changes upon daily supply of produce, which varies from wild asparagus, Jeju carrot, red potato, etc. Among all course dishes, the ‘sea bream dish,’ which gets fresh sea bream from the weekly sea bream auction site, is their signature menu. Stock is made from the fish head while the cooked fillet is known for its soft texture.

Reservation inquiries: Haevichi Hotel 1F Milieu 064-780-8328

Don’t forget the apple mango bingsu and the apple watermelon bingsu

Aside from Milieu, Jeju Haevichi has so many unique summer foods. Enjoy the sweet and cool bingsus made with local Jeju apple mango and apple watermelon. After your meal, it would also be great to enjoy fun time with your loved one sipping on a summer cocktail at the 1st floor Bar 99.

Reservation inquiries: Haevichi Resort 1F Iidy (064-780-8314)

A delicious bowl of food consoles you greatly. How about making up for the unavailing trip abroad with foods from many destinations, hoping for getting away on a plane next year for summer holidays to do that in person? While taking care of your health as well, go on a fun gourmet trip with Haevichi Hotel & Resort.

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