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POREST: Porter, Now a Camping Car. But How?

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The Hyundai Porter, once a small truck, has turned into an RV, drawing attention from campers and RV dwellers. What does the newly-born Porter 'POREST' look like?

Camping is to travel in Mother Nature. It is not just a rare hobby of a handful of people anymore; it is now trending among many. As the number of campers increases, there are more ways to enjoy camping - backpacking, glamping, and car camping. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of South Korea made it easier to turn your car into a camper, and more and more people are enjoying camping with their homey camping cars. Hyundai Motor Company has launched POREST, a camping car based on the small truck Porter II. Camping cars allow you to enjoy a pleasant camping trip to anywhere you can go in your car, regardless of the weather. Let's take a closer look at the Hyundai POREST.

POREST: From a Truck To an RV

The name POREST is a compound word of the Hyundai 'Porter' and 'rest'. The concept of the vehicle is a portable house, which could give you a homey, spacious place to rest wherever you are. What's notable is that the vehicle is covered with a caravan, not towing a trailer, to make it fell home-like. On the right side of the caravan is the main entrance, and on both sides are windows that allow the campers a greater sense of openness. A manual awning is optional, so you do not have to have a separate tarp, a must-have item for camping.

In the back of the caravan is a cargo space wide enough to store camping chairs, tables, and other equipment. In addition, the doors are installed on both sides, making it easy to load and unload items while driving or during outdoor activities.

An RV Feels Like A House

POREST is a 4-passenger RV, with an optional shower booth and restrooms. It also has a kitchen and a separate room for sleeping. In particular, the second-row passenger seats right behind the driver's seat can change into a big couch at mealtimes or an extra bed.

Above the driver's seat is a large bunk bed for two adults. It is usually the storage for beddings, but the Smart Bed feature creates a big, flat bunk bed above the driver's seat. It also has a removable bunk bed ladder attached to it.

At the very back of the caravan is a hidden space called the Smart Room. The feature automatically extends the cabin space by 800mm when the RV is safely parked. It can be used as a large multi-purpose space for camping or an extra bedroom for two adults.

A Smart Camping Car

Inside the caravan are essential facilities for camping - a sink, microwave oven, and a refrigerator. There is also enough storage room for cooking utensils and tools. The vehicle also offers an optional independent shower booth, which will freshen you up nicely even when you're camping in the wild. Inside the shower booth are a mirror, a foldable sink, and a simple toilet, maximizing space utilization.

The integrated controller, located right inside the entrance, displays information about the remaining battery needed for camping, and you can set the lighting and heater through it. It also can be synced to your smartphone, allowing you to control the indoor temperature even from the outside of the camping car. It is easy to check the freshwater and sewage tank status as well.

If you take a closer look at POREST, Porter for camping, it would feel like a real house that can even travel. It offers a bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen, not to mention various furniture and appliances, including air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, sink, table, and a sofa. These are what you can see at home, and it will be a unique experience to be able to use them wherever you go. This is the biggest advantage of an RV like POREST. You may enjoy nature in a much more comfortable place, in POREST.

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