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The Color Designer Introduces the vivid GV70

Genesis' distinctive attractive colors and sophisticated finishes can also be found in the GV70. The color designer of Genesis talks about the emotional charm that can be found inside and outside GV70.

The combination of attractive colors that highlight the styling and enable a wider selection of interiors is the hallmark of the Genesis brand. The newly introduced GV70 also features the emotional charm of Genesis. The 12 choices mixed with beautiful body shades and the interior colors, and the interior trim that exudes a sporty atmosphere accurately grasp the concept of GV70 as a luxury midsize SUV. From the body shade that determines the impression to luxurious materials and sophisticated finishes - what is the value that GV70 represents? Hyun Kim, a senior researcher of the Genesis Color Team, talks about the sensibility and attractiveness of colors contained in the GV70.

Genesis GV70 delivers premium value through various colors and luxurious interior materials

Q. Recently, Genesis is drawing attention for its various interior and exterior colors. What is the concept of the GV70 color design?

Starting with the G70, the company has put a lot of effort into the interior and exterior design system for the Genesis models, as well as colors, materials, and finishes to build their own unique personality. In particular, speaking of the color choices, since subtle color differences act as an important factor in determining the overall atmosphere of the vehicle, numerous attempts and improvements are made to realize the ideal color.

The same goes for the GV70. I think the GV70 clearly indicates that the Genesis CMF (Color Material Finish) continues to develop through tireless efforts. Through various colors, luxurious interior materials, and sophisticated finishes, we tried our best to deliver true premium value. The GV70 base model emphasizes an elegant and luxurious premium image, and the Sport trim is designed based on a young and dynamic sporty sensibility.

The beautiful body shades make the GV70's dynamic design stand out

Q. What colors make the GV70's beautiful design stand out? Are there any new colors?

The exterior color of the GV70 consists of a total of 12 types, of which three are newly released. Mauna Red is the most saturated color among the GV70's shades. Red-tinted aluminum is applied to enhance the exterior styling while maintaining a sharp image. The intense red color effectively highlights the sporty and attractive design features.

The second new color is Barossa Burgundy. This color emphasizes the texture by applying aluminum particles densely and evenly, and the beautiful design of the GV70 is emphasized by adding a burgundy color that looks as soft and elegant as red wine. The third shade is the Barossa Burgundy Matt. Since the beginning of development, the matte texture was considered to feature a uniform yet smooth texture. Burgundy matte color, which provides rich color in a simple texture, highlights the sleek body silhouette of GV70, and at the same time, creates a luxurious atmosphere that Genesis pursues.

Mauna Red on GV70 Sport trim emphasizes GV70's unique dynamic character line and fluid-like volume

Q. Why did you choose red as the key color?

Barossa Burgundy for GV70 and Mauna Red for GV70 Sport trim are the signature shades of each model. We chose red as the signature shade after careful consideration of customer preferences. Red is the most popular among high saturation colors. The Barossa Burgundy was inspired by a region in Australia called the "Heart of Wine." It is not a typical red, but a youthful red color with a tinge of purple, and it embodies intense saturation and gloss to emphasize the dynamic character line and fluid-like volume of GV70.

Various combinations are possible through luxurious leather trim and garnish with unique patterns

Q. Various combinations of interior colors would also be possible. What are the features of the interior colors?

The interior color is designed so that the dynamic and luxurious sensibility coexist. There are eight choices for the interior color, and the Sport trim provides exclusive colors that emphasize dynamic looks. The signature colors are Ocean Waves Blue and Pine Grove Green. Ocean Waves Blue stands out for a calm atmosphere that can be enjoyed in nature and creates a luxurious and comfortable interior with stable colors. Pine Grove Green, like its name for a pine forest, creates a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. The ideal color combination is also an eye-catching factor. The two-tone green interior and the camel brown color combination used as an accent such as piping and stitching creates an elegant yet classic atmosphere.

In addition, the combination of Slate Gray and Velvet Burgundy, which was introduced as the signature shades when we first unveiled the looks of GV70, shows an attractive harmony. The gray and modest burgundy are beautifully harmonized, and even customers who do not prefer vivid colors can feel comfortable.

The interior of the GV70 can create a variety of atmospheres with a combination of vivid colors and unique garnishes

Q. What attempts have been made to realize Genesis' emotional quality and luxurious atmosphere in the GV70 interior?

The premium emotional quality proposed by Genesis can be felt through interior materials that the driver can see and touch himself/herself. GV70 offers a total of six options for interior garnish, expanding the range of customer choices. The most characteristic element among them is the 'design mood lighting garnish'. Unlike the general digital printing method, this garnish was implemented by a silkscreen technique in which several layers are stacked. Therefore, patterns become more profound, and lighting is applied to the design film so that the whole garnish softly shines. In addition, it provides different design patterns depending on the day and night; and combined with the mood lighting, you can select the light color according to your preference.

The high-quality aluminum garnish is composed of two patterns to provide a unique design. The Spin-Brushed pattern garnish emphasizes the pure and light texture of metal by carefully refining the aluminum surface using industrial diamond, while the Geometric Aluminum pattern garnishes exclusively for Sport trim is characterized by the G-Matrix pattern, highlighting its sophistication. In addition, it added charm with a three-dimensional pattern that changes depending on the angle, and you may feel the unique touch when you brush it with your fingers as well. This is a design element unique to GV70 that look and feel different at the same time.

Interior colors and materials exclusively for the GV70 Sport package maximize sporty sensibility

Q. Are there unique colors or materials exclusively for the Sport trim been?

The GV70 Sport trim indeed maximizes sporty sensibility. And we tried to offer exclusive interior colors and materials suitable for the Sport trim. One option uses Ultramarine Blue with a touch of Coral Red, to give it a younger and more dynamic mood. In addition, the two-tone colors of Sevilla Red and Obsidian Black, inspired by Seville in Spain, create a sporty and luxurious look through the intense contrast between red and black.

The garnish for the GV70 Sport trim creates a dynamic atmosphere by emphasizing the three-dimensional effect and volume that the carbon structure features

In addition, the interior was decorated with the garnish exclusively for Sport trim. It utilized carbon, which is well known as a high-quality material, to create a dynamic atmosphere throughout the cabin. In particular, the 3-dimensional real carbon garnish applied to GV70 is composed of a carbon structure that is more than twice as large as the existing carbon pattern. The larger the structure of the carbon pattern, the more difficult it gets to shape. Through the tireless cooperation of the color designers, an Italian carbon company, and a German partner, they together have successfully developed a high-quality three-dimensional carbon pattern.

Senior researcher Hyun Kim said that the variety of color combinations that took customer preferences into account are also the beauty of Genesis

Q. What would be the most recommended exterior and interior color combination?

For GV70, I would recommend the Barossa Burgundy for the exterior and Vanilla Beige for the interior. Vanilla Beige, which has been one of the top picks, creates a calm and stable indoor atmosphere through the harmony of black and beige colors. In addition, the vivid color contrast highlights the outstanding formative beauty of the GV70 interior.

And for the GV70 Sport trim, I would like to recommend Mauna Red for the exterior and Ultramarine Blue for the interior. This is because Mauna Red, with its youthful and intense image, best represents the characteristic of the GV70 Sport trim. In addition, the Ultramarine Blue interior invigorates the cabin by highlighting the calm navy color with an intense red touch. Of course, the best color choice will something that could reflect your own taste. We hope you will experience the charm of the vivid colors that Genesis offers.

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