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IONIQ 5: Innovation in Your Life

Hyundai Motor Company
IONIQ 5 brought mobility innovation with attractive design and lifestyle space. Not only was it an environmentally friendly electric vehicle, but it also changed our daily lives.

Beyond just being a new electric vehicle, the IONIQ 5 has completely changed the experience of moving. The interior, which offers an unconventional design in which the past and the future coexist and a new lifestyle, is quite different from the cars you've seen before: it is closer to a unique future car that we have only ever imagined. The IONIQ 5 is already here, though. Let's meet IONIQ 5, which is changing the environment around us.

The IONIQ 5 catches people's attention from the moment it appears. It's just running on the road, and people of all ages can't take their eyes off it. It is not simply because of the unique image of the new car. The Newtro sensibility brought from Pony, the icon of Korean car design, and the unique color surrounding the sleek body definitely stand out. Above all, its futuristic styling has a charm that makes everyone look at it at least once.

IONIQ 5 cruising through the busy city center will soon become familiar to us. It is full of fresh new features such as character lines sharply crossing the body, pixel headlamps, tail lamps, and a straight body; but soon we will get used to it as our everyday car.

A unique design element made up of small pixels is a key feature of the IONIQ 5. A pixel means a point, the smallest unit that makes up an image. Pixel graphics that dominated the 1980s are trending again, as you can see, the tiny pixels that adorn the IONIQ 5 attract attention. In particular, the headlamps and tail lamps, where pixels are clustered together to emit light, make us take a closer look because of their unique designs.

Even the wheel design of the IONIQ 5 is unusual. It is made up of shapes and patterns that feel sharp like a finely crafted diamond. This is the Parametric Pixel, the automaker's digital design technology, and also a key design element of the IONIQ 5. The 20-inch-diameter wheels aren't just stunning to look at, they also have aerodynamic construction that minimizes wind resistance and increases efficiency; this is the secret to the IONIQ 5's excellent fuel efficiency.

Driving without engine noise in a city full of internal combustion engines is still an unfamiliar experience. Electric vehicles always provide quiet and comfortable driving even in a bustling atmosphere. The IONIQ 5 makes no engine noise, but it's more agile than any other internal combustion engine: Silent Running, indeed. Most of the elements of an internal combustion engine, such as engine noise, shifting, and the rushing RPM gauge needle, are gone, but the IONIQ 5 smoothly leaves the city.

The scenery outside the window suddenly turned blue. We came out of the forest made up of huge buildings, and arrived at a small forest with thick foliages. The IONIQ 5 reveals its elegant appearance even in the secluded nature. The IONIQ 5, which doesn't even make any engine noise, has become a part of nature. In the serene cockpit, you can focus more on the refreshing smell of the forest and the beautiful chirping birdsong. And since there is no carbon dioxide emission, we could enjoy forest bathing without any worries.

The interior of the IONIQ 5 is perfect for enjoying nature. This is thanks to the evolved interior that blurs the boundaries between transportation and living space. The IONIQ 5 provides a new experience as a space that seamlessly connects the outside and the inside. The floor is completely flat, unlike conventional internal combustion engines. Utilizing the structural features of the platform exclusively for electric vehicles, it is not only useful for placing luggage but also aesthetically pleasing.

The highlight of the interior space is the unique seat of the IONIQ 5. The IONIQ 5 is equipped with a Relaxation Comfort seat that becomes a zero-gravity chair by adjusting the seat angle. Lying down on the comfort seat and admiring the green leaves unfolding through the vision roof is also a rare experience. You do not even need camping items such as camping chairs and tables: simply park your car and it will become your own resting place.

We took a break in nature with the IONIQ 5. With just a rustic table and a teacup, the IONIQ 5 becomes your own coffee shop. The process of boiling water is also simple: just connect the electric pot using the V2L and press the power button. In this way, the IONIQ 5 has changed even our daily life very conveniently. Thanks to innovative technology, the hassle is eliminated, leaving only room for leisure.

The reason why the interior of the IONIQ 5 is as comfortable as your room is because of the interior materials. In the IONIQ 5, door trims, door switches, and crash pads were coated with paint using bio-oil ingredients derived from plants, and bio-based fabrics extracted from sugar cane and corn were used for the seats. The door garnish with a distinctive pixel print was also completed with a natural-looking material called ‘paperlet’. As such, the IONIQ 5 provides a familiar and comfortable space through eco-friendly materials. It is the driver's responsibility to experience the eco-friendly sensibility along with the sustainability.

The cockpit was a space only for driving, but the interior of the IONIQ 5 can also be decorated like a study. Next to the digital dashboard is a magnetic dashboard where you can take simple notes or attach photos of your memories with a magnet. After just decorating it the way I wanted, the cockpit felt quite different. Now you can see that it has evolved into a living space beyond just a means of transportation.

After a short journey, we stopped at a Hyundai EV station to recharge the battery. Hyundai EV Station Gangdong is a charging station equipped with the ‘Hi-Charger’, a high-speed charging facility for electric vehicles developed by Hyundai Motor Company. With the power cable connected, IONIQ 5 takes a break at the charging station with a high-tech atmosphere. A clean EV station with no engine sound or oil smell is more like a coffee shop. The station is more like a lounge for drivers where they can enjoy coffee while taking a break from their busy life.

After a short coffee break, the battery was fully charged. With an 800V charging system, the IONIQ 5 can be charged from 10% to 80% in less than 18 minutes. The IONIQ 5 welcomes the driver and is ready to drive again. The electric vehicle experience continues with the enriched benefits of innovative technology.

The IONIQ 5, which left a strong first impression, has now naturally blended into our daily lives. We have become accustomed to the unfamiliar design and atmosphere; whether in the city or in nature, the IONIQ 5 always offers a new experience. And the new experience has greatly changed our daily life. Let's hope that one day soon more people will enjoy the pleasure offered by the new mobility, IONIQ 5, which brings innovation to ordinary life.

Photograph by Choi Min-Seok

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