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Innocean S.O.S Campaign That Saves the World with Ideas

Spreading good influence through campaigns, that’s what Innocean is doing right now.
Here are some public campaign cases Innocean carried out.

Public campaign is a way to induce changes in individuals to pursue social good. The success and failure of these campaigns are up to the public participation. Innocean Worldwide (hereafter, Innocean) carries out public campaigns that induce public participation to resolve social issues through innovative ideas. A prominent case would be the ‘S.O.S (Social Problem Solver) program.’ This program, which started in 2011 as an Innocean social contribution program, provides opportunities to experience advertisement and scholarships to college students who dream of becoming marketers, and assists resolving social issues for social enterprises and public institutions through talent donations.

Any college or graduate student attending or taking leave of domestic and international university can form a team up to 4 people and take part in the S.O.S program with an advertisement project proposal or the actual advertisement (video, print, open-air, etc.). Students who win the grand prize from the competition will undertake 6 weeks of internship at Innocean. During this time, they get to learn advertisement know-how from mentors that are consisted of Innocean management and employees, and carry out their own campaigns to get hands-on advertisement work experience.

Taking Part in Resolving Social Issues such as Preventing Child Abuse and Wearing Masks

The S.O.S program has participated in resolving social problems by addressing topics like child abuse prevention, etc.

So far, the S.O.S program has participated in enhancing and alleviating social problems by addressing themes like reducing greenhouse gases (2015), encouraging use of fabric diapers (2016), installing children’s car seats (2017), and wearing bicycle helmets (2018). The child abuse prevention campaign that was carried out with the Central Child Protection Institution (currently National Center for the Rights of the Child) under the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2019 won the ‘Good Advertisement Chosen by the People’ award.

The work created at the time was a public participation type campaign - ‘Finding Hidden Clues.’ This campaign effectively lets you know the types of child abuse and symptoms while also recognizing that the discovery of child abuse comes first rather than the report. Just like the famous book series Where’s Wally?, this game involves locating a child abuse victim within a picture that depicts an everyday life. Clues to locating the child were created to show the traits of child abuse victims to let the public know what abused children looked like. This campaign was carried out as an open-air ad on bus stations, etc., so that many people could take interest and participate; money in proportion to the hours of people watching the video was donated to treating abused children to achieve the purpose of the campaign and changing people’s awareness on the issue.

A mandatory mask wearing campaign for indoors/outdoors was carried out, following how things were with COVID-19, with the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

The 2020 ‘Mandatory Masks Indoors/Outdoors’ campaign that was executed with the Ministry of Health and Welfare was received well by the public. The winning campaign was called ‘MASK ID’; it was a video about developing and introducing a system that would involve a public wi-fi system which only allowed faces with masks for connection. Wearing masks is mandatory to prevent COVID-19. This campaign was well received because it effectively delivered the message of wearing masks even public indoors if we want to make wearing masks become a part of our life.

Leading the Prevention of Stalking Crimes with the National Police Agency

This year’s S.O.S program was carried out with the National Police Agency, with the theme of preventing stalking.

This year, the ‘Stalking Prevention’ campaign was carried out with the National Police Agency. Participants had to come up with a campaign idea that would create the social atmosphere of accepting stalking as a crime while also activating making stalking reports. A total of 560 teams submitted their ideas, and 17 teams won. The Grand prize went to 3-person team consisted of Won Yoo-kyung from Busan National University and others, that participated in the Creative Department. This team also had the honor of winning the Minister of Gender Equality and Family award and the Head of National Police Agency award. The Gold prize went to Oh Hyung-joon from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Cheon Se-hyung from Kyonggi University, and 2 others. Shall we take a look at the Grand/Gold prizes -winnning works?

2021 S.O.S Campaign’s Grand Prize: Re-writing Folk Tales

The Grand prize-winnnig work ‘Re-writing Folk Tales’ locates stalking behvaiors embeddded in our traditional folk tales that we overlooked for so long, and suggests how we can solve such problems.

Won Yoo-kyung and others, the team who own the Grand prize, focused on the stalking crime prevention education. They produced a folk tale animation video so that many people could easily understand the context in a fun way. The video locates the stalking behaviors that we have overlooked, and lets us know how we can react to such behaviors. For example, in the The Brother and Sister Who Became the Sun and the Moon, there is a tiger who tried to break and enter into a house after dressing up as someone else while in the The Fairy and the Lumberjack, a lumberjack stole the fairy’s clothes. Furthermore, the endings of these stories are changed into how the tiger and the lumberjack violated stalking related law to clearly deliver the message of stalking is crime.

2021 S.O.S Campaign’s Gold Prize: Safe Delivery Sticker

The delivery invoice sticker security upgrading idea won the Gold prize.

Gold prize winner Oh Hyung-joon proposed the idea of enhancing the security of the delivery invoice sticker. He focused on the point how the current package invoice sticker includes personal information of a recipient like address and contact number, etc., which can be misused in crimes. The ‘Safe Delivery Sticker’ suggested by Oh Hyung-joon is a QR code, which is partially printed so that no third party can recognized it. A package delivery person or the recipient can access information via a separate app to download the other part of the code. It was received well because it could immediately prevent crimes through such technical realization.

2021 S.O.S Campaign’s Gold Prize: SAFE, BACK-UP

‘SAFE, BACK-UP’, which autumatically captures stalking evidences, focused on the life of a stalking victim.

Cheon Se-hyung’s team who sought out ways to change the lives of stalking victims also won the Gold prize. Currently stalking victims have to personally collect and submit messages and phone call history that could be evidence to their damages. It’s a brutal process for those victims who have had to endure great mental distress. So, Cheon Se-hyung’s team proposed a function through the Kakaotalk back-up service (talk chest) that can be accessed by the National Police Agency to automatically collect conversations with stalkers. It’s an efficient idea for both the judicial authority and the victims. Innocean once again sent out an alarm to the world with their 11th S.O.S program, and discovered the next generation marketers. Students who won the Grand prize in this competition will begin their experience-type internship at Innocean from January 2022.

Innocean’s campaigns that create good movement will continue.

Ideas are invisible, but they have the power to change people’s thoughts and induce their actions. Public campaigns that deal with lessons require innovative thoughts and fresh planning above all. That’s why the S.O.S programs are valuable, because through them, you can see the ideas of future ad people who are sensitive to social phenomena and have an eye for trends. Innocean plans to continue to enhance corporate social values through their S.O.S programs and induce participation from many college students to resolve social issues together. What kind of social problems will they seek out to address next year? Here’s looking forward to Innocean’s good movement that will create a brighter future.

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