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Proposing A New Mobility Life: Staria

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Hyundai's Staria offers a new mobility experience with a differentiated design and interior space. We met Staria, the beginning of next-generation mobility.

The everyday landscape is changing a lot. This is because more and more people are pursuing happiness according to their beliefs rather than social norms. A wind of change is blowing in the mobility market as more and more people are living their lives according to their own standards. Cars are more than just a means of transportation, they are becoming another everyday space. This is the social demand behind the new concept MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), the Hyundai Staria.

It may seem strange to think of Staria running on the road; Perhaps it's because of its spaceship-like body. These exterior design features are also evident in the name - Staria is a compound word of ‘STAR’ and ‘RIA’ meaning wave, which refers to a spaceship traveling between stars. It's a story about space, but slowly traveling between the stars resembles us, wandering around and enjoying the moment.

Staria is the first model to house Hyundai's future mobility design theme, 'Inside Out'. Inside Out is a concept that extends the spatiality and openness of the interior design to the exterior. The front part is finished with a smooth and simple streamline. Here, the daytime running lights running just above the Hyundai emblem accentuate the front, which might otherwise look bland.

Staria Lounge uses dark chrome to finish the metal decorations on the front such as radiator grille, headlamp molding, and emblem, making it look more luxurious and neat. The mesh pattern grille that maximizes the three-dimensional effect and eight ice-cube-type full LED headlamps add volume and sophistication to the lower body.

Staria's spaceship-like appearance also conveys a futuristic feel - a fresh vibe that comes from its sleek and simple design. The cohesive and concise elements come together to even look mysterious; So it seems to blend in with the modern building, but on the other hand, it feels like a different world only around Staria.

Staria's 'premium cruiser' feel is most highlighted from the side. This is where the 'inside out' theme really shines; It features a low beltline - it is pulled down as far as possible to increase openness and visibility in the interior. Also, it is noticeable that the lower line of the first-row window is in sharp contact with the front side mirror. It means that even the smallest details are not overlooked and finished with meticulous attention to detail.

Stepping into Staria is like entering another space; Because there is a space just for you. Staria offers the most similar experience to a Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV). It helps you stay true to both the passionate life in the city and the zen moments in nature. Thanks to this, you can keep a healthy balance in your daily life.

The single-touch operation of the second row of premium relaxation seats provides perfect rest throughout the journey. It optimally distributes your body weight, allowing you to take a comfortable position as if you were in zero-gravity space. In addition, the open side windows are inspired by the unique sentiment of Hanok, a traditional Korean house, where you can enjoy the scenery outside through the window as if you are appreciating a painting. Lying on the relaxation sheet and enjoying the sky and the surrounding scenery, you will feel as if you are outside.

If the exterior is a spaceship traveling the universe, the cabin resembles the lounge of a cruise ship sailing the sea - with a sense of laid-back luxury. The cool, wide windshield provides a refreshing view not only for the driver but also for the rear passengers; Both first and second-row passengers can experience a comfortable ride.

The 10.25-inch wide infotainment screen provides a convenient and safe operating environment while driving. High-resolution images and graphics with improved visibility allow the owners intuitive use. The all-in-one air conditioning system not only provides convenience but also gives the entire space a high-tech image.

The rectangular rear part is accented with LED rear combination lamps at both ends. Simple but intense. At the same time, the lamp-shaped garnish on the top extends the line of the tail lamp, giving the overall appearance of a high body. Equipped with unity with the design elements of the front part, the rear part also exudes a spaceship-like atmosphere. The wide rear window, which is half the body, further emphasizes the open feeling of the Staria.

The Parametric Pixel design applied to the LED rear combination lamps is the essence of Staria's forward-looking style. Staria's unique design identity is built up by embodying the pixel - the smallest unit that composes an image.

As the saying goes, the shoes complete the style, the diamond-patterned wheels, exclusive to the Staria Lounge, take the overall styling to the next level - even more stylish. The dark gray 18-inch alloy wheels are also a unique feature of the Lounge model.

Happiness is not far away. If you live your life, being true to yourself, according to your philosophy, and feel satisfaction in every single moment - that will mean happiness. The true essence of Staria is mobility for cruising - not just on the road, but all of life. Staria allows you to enjoy both city life and freedom from nature; How about living a life like a wide-open field?

Photograph by Min-Seok Choi

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