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〈Little Big e-motion〉 Also Wins London International Awards

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Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign 〈Little Big e-motion〉 is gaining popularity by winning consecutive awards.

Little Big e-motion wins a splendid award for its warm storytelling

〈Little Big e-motion〉, Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign, won the grand prize in the innovation category of the '2021 Korea Advertising Awards'. After going through the process, the 63 judges chose Little Big e-motion as the winner among over 2,700 competitors. Little Big e-motion, unveiled in December last year, deals with how Kids Mobility, which applies emotion recognition vehicle control technology, helps children in the treatment process. The Kids Mobility - completed in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group's research center and Design Center - actually helps children patients, and it has gained a lot of sympathy from the public around the world.

Little Big e-motion also won the Bronze Award at the 2021 London International Awards (LIA), a world-renowned advertising festival.

In addition to winning the Korea Advertising Awards, Little Big e-motion received another award - it was awarded the Bronze at the '2021 London International Awards (LIA)'. For reference, the LIA is one of the world's most prestigious advertising festivals, and it selects and awards original and innovative advertising and brand communication activities every year. Little Big e-motion won the LIA's Evolution: Experiential category this year, proving that Hyundai Motor Group is closely communicating with the public through new human-centered technologies.

Little Big e-motion has won splendid awards at global advertising festivals such as New York Festival Advertising Awards and Red Dot Awards.

In fact, this is not the first time Little Big e-motion has won the award; prior to these two awards, Little Big e-motion previously won the Silver Award in the Health & Wellness Innovation category of the 2021 New York Festival Advertising Award, one of the world's three major advertising festivals. In addition, it won the Best of Best at the 'Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2021' hosted by Design Zentrum Nordrheim Westfalen, Germany.

Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign that reflects the human-centered philosophy

Hyundai Motor Group is continuing its big campaign with a human-centered new technology and touching episodes.

As such, Little Big e-motion has successfully carried on the meaning of Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign focusing on social use by winning 4 awards in not only domestic advertising festivals but also in leading global advertising festivals. For reference, Hyundai Motor Group's previous campaigns, 'Going Home (precision map VR technology),' 'Jibber-Jabber School Bus (transparent LED touch technology),' and 'Quiet taxi (ACT technology that translates auditory into vision and tactile)' also won splendid awards, while being praised by the world.

Little Big e-motion is housed with emotion-aware vehicle control technology that interacts with and responds to children.
Little Big e-motion drew attention by reflecting the design of the Hyundai design team that created the EV Concept 45.

Global advertising awards - such as the Korea Advertising Awards, LIA, New York Festival Advertising Awards, and Red Dot Awards - chose Little Big e-motion as the best work for a common reason; which are ‘a human-centered new technology' and 'innovation for humanity.'

As described above, the Little Big e-motion video introduces how Kids Mobility using Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC) technology is used in the actual treatment process. Various AI technologies and healthcare technologies of Kids Mobility - Facial Emotion Recognition System, Breathing Exercise Belt, Heart Rate Monitoring Sensor, Emotion Adaptive Lighting, and Emotion Adaptive Scent Dispenser - reduce the extreme stress of child patients that may occur during this treatment process. The image is captured in the video. As such, Little Big e-motion effectively presented various future mobility technologies pursued by Hyundai Motor Group, and at the same time, clearly reflects Hyundai Motor Group's vision of providing social value with innovative technologies.

Hyundai Motor Group's Big Campaign: Making the World Warmer with New Mobility Technologies

Little Big e-motion gained a lot of sympathy from the public with its warm story of helping children with advanced emotion recognition technology.

Consumers are also showing affection for Little Big e-motions; Little Big e-motion video posted on YouTube recorded about 7.97 million views in Korea and 15.89 million overseas and drew sympathy from many viewers with about 4,800 likes. Comments on the video mainly praised Hyundai Motor Group's new technology and the good intentions of the project; "It's a very warm video," "The emotion recognition technology is so amazing," "It warms my heart," "It's a brilliant idea," etc. The reason people react so positively is that many people feel sympathy for the fact that the campaign video deals with new technologies for the underprivileged such as sick children; In addition, the campaign video is of great significance in that it introduces not only new technologies but also helps real children.

Various new technologies presented in the video suggest the infinite possibilities of future mobility.

Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign is currently the 4th, and it focuses on social use through the development of new technologies. Campaign videos such as 'Going Home,' 'Jibber-Jabber School Bus,' 'Quiet Taxi,' and 'Little Big e-motion' all contain warm episodes based on new technology developed by Hyundai Motor Group. In addition, new technology campaigns are aimed at the socially disadvantaged. So far, Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign is taking small steps to contribute to social equality by helping the socially disadvantaged, such as displaced people, the hearing impaired, and children fighting cancer, live a normal day.

Hyundai Motor Group reveals the infinite possibilities of mobility with its campaign video

Little Big e-motion introduces the vision of Hyundai Motor Group and the value of new technologies through its Kids Mobility, which moves within the hospital.

Hyundai Motor Group's new technology campaign has been well received in terms of brand communication; The advanced technology introduced in the campaign video effectively demonstrates the value of new technology through touching stories and real examples and emphasizes Hyundai Motor Group's vision to become a smart mobility company. Little Big e-motion, for example, deals with the case of Kids Mobility, which is a means of transportation in a hospital, not a car that actually runs on the road. In other words, it effectively expresses the direction of Hyundai Motor Group, which provides innovative mobility solutions by describing the possibility of mobility moving through hospital corridors.

The heart-warming meaning of technology and a moving story tell how Little Big e-motion won those awards.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to continue its campaign to provide human-centered values through its technological innovation. In addition, they plan to redefine the concept of mobility, which was limited only to automobiles, and actively contribute to the robust change of everyone's daily life through its creativity for the freedom of movement. From the emotion recognition technology to mobility potential, the benefits of new technologies and warm stories found in Little Big e-motion support the reason it has won all the awards in the world-renowned advertising festivals.

In addition to Little Big e-motion, several Hyundai Motor Group campaigns won awards at the 2021 Korea Advertising Awards. The sponsored advertisement for 'The All-New Sportage: A Curious Sound Campaign' won the grand prize in the audio category, and Hyundai Motor Company's 'CASE BY CASPER' and 'Welcome on board, IONIQ 5' won Gold and Silver respectively in the TV video category. Awarded. In addition, the ROBLOX Hyundai Mobility Adventure Campaign won the Bronze Award in the Innovation category, and the 'Hyundai x Boston Dynamics | As mobility evolves, so does humanity' campaign won a special award in the overseas advertising sector. Through this, Hyundai Motor successfully communicated with the MZ generation through its customer-friendly virtual experience content and spread the sincere meaning of the future mobility business through freedom of movement. 

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