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Cars Becoming Smart Devices

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Though the term ‘connected car’ might sound unsophisticated, the meaning and technology behind it is quite unfathomable. The simple-looking term actually refers to a wide range of technologies and services. Cars are now connected to wireless networks and have become ‘mobile computers’. They are not just a means of transportation anymore, but rather a gateway to leading a super-connected intelligent lifestyle. Early connected cars barely allowed the drivers to call customer service through vehicle communication terminals. Now they are evolving. The vehicles can navigate routes in real-time, remotely start the engine, analyze problems on their own, and even serve financial and IT-related functions, breaking down industrial boundaries. In this era of self-driving cars, connected cars offer more services and maximize convenience as well as efficiency.

FUTURE | To Transcend Connectivity

The Future of Connected Cars

Hyundai Motor Group presented ‘Transcend Connectivity’ as a global leading strategy for connected cars at CES 2019. Compared to the previous slogan, ‘Connected Mobility’, the new vision encompasses the idea of connecting customers’ lifestyles to allow a freer and more convenient way of living.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to develop connected cars similar to that of high-performance computers, connecting cars, homes, surrounding areas, smart devices, and even cities. To this end, the goal is to secure 10 million global connected car service users by the end of 2022 and to make the service mandatory to all models being exported. 

In addition, we plan to expand connected car centers in Russia, Australia and Brazil, as well as the countries that already offer connected car services (Korea, U.S., China, Canada, Europe, India, etc.), to provide more diverse connected car services through collaboration with local businesses in each region.

Hyper-connected cars will be widely available in the future. Hyundai Motor Group will lead the transcendence of connectivity to meet the future era of mobility and provide customers with a new and special user experience.

TECHNOLOGY | Core Services of Connected Cars

With Hyundai Motor Group’s connected car service, you can find the best route in real time through navigation, check necessary information while driving through voice recognition (without having to press any extra buttons), and even control your home settings.

Real-time Navigation

The vehicle sends the user-set destination to the server and guides you through the optimal route based on the pattern information that analyzes real-time and estimated traffic information. The system displays not only the route to the driver’s destination but also detailed traffic information, such as whether it’s the right or left-turn lane. Another feature is that the driver can send the final destination from his or her smartphone app without needing to touch the navigation screen. 

But on another note, if you set your desired arrival time, the system can also suggest your departure time in consideration of the traffic condition. In addition, the ‘Share My Car’ feature in the navigation menu allows you to inform another party of your car’s route in real time, reducing the trouble of having to wait for a call or text. 

Remote Vehicle Control

Connected car service allows you to start the vehicle, remotely control doors, windows and even air conditioning functions. Even if you forget to close the window after parking, you can use not only a single smartphone app to control the system, but also intuitively check the condition of the vehicle. In addition, when outdoor parking does not seem to be an option, in the summer and winter, you can start the car before you get in and turn the air conditioner, heater, ventilator and heated seats on, so you can always get in your car in a pleasant condition.

Voice Command System

The voice recognition function was developed in consideration of the driver’s safety and convenience while driving. The previously installed voice recognition provided only limited functions such as phone calls and directions, and was inconvenient because the recognition rate was low, but Hyundai Motor Group introduced a natural language-based voice recognition service that can be used while driving. The user can search for information or manage climate control with natural language phrases such as “What will the weather be like tomorrow?” 

Also, the system installed in the cabin collects and transmits sound to the voice recognition engine which digitizes the voice signal and processes every microsecond. The voice recognition works seamlessly even when the vehicle is moving at a speed of 100km/h.

Wireless Update Feature

Today, regular updates are required to keep the software up to date. Hyundai Motor Group’s connected cars now downloads the latest data, and automatically updates the software, making it no longer necessary for the user to manually download the data onto a PC using an SD card or USB and then transferring it back to the car.

Wireless updates will be made available for models including GV80, G80, PALISADE, NEXO, Kia SOUL BOOSTER, etc. keeping their software up to date at all times.

Car-To-Home / Home-To-Car

The services are based on the ultimate car infotainment technology. Car-to-Home can control the registered internet of things (IoT) devices such as home lighting apparatuses, plugs, air conditioners, boilers and gas circuit breakers from cars, using the IoT service account through the smartphone application. On the contrary, Home-to-car controls starting, air conditioning, door locking, hazard lights and horns of the vehicle through an artificial intelligence speaker installed at home.

Hyundai Motor Group plans to expand the application of Car-to-Home and Home-to-Car services to future models and to allow the current connected car service users to use the Home-to-Car service through navigation updates.

KEY TECH | Software / Platforms

Turning cars into computers on wheels is the first step in unlocking the potential of connected cars. Hyundai Motor Group strive to create advanced connected cars that help ensure strong connectivity, the ability to process vast amounts of data quickly and to ultimately enable better connected services.

ccOS – Connected Car Operating System

Connected Car Operation System (ccOS) is a proprietary infotainment operating system developed by Hyundai Motor Group for the efficient operation of their high-performance connected car systems.

The ccOS consists of an automotive framework that provides vehicle networks and control functions, an infotainment framework that provides navigation, multimedia and customizable UX functions, and a connectivity framework that provides server-based data processing functions.

With ccOS as the foundation, it becomes possible to upgrade the connected car service with a smartphone, smart home link service, intelligent remote support, smart traffic and mobility hub. In addition, inter-vehicle compatibility allows the use of standardized software, which in turn enhances stability and flexibility.

ccSP – Connected Car Service Platform

The ‘Connected Car Service Platform (ccSP)’ of the Hyundai Motor Group, which was unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show 2017, was what enabled a variety of services by interlinking vehicles, smart devices and transportation infrastructure altogether. For ccSP to efficiently provide various connected car services to the driver, it is important to collect large amounts of data from vehicles, which is then analyzed and turned into meaningful information.

It’s one of the best ways to provide a highly tailored service to our customers. In 2013, Hyundai Motor Group established its first ‘Hyundai Car Cloud’ in South Korea. And on September 2017, we established our first global big data center in Guizhou, China. Hyundai Motor Group has since gained valuable experience in cloud system management. Hyundai Motor Group plans to establish additional big data centers in key global markets and to link them for more efficient analysis, so that we can ultimately create better connected car services.

COLLABORATION | The Evolution of Connected Cars with Advanced Technologies

Hyundai Motor Group is strengthening cooperation with IT companies around the world to develop the best connected car.

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