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Envisioning New Automotive Lifestyles with Data Sharing

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What can your car do for you? Certainly, more than just providing transportation. Inside a car of the future, you might be notified of your next fueling point, extrapolated by the system from the vehicle’s usage pattern; you might do some shopping on-the-go, as dictated by the looming “contactless” age; you might get an on-demand mobile car wash and detailing, done contactless while you are running your errands. But envisioning this future requires the foundation on which these services can bloom. To that end, Hyundai Motor Group has ingested the data from its connected cars and processed them for open use. The Open Data Platform—consisting of Hyundai Developers, Kia Developers, and Genesis Developers—supports fresh ideas for new automotive lifestyles from ambitious partner organizations with technological capabilities.

FUTURE | Opening the Smart Mobility Age with Open Data Platform

Open Data is data that anyone can access, use, and share. Data of any format or source—textual, graphic, audio, or video, from the government, NGOs, or private firms—is cleansed and processed for the use of anyone, who might pursue public good or attempt to create new business models and products. With open-source innovation becoming more and more mainstream, Hyundai Motor Group has pondered its role in creating an ecosystem for Korean startups, companies, and corporations engaged in innovating automotive service. To this end, the group has unveiled three open-source platforms in quick succession: Hyundai Developers in 2019, Kia Developers in April 2020, and Genesis Developers in May 2020.

The Hyundai Motor Group’s Open Data Platform gathers the usage data—e.g. cumulative distance traveled, fuel usage pattern, driving habits—from consumers using its connected cars. The data are cleansed and reformatted into API (Application Programming Interface) freely accessible by outside partners. The purpose of all this work is only to add value to our customer experience, and the data used is only shared through customer’s consent. The partners can then utilize the data on the Open Data Platform to serve the group’s customers, directly and indirectly, by helping bring about the new age of smart mobility. In this win-win arrangement for all, Hyundai Motor Group seeks to serve as a curator for realizing services that mutually benefit our customers and partners.

TECHNOLOGY | Core Technologies of Open Data Platform

Quickly injested and analyzed/processed by Hyundai Motor Group, the data from the user end is made available to our partners via the Open Data Platform. Our partners are currently developing and/or providing mobility services across the following four categories: vehicle care, driving convenience, enhanced vehicle information, and vehicle finance.

KEY POINT | 1. Vehicle Care

Services in this category provide comprehensive information for easier vehicle maintenance. One service allows an in-app review of all maintenance-relevant information of the car; another sets alarms for car parts needing periodic replacement; others provide an online community in which the consumers can share vehicle maintenance tips. Currently in development are services that: 1) suggest fueling stations by using the vehicle’s fuel and range data even before boarding the car and 2) automatically schedule an appointment at a nearby repair center when the tire air pressure is too low.


A mobile service for comprehensive vehicle maintenance review and guide


A service that suggests gas stations tailored to the user’s fueling pattern

KEY POINT | 2. Driving Convenience

Services in this category allow users to enjoy fast and convenient untact services in and out of the vehicle. One service uses the car’s real-time location data and the remote vehicle control system to provide on-demand valet parking service. another service uses the remote door control feature for ordering a mobile car wash.


Contactless mobile car wash services and detailing using final parking location data and remote door control


On-demand valet service using vehicle mileage, final parking location and vehicle remote control 


In-car delivery service that allows you to order, pay and get your order delivered in your car, using a single app

KEY POINT | 3. Enhanced Vehicle Information

Services in this category offer various information related to driving for the users’ various needs. One service automatically updates the vehicle’s travel log for tax reference, while another service offers rewards points to encourage safe driving habits.


A mobile service that allows users to accumulate rewards points for travel distance and safe driving habits


A service that uses the cumulative driving distance data to auto-complete the commercial driving log needed for tax purposes

KEY POINT | 4. Vehicle Finance

Services in this category mainly target insurances, a common financial requirement for all drivers. One service analyzes the user’s driving patterns and offer insurance premium discounts and uses open data to facilitate the insurance enrollment process. Another service uses actual travel distance data to offer an insurance package that lets the driver pay only as much as he has used the car.

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance

A service that analyzes driving pattern data and rewards good habits with insurance discounts

Carrot Insurance

A service that uses actual travel distance data to offer ‘pay-per-use’ insurance packages.

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