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Adding the Pet Factor to Your Mobility Life

Hyundai Motor Group
What could you do to make your mobility life with your lovely pet more fun? Hyundai Motor Group has the answer.
Here’s 'pet mobility life,' proposed by Hyundai Motors.

With more time people spending at home due to COVID-19, there’s growing interest in getting a pet. Korea’s pet population amounts to 14.48 million, which means 1 out of 4 Koreans (the data by the KB Financial Group’s Management Research Institute, 2020 standards). The ‘petfam (pet+family) era’ has arrived. Petfam (pet+family) refers to those who regard and take care of their pet as family. The Korea Rural Economic Institute anticipates pet industry to grow from this year’s 3.7694 trillion won to around 6 trillion won in 2027.

In consideration of the recent trend, Hyundai Motor Group is expanding the grounds for ‘pet mobility’ because they expect pets, who are now considered an important member of family, to play a major agent in the future mobility market. How could one make a new mobility life with their pets more fun? Here are some pet mobility cases that Hyundai Motor Group proposed.

M.VIBE, for the Mobility Right of Pets

M.VIBE is an urban mobility service for pets that utilizes electric cars.

Hyundai Motor Group introduced ‘M.VIBE,’ an urban mobility service for pets that utilizes electric cars. It’s part of the EV Innovation Project, which carries out various projects like discovering electric car-based services and producing customized automobiles to preemptively react to the future mobility market.

M.VIBE provides an environment where pets can freely move around.

M.VIBE provides various pet services including mobility, medical services, aesthetics, accommodation, etc., for the fun and healthy lives of pets and their caretakers. They help their clients’ pets to freely move around and thus enhance the clients’ lifestyles. It’s an integrated mobility service that connects pet medical, aesthetics, accommodation, etc., so that the clients do not have to personally check and make reservations. Collaborations with certified businesses such as Joseon Hotel & Resort L’escape Hotel, Irion Animal Hospital, 24H Chungdam Woori Animal Hospital, Petdoc V-Care, Howlpot, etc., are carried out for a trustworthy service to be entrusted.

M.VIBE is serviced through Ray EV.

Kia Ray EV, superior in its spaciousness, is renovated completely for operation. Efficient and safe space is realized depending on the number of pets and their sizes while the front-passenger seat is removed to install driver guard in consideration of the safety and convenience of all passengers (pet, caretaker, & driver). As it is an electric car, there’s lot less noise and vibration, allowing both the pet and the caretaker to move around more comfortably.

M.VIBE can be used via a mobile app. You can reserve a service for desired date and time while also purchasing a few pet products. Caretakers can save time because they can ride along or have the pet take the ride alone. To enhance the expertise of a specialized pet service, Hyundai Motor Group consulted experts in related fields such as vets, etc., from the planning stage.

Ray EV is used to lead the support for international adoption of abandoned dogs.

Hyundai Motor Group is also leading the ‘international adoption for abandoned dogs’ support with Ray EV. In collaboration with an animal organization ‘Angels Who Love Abandoned Dogs,’ they provide free mobility service for abandoned dogs who are going through international adoption process. Usually, abandoned dogs’ international adoption is carried out in 3 stages - 1. Hospital check-up and vaccination, 2. Final check-up at the quarantine station before departure, and 3. Leaving at the airport; Ray EV helps out with visits to quarantine stations in cities.

For Pets Who Need Blood Donation, I’M DOgNOR Campaign

The I’M DOgNOR campaign encourages companion dogs’ blood donation.

Did you know that companion dogs, just like humans, can donate blood? Companion dogs’ blood received through blood donation is used on companion dogs who need blood transfusion during operations. With a recent increase in the number of companion dogs, there’s also an increase in the number of companion dogs who receive blood transfusion due to accidents or diseases. Pet blood donation centers are operated on pet-advanced countries like the U.K., and Poland. But Korea is lacking the supply of companion dog blood donation compared to the demand. To create the culture of companion dog blood donation and develop related infrastructure, Hyundai Motors planned the ‘I’M DOgNOR: visiting companion dog blood donation car’ campaign twice in 2019 and 2020. DOgNOR is a combined word of dog and donor.

Hyundai Motors renovated Solati to make a blood donation car.

More than 90% of domestic companion dog blood transfusion comes from blood donation dogs, who are bred for blood transfusion purposes. These dogs have to draw blood once a month for the entirety of their lives. Companion dog blood donation is a way to allow blood donation dogs to rest and give life to companion dogs. To seek out healthy, large dogs who can donate blood, Hyundai Motors planned a campaign with the Konkuk University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and the Korean Canine Blood Donor Association. They renovated Solati to produce a blood donation car, equipped the blood donation car with blood gathering tools, analysis room, and state of the art devices, while experienced vets carried out blood donation personally so that the companion dogs could safely donate blood.

Various gifts were provided for dogs who donated blood.

Companion dog blood donation was carried out for about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and the companion dogs who donated blood for their friends were given gifts: a DOgNOR license, an eco-bag, a vest, a scarf, and a free companion dog check-up. Hyundai Motors plans to promote the companion dog blood donation culture and encourage participation until the day all companion dogs can live healthily and safely.

Single Life Plus Alpha, ‘Pet Life with Venue’

SUV Venue, targeting single life, is also perfect for pet life.

Back in 2019, Hyundai Motors, with the launch of their Single Life SUV Venue, carried out the ‘Pet Life with Venue’ event which involved a test drive of Venue, a car great for a trip with your pet, and various TUIX pet items for prizes. Hyundai Motors had a draw among the participating clients so that some of the could test drive a Venue equipped with all pet package (TUIX PET) items for 4 nights and 5 days and gave out TUIX pet items for prizes. Many pet owners participated in the event, which proved how big the clients’ needs are regarding 'pet life.'

For a Safe Trip with Your Pet, Car Life Mall, Casper Exclusive Hall

Casper Exclusive Hall introduces pet-friendly category products.

‘Pet life,' which Hyundai Motors proposed with Venue, was also relayed to the entry model SUV Casper, which launched this year. Blue Members’ Car Life Mall proposes various car life items with the official Hyundai Motors customizing brand. A client can complete a lifestyle just for him/herself. The Casper Exclusive Hall especially introduces various pet-friendly products, adding convenience to the lifestyle with companion dogs.

Pet-friendly category sells products that focus on safe and fun trip with your companion dog. 1, 2 row anti-staining seat covers and seat cover cushions that protect the automobile seats and help the pet relax as well as a harness, neck leash and lead line optimized for the companion dog’s safety inside the vehicle, and products for good manners like multi-pouch and multi-sealed sticks are available.

What kind of pet life are you dreaming of?

Mobility business for pets is expanding. The industries are already accelerating their plans to allure clients who have pets. Naver signed a business agreement with a pet lifestyle platform About Pet and plans to cooperate to provide personalized pet services, while Kakao mobility announced that they would enter the pet taxi business with a pet taxi brand 'Pet Me Up.'

What kind of lifestyle do you dream of with your pet? Hyundai Motor Group proposes 'pet life,' which guarantees the mobility right of pets; you will be able to get away anytime, anywhere, with your beloved pet. Services that will take care of your pet and take him/her to hospitals and hair salons will be continuously developed. Pets will be a major agent in the future mobility market. Korea’s ‘Petconomy’ industry will continue to grow. Here’s looking forward to what kind of new lifestyles Hyundai Motor Group will introduce in the upcoming 'era of pets.’

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