2021.08.20 Kia

The Right to Be Me: Kia K3 GT

It is very difficult to live a satisfying life. But to live a life without regrets, shouldn't you at least be yourself first? While I was inside the K3 GT, I could realize what I have always wanted in my life.

We are now living in a global world. Living in the midst of an era where traditional boundaries are breaking down and flooded with information can seem quite exciting. It means that you can witness a world of infinite possibilities, or sometimes even experience it firsthand depending on which path you choose to take. However, there something you need first. You should never forget who you are.

What does it mean to be me? It means that no matter what you do in any situation, you don't get caught up in your surroundings, and you keep your life, work, and self completely the way you want it to. It is no coincidence that recently more and more people are seeking new hobbies or new genres of work in search of ‘subcharacter’, or expressions such as ‘Work-Life Harmony’, which means work-life harmony, have become trending. It is a new social phenomenon created by the gathering of thoughts to live more like myself.

I also like cars and driving, so I have a hobby like that. When you are exhausted from the boring and yet suffocating life, you put everything down, drive your car, and enjoy your time alone. If possible, I tend to use the early morning hours or go to a quiet place to enjoy a sense of complete freedom and liberation without being conscious of the gaze around me. This time, I had time to get my energy back with the K3 GT, a high-performance model of Kia K3 that had undergone a partial change recently.

It was one night that I met the K3 GT. It was the same day as every day. I went to meet people with my body exhausted from my own life. At night in Seoul, the midday heat had not yet cooled, and the air was sticky and heavy. In such an atmosphere, the K3 GT, wrapped in “Runway Red” color exclusively for GT models, boasted vivid colors in the deep darkness. As I looked at the front of the K3 GT, which emphasized the sleek and three-dimensional looks, I felt like my mind was getting clearer little by little.

The silhouette of the K3 GT, with the roof gently dropping behind the C-pillar, looks dynamic and even sensual. The slim five-door hatchback style matches the character of the K3 GT with enhanced running performance. With the side skirts that make the car look lower and the 18-inch wheels exclusively for GT models that fill the wheelhouse, the K3 GT ignites the desire to drive the more you see it. When everyone was asleep, I hopped on it and went deeper into the tranquil dawn.

The light of Seoul, a megacity with a population of 10 million, does not go out easily. Even in the late dawn, the office buildings and cars on the road are glowing brightly. Even if I run after the light aimlessly, I just value this time I spend for myself. On the journey to take a step out of everyday life and feel a sense of freedom, I realized the meaning of living my own life again.

Vibration transmitted to the steering wheel and seat, the energetic rotation of the engine, and the sound of tires in your ears, awaken your senses vividly. The driving sensation of the K3 GT is quite stimulating. The more you feel the performance of the car, the more thrilling it gets. It's been a while since I was completely absorbed in the thrill of driving like that. A faint blue light began to hover in the night sky through the car window. It was time to get back to normal.

I didn't want to go back yet, so I headed to the warehouse outside the metropolitan area I saw before. The look of the K3 GT, scrutinized in a rough and unrefined atmosphere, left a deeper impression than what I had seen the night before. The K3 GT, which has undergone a partial change and has a clear three-dimensional face, has a more intense presence by adding a red color point. The dynamic shape viewed from the side adds flavor to the sporty atmosphere of the K3 GT.

As the dawn slowly illuminates the sky, the sensual curves of the K3 GT's slender body began to appear. In the dark, only a slender silhouette stood out, but when I looked again like this, I could see details that emphasized the dynamic performance of the K3 GT. In particular, from the rearview centered on the horizontal layout, the rear lamp embodying the sense of speed, the rear diffuser helping aerodynamic performance, and Kia's new logo stood out.

The interior of the K3 GT has also been changed to be more convenient. The biggest feature is that the existing 4.2-inch LCD dashboard and 8-inch navigation monitor have grown to 10.25 inches each. 

As the screen gets bigger, driving information and navigation guidance system have become easier to see, and setting various functions of the car through the infotainment system has also changed easily. Convenience features such as navigation wireless update (OTA) and smartphone wireless charging system are also installed to help you focus more on driving.

Now we have to go back to where we were. Just like yesterday, another ordinary day will be waiting for you. But yesterday and today will definitely be different. The future me, too, will be better than what I am today. You will clearly realize what you need to value for a better life, and you will steadily move forward one step at a time towards the life you pursue. And a car that makes me who I am, like the K3 GT, will always be with me.

photograph by Choi Min-Seok

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