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Auto Zeitung Chooses IONIQ 5 and EV6 In the Comparison Test

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IONIQ 5 and EV6 ranked first and second respectively in the latest electric vehicle comparison test conducted by 〈Auto Zeitung〉. Here are the reasons why Hyundai Motor Group's latest dedicated electric vehicle became the winner.

Consumers in Germany are now showing interest in Hyundai Motor Group’s latest dedicated electric vehicle; Hyundai Motor Company’s IONIQ 5 and Kia EV6 took first and second places, respectively, in a comparison test of five crossover EVs recently conducted by the German automobile magazine 〈Auto Zeitung〉. As many people know, the IONIQ 5 and EV6 have already become new rising stars in the electric vehicle market, winning numerous awards and getting praises in Germany and other European countries.

Since its launch in Europe, the IONIQ 5 has received many awards and praises

〈Auto Zeitung〉 has already chosen the IONIQ 5 as the best electric vehicle, defeating the BMW iX3 and Audi Q4 e-tron. Also, another German car magazine, 〈Auto Motor und Sport〉 and 〈AutoBild〉, both compared the car to a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX - and the IONIQ scored higher. In addition, the IONIQ 5 won the German Car of the Year in October last year, and in July, it received a total of four awards, including the 2021 Car of the Year from the British automobile media 〈Auto Express〉.

EV6 also started to dominate the market after its debut in Europe

The EV6 has also received several awards and favorable reviews since its debut last October in Europe; It received the 2022 Car of the Year in the prestigious ‘European Car of the Year (COTY) awards’, and won the Crossover of the Year award at the ‘2021 Top Gear Awards’ in the UK. In addition, in comparison tests with Volkswagen ID.4 GTX conducted by 〈Auto Zeitung〉, 〈Auto motor und Sport〉, and 〈Auto built〉, the model also proved its superb marketability.

The recent comparison of 〈Auto Zeitung〉 was conducted with the latest crossover electric vehicles that are attracting worldwide attention, such as the IONIQ 5, EV6, Polestar 2, Tesla Model Y, and Mercedes-Benz EQB. The magazine tested the candidates on five criteria: body, driving comfort, powertrain, driving dynamics, environment, and cost. The IONIQ 5 took first place, and the EV6 took second place, respectively. 〈Auto Zeitung〉 is famous for its objectivity and professionalism, and the fact that these two cars received good results in this magazine proves the completeness and competitiveness of Hyundai Motor Group’s latest electric vehicle.

IONIQ 5 and EV6 scored high in driving comfort, environment, and cost

〈Auto Zeitung〉 praised the IONIQ 5 with its comfortable seats and suspension when it comes to driving comfort

The first item to look at in this comparative evaluation is driving comfort. Driving comfort is measured by comprehensively evaluating seat comfort, ergonomic interior design, driving noise, and suspension performance.

In particular, the IONIQ 5 received the highest score in front and rear seat comfort, ergonomic design, measurement, and noise. Regarding this result, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 said, “The IONIQ 5 stands out for its comfortable cushioning and seat with adequate side support, as well as a reclining function (optional) to help you rest comfortably while charging the battery. 

In addition, the suspension of the IONIQ 5 guarantees comfort compared to its competitors, which were shaky and unstable on rough roads.” Meanwhile, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 mentioned that EQB’s tie record with IONIQ5 in the field of driving comfort was thanks to the optional adaptive damper.

EV6 showed good performance in other criteria of driving comfort even though it had a sporty suspension that was difficult to provide a comfortable ride

In terms of driving comfort, the EV6 succeeded the IONIQ 5 and EQB. Although the suspension movement received overall good reviews, the main evaluation was that it suffered a loss in terms of comfort due to the intentional sports setting. But nevertheless, the EV6 managed to climb high, scoring above-average scores in other subdivisions of driving comfort.

Meanwhile, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 mentioned that they were able to discover Tesla’s chronic shortcomings - lack of comfort in poor road conditions - for Model Y. In addition, in the Polestar 2, the manually adjustable Ohlins damper (optional), which was housed only in racing cars, boasts a sporty performance, but it is criticized that this rather impedes the ride comfort.

The EV6 ranks highest in the environmental and cost category, receiving excellent ratings in terms of the overwhelming warranty period, residual value, and cost of maintenance

In environmental and cost categories - including vehicle price, residual value, equipment, multimedia, warranty, insurance, fuel cost, and emissions - the EV6 and IONIQ 5 took first and second places respectively - and it was a close match; Because both models scored above average in ten criteria. Among them, EV6 and IONIQ 5 were able to gain an edge over the other three EVs in terms of environment and cost, achieving overwhelmingly high scores in the warranty section.

〈Auto Zeitung〉 gave a neutral comment about the EV6, which took 1st place, saying, "The car is not cheap, but the high price is compensated by the low maintenance cost and a generous warranty period for users." And about the IONIQ 5, they left a review that reads, "it’s impeccable in terms of price and fuel economy."

IONIQ 5 and EV6 received high marks in the driving dynamics category for their outstanding basic performance

The IONIQ 5 received good reviews in overall driving performance and ranked second in the driving dynamics category

In the driving dynamics item, which evaluates the driving performance and dynamics of a vehicle, the results were divided into three groups. Polestar 2 took first place with 755 points, IONIQ 5 and EV6 took second and third place with 708 and 706 points, respectively, and EQB and Model Y stayed in the bottom group with scores in the mid-600s.

In 〈Auto Zeitung〉, the secret to Polestar 2’s dominance was the maximum output of over 400 horsepower delivered by two motors, precise steering, a powerful braking system, and high-performance tires. In addition to this, a high-performance Ohlins damper was added to show driving performance that surpassed the other four.

On the other hand, the IONIQ 5 and EV6 marked impressive results, scoring in the sub-category of driving dynamics with excellent basics. In particular, the IONIQ 5 received good evaluations in slalom, braking sensation and performance, driving stability, and turning radius. In fact, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 said, “The driving stability of the IONIQ 5 is at the highest level. It is also possible to have fun driving by turning off the lane departure warning system.”

The EV6 was praised for handling, braking sensation, and braking performance, and took third place in the driving dynamics category

The EV6 received favorable reviews for its decent handling performance, excellent braking sensation, and excellent cold braking performance. Above all, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 said that, apart from the measurement, the driving fun was excellent, and the EV6 showed superior performance in handling, although the ride quality was inferior due to the sporty chassis tuning; I also like the variable steering feedback in Sport mode and the precise movement of the front axle. The magazine also stated that the car’s braking is also very agile and confident.

On the other hand, EQB received a poor evaluation in this category. The car showed a performance, not like that of a premium brand model in the evaluation of handling, slalom performance, braking sensation, actual braking performance, and driving force. The Model Y also scored the lowest for its unimpressive handling performance, insufficient braking performance compared to a powerful motor, and way too much of the stability control system.

Body and Powertrain: IONIQ 5 and EV6 boast the EV-dedicated platform

Thanks to its EV-dedicated platform, the IONIQ 5 offers more cabin space than any other electric vehicle

For the body, IONIQ 5 and EV6 rank in the middle; however, this was an inevitable result according to the shape of the body. The car that received the highest score in the body category was the Tesla Model Y, which was a result of the body structure that can make the cargo space wider. EQB, which ranked second, also had an authentic SUV style that was advantageous in the body category.

IONIQ 5 got a lot of points for its unique interior structure and spacious interior completed with an Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). Above all, the magazine praised that the center console, which allows the driver’s and front passenger’s seats to move freely, supports livability. It was also mentioned that the wide glass enabled the best rearview. Comments on EV6 were similar to IONIQ 5; The main point was that the cabin space was excellent thanks to the use of the same EV-dedicated platform as the IONIQ 5’s. However, the dynamic exterior design made the body low, and the lack of headroom was mentioned as a disadvantage.

Lastly, the Polestar 2 lost points due to its relatively small body, hence narrow cabin and cargo spaces. However, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 gave a good score for the usability of Polestar 2’s infotainment system based on Google software.

Sharing the same EV-dedicated platform, the IONIQ 5 and EV6 outperform other electric vehicles in specifications and measured performance

In the powertrain part - the performance and quietness of the electric motor, fuel efficiency, cruising range, and charging convenience - the Model Y took first place. 〈Auto Zeitung〉 praised the most powerful output of 514 horsepower in specifications, the longest actual mileage, and the supercharger charging infrastructure installed in more than 700 European countries.

EV6 boasted excellent charging performance based on the most powerful battery charging power among comparative test models

And it was the EV6 that followed the Model Y. 〈Auto Zeitung〉 tested the battery charging performance of the EV6, which boasts a maximum output of 240kW, in this test, which is why the EV6 received good reviews in the powertrain category. In addition, the regenerative braking system that provides various stages from one-pedal driving to non-resistance driving also received good comments.

For the fuel efficiency data, Polestar 2 won and the EV6 recorded the close second. In addition, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 commented that the method of automatically controlling battery usage according to the driving course and road surface condition in conjunction with the navigation system was impressive. IONIQ 5 received the lowest score in the powertrain category among the five criteria of the test. 〈Auto Zeitung〉 praised the battery charging system with an output of up to 220 kW, but mentioned that the actual mileage and fuel efficiency were lacking compared to the specifications.

Lastly, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 pointed out that the EQB has the shortest driving range while having top speed of only 160 km/h. In addition, it gave the lowest score in the powertrain category, saying that it takes additional 30 minutes or more to charge the battery than the IONIQ 5, EV6, and Model Y, due to its weakest battery charging output.

After the comparative test of 〈Auto Zeitung〉, the IONIQ 5 and EV6 took first and second places, respectively, proving their outstanding perfection

As a result of the comparison test of 〈Auto Zeitung〉 including the five criteria and 47 sub-categories, the IONIQ 5 scored 3,222 points and took 1st place. As it ranked first in driving comfort, second in environment and cost and driving dynamics, and third in body category, it was able to become the best electric vehicle selected by the magazine. The EV6 took first place in environment and cost, second in powertrain, and third in driving comfort and driving dynamics, taking overall second place with a total score of 3,178 points.

The EV-only platform E-GMP played a major role in enabling the IONIQ 5 and EV6 to score high in Auto Zeitung’s test

Regarding this result, 〈Auto Zeitung〉 said, “IONIQ 5 looked harmonious overall because it housed Hyundai Motor Group’s EV-dedicated platform E-GMP; Driving stability and economy are at the highest level, and it also provides excellent driving fun, allowing it to rise to the top among the latest crossover electric vehicles.” In addition, regarding the EV6, “It is a customer-friendly electric vehicle. In particular, the EV6’s 800V super-fast charging system, which can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in 20 minutes, provides the best charging performance.”

As mentioned above, the IONIQ 5 and EV6, which are based on Hyundai Motor Group’s electric vehicle-only platform, succeeded in objectively proving their outstanding perfection by taking the top spot side by side in the comparative evaluation of the five latest electric vehicles. But above all else, it showed superior performance than the Tesla Model Y, one of the world’s best-selling electric vehicles, the EQB with Mercedes-Benz’s technology, and Volvo’s Polestar 2, which is renowned for its excellent quality and eco-friendliness. After the unveiling of Hyundai and Kia’s first dedicated electric vehicles, the IONIQ5 and EV, many people have high expectations for Hyundai Motor Group’s future dedicated electric vehicles.

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