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A Winter Ocean Weekend with Avante N

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Even the high-performance models on circuits can run on city-center roads during the week - which is why ride quality is also important. Shall we go on a long trip this time? Here is the story of Avante N's trip to the winter sea in Anmyeondo Island.

The expression “high-performance model” reminds us of running on a track at high speed. Driving pleasure is paramount for these high-performance models. But ‘comfort’ is also one of the virtues they should possess. Unless it's a racing car, the owners have to drive it in their daily lives. While most car manias look forward to weekend circuit driving, they also have to drive in the city during the week. Therefore, a high-performance model must combine both driving fun and comfort. So what about long trips? Avante N (Elantra N) headed to Anmyeondo Island in winter.

When you look at the Avante N, you can feel the atmosphere that only high-performance cars have. They look special because every detail has been fine-tuned for performance; For example, a lip spoiler under the front bumper regulates airflow to increase stability while creating a low, wide look. The N-line exclusive wing spoiler on the back also increases aerodynamic performance along with the side skirts and the rear diffuser. These are the unique design elements that a high-performance car should have. In other words, these reveal the characteristics of the high-performance model Avante N.

Even in the cabin, you can feel the unique atmosphere of the high-performance model. In particular, the digital instrument cluster, which changes the layout according to the driving mode, displays essential information for track driving - rpm, oil temperature, coolant temperature, turbo (boost), etc. The infotainment display in the center displays useful functions when driving on the track. The ‘Lap Timer’, which measures the time it takes to complete a track, and the ‘N Track Map’ feature, which records the trail on the circuit as it is and leaves it as data, are representative. It also helps to improve your driving skills.

On the highway heading to Daecheon Port, I set the driving mode to Eco or Normal and drove peacefully; the powerful engine was very much reliable on the way. Avante N's inline 4-cylinder 2.0L turbo flat power engine houses 52mm-wide turbine wheels - 5mm longer in diameter than before -, and a flow area of 12.5㎟ - 2.5㎟ larger -. In addition, by improving the shape and material of the cylinder block, the performance and durability of the engine were improved at the same time.

Equipped with an 8-speed wet DCT, Avante N provides powerful performance with a top speed of 250 km/h and an acceleration time of 5.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. It would speed up and make you exhilarated once you floor the accelerator. But on the other hand, it's good to cruise with plenty of power. At 100km/h the tachometer is merely at 1,500rpm. Also, it would raise the rpm just slightly even if the car speeds up, thanks to the long 8th gear ratio.

On the other hand, the NGS (N Grin Shift) button on the steering wheel gives a mysterious satisfaction. The NGS boosts the peak output to 290 horsepower in 20 seconds. It is made for fun on-track driving, but just the fact that you have extra power that you can utilize at any time would give you confidence.

A car that runs well like this also needs a brake that stops the car well. The Avante N houses 360mm-wide large-diameter brake discs and high-friction pads to increase the braking performance. In addition, the air guide structure and dust cover cooling holes to cool the brakes quickly ensure consistent braking performance even under harsh driving conditions. This makes the car reliable; Even if it's not a high-performance car, it should be able to speed up and stop well for a driver to feel confident in his/her car.

I passed Daecheon Port and arrived at the Boryeong Undersea Tunnel; This is the longest undersea tunnel in Korea, connecting Sinheuk-dong, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do and Wonsan-Dori, Ocheon-myeon. It is also the fifth-longest undersea tunnel in the world - 6,927m long. Hyundai E&C utilized the 'NATM (New Austrian Tunneling Method)' construction method to create an undersea space by detonating gunpowder, and the 'Grouting method' to prevent the inflow of seawater; making it 11 years to complete the tunnel since the construction began in December 2010.

In fact, I was not aware of the impact of the Boryeong Undersea Tunnel before this trip; But this time, I definitely felt it. The Boryeong Undersea Tunnel was a great help in improving the mobility of local residents as well as tourists. For example, before the construction of the Boryeong Undersea Tunnel, to get from Taean to Boryeong (Daecheon), it took about 90 minutes to travel a distance of 75 km through Hongseong-gun and Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do. However, after the Boryeong Undersea Tunnel was built, the route was significantly shortened to 15 km, and the travel time was greatly reduced to 10 minutes. The Boryeong Undersea Tunnel closely connected two areas that were separated by the sea - and, for free.

A cool sea breeze blew on the other side of the tunnel; Finally, I have reached Wonsan Island. I went to Wonsan Anmyeon Bridge towards Anmyeon Island, the destination of the day. Anmyeondo Island is 113.5㎢ in area, and it is the 7th largest island in South Korea. There are several beaches along the beach, and a recreational forest full of pine trees and an arboretum allow me to relax in nature. Thanks to the Boryeong Undersea Tunnel, people can more easily visit Anmyeondo Island.

I cruised the pine road behind the beach peacefully with Avante N; It was time to check the ride comfort of the Avante N once again. As a high-performance model, the Avante N has a body optimized for track driving. This is why the ride quality is firmer than the Avante basic model. But ordinary driving is no problem at all; The car has been refined enough to react to each different road condition, and also it can absorb shocks well.

Seating was also very comfortable; The seats of high-performance models, such as the Avante N, usually house reinforced side bolsters to maintain a stable driving posture even during harsh cornering. This is why these seats hold the driver tightly. The ‘N Light Bucket Seat’ of the Avante N provides a more vivid driving experience - thanks to its seat position lowered by 10 mm and increased support. 50mm less thick compared to current seats, resulting in more spacious legroom in the back. Of course, unlike the seat of a race car, the firmness and angle of the seat can also be adjusted, making daily driving more comfortable. Thanks to this, I felt comfortable even after sitting for a long time.

I left the pine tree road and headed to Kkotji Beach. Located in Gwangji-gil, Anmyeon-eup, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, Kkotji Beach got its pretty name because of the flowers blooming along the white sandy beach since ancient times. Although it was not yet the season to see sweetbrier, I enjoyed the refreshing smell of sea water and let the sea breeze blow away the burdens of everyday life. Personally, I like the sunset at Kkotji Beach the most among the scenery of the West Sea. In fact, this is also a famous place among tourists to take pictures of the sunset scenery over Halmaebawi Rock and Halbaebawi Rock.

I moved to Byeongsulman Bay before the sun went down. Byeongsulman Bay is where the Sambyeolcho Army of the Goryeo Dynasty was stationed for several months from Ganghwado, Gyeonggi Province, through Yeongheungdo Island, Asan Bay, South Chungcheong Province. When Sambyeolcho was stationed, the area around Byeongsul Bay was given the names of pastures used by the military at that time (valley for raising horses), Mangjae (hill for watch posts), and Byeongsulan (installation). When Sambyeolcho was stationed, Byeongsulman Bay was also known as Mokchukgok (valley for raising horses), Mangjae (hill for watch posts), or Byeongsulan (installation), which Byeongsulman Bay was named after. Now Byeongsulman Bay is famous for its mudflats experience sites, camping sites, and drama filming locations.

Watching the red sunset, the day with Avante N was coming to an end. Avante N was able to switch between the two extremes with the push of a button. The customized driving mode of the Avante N allows you to adjust a total of 7 parts to suit your taste, including engine, steering, suspension, rev-matching, electronic differential limiter (e-LSD), electronic stability control (ESC), and exhaust sound; and you can save up to two different sets. So, I set one for the most comfortable setting and the other for the most exhilarating setting that would suit each situation.

On this trip, I was able to realize how one vehicle could hold so many different charms. Avante N houses so many parts refined just for track driving; but, it also showed off its outstanding charm during ordinary events such as travel. It was especially impressive that it kept the versatility of Avante while adding powerful performance and exhilarating driving fun. There is absolutely no need to be overwhelmed by the expression of a high-performance model - the Avante N is the perfect companion for everyday life. There is absolutely no need to be overwhelmed by the high-performance model - the Avante N is the perfect companion for everyday life.

Photography by Jin-Ho Choi

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