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Genesis GV60: Delicate Taste

The taste of a cup of coffee changes even with the slightest change in the roasting temperature. This is why you need a delicate taste to be in this world. The satisfaction that the Genesis GV60 gives is similar. Here, the relationship between coffee and the dedicated EV made by the premium brand is explained.

Where does the coffee we drink come from? Coffee trees are grown in the tropics, centered on the equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the so-called ‘coffee belt’. The coffee tree bears two light green seeds per one. And when these are collected and dried, they become green coffee beans. Green beans become coffee beans only when they go through a roasting process that brings out their own flavor by applying hot heat. Roasting is a delicate process, where even a 1°C change in temperature can lead to a difference in taste. Woo-Young Jang, who makes good coffee for everyone, talks about coffee and its tastes.

Woo-Young Jang has been working on the best coffee for over a decade. He selects and imports good green coffee beans and breathes life into the coffee by roasting. To perfectly extract the taste pursued by the roaster, it is necessary to fully understand and experience the characteristics of green coffee beans and the roaster. This can only be done with a love for coffee and tireless research.

Regarding roasting, he said, “The roasting point determines the taste of coffee. Even if you change the temperature by 1℃ from the set temperature, the taste will be different from what you wanted in the first place. In addition, since the roasting point varies depending on the origin and variety of the beans, it is necessary to extract the optimal data for the coffee beans. It requires both stamina and delicacy, and especially, you have to stay focused.”

His philosophy is to realize the best taste while maintaining the characteristics of coffee beans, which is similar to the philosophy of premium car brands. Premium car brands maintain the original values of automobiles, while incorporating their own perspectives and philosophies. This is why Woo-Young Jang is particularly interested in the Genesis GV60.

Regarding his impression of the GV60, he said, “The GV60 has a sleek feel from the design. The overall proportions seem pretty good. At first, it felt like a coupe, but if you look closely, it seems to contain all the characteristics of an SUV, hatchback, and coupe. The volume of the body seems to be quite good. I have a feeling that the automaker put more importance on shape than a line to create a simple feel.”

As he stated, the GV60 is a coupe-type CUV based on the dynamic elegance of Genesis’s design identity. The sleek yet dynamic design solidifies the image of a high-performance EV. In particular, for the first time in Genesis, the GV60s hood and fender parts were used as a ‘clamshell hood’ in one panel. This is a key design element that completes the clean impression of the GV60.

In the past, Mr. Woo-Young Jang’s biggest concern was cars, not coffee. He majored in automotive design in college, and he used to drive tricky sports cars in the old days. But starting his own business, he had to let go of his passion for cars as he got married and became the father of one child. It was not easy to find a car that could satisfy both reality and his delicate taste at the same time. He has succeeded after a lot of hard work, and now he is looking for a new car just for himself.

Woo-Young Jang, who wants to ace all the three roles - entrepreneur, head of household, and father - dreams of a ‘car that can be enjoyed with the family while being fun.’ That’s why he was the first to open the rear door and trunk of the GV60, not the front door. “I think my wife will like it because it can recline more than the midsize sedan I have. In addition, the legroom in the rear seat is very spacious. Even with a car seat mounted, the gap between the front seat backrest and the backrest seems to be sufficient. And loading seems to be less stressful thanks to the low trunk,” he said.

The GV60 is the first EV of Genesis to house E-GMP. The EV-dedicated platform achieved short overhangs, a long wheelbase of 2,900 mm, and a flat floor. That’s why the GV60 is bigger inside than you’d guess from looking at it from the outside. Plus, you can stretch your legs comfortably in the back seat.

Woo-Young Jang, sitting in the driver’s seat, was busy exploring its design and materials. “I really like the leather’s combination, quality, and color. It’s unconventional, but it’s luxurious and feels good. And round decorations stand out throughout the interior. I think it adds fun to the neat image of the interior. The most impressive, of course, is the Crystal Sphere. I thought it was an indoor accessory until I pressed the power button. The design, material, and finish are all flawless. The GV60 is delicate yet completely new.”

As Woo-Young Jang puts it, the Crystal Sphere acts as a beautifully crafted object until the engine starts. However, its back is exposed and transforms into an electronic shifting dial once the power is on. It not only informs whether driving is possible but also stimulates the driver’s emotions.

Woo-Young Jang went out on the road with the GV60. “This is my first time driving a GV60. Unlike the electric vehicles I’ve experienced before, it’s full of power. The effect of the boost button is also clear; it can accelerate like a sports car in 10 seconds, and this completely relieves stress. Also, the feel when changing direction is subtle and smooth, and the ride quality is very stable, which I like very much.”

The GV60 has three models: a standard rear-wheel/four-wheel model and a performance model with a four-wheel drive. Woo-Young Jang drove the performance model during this test drive. This model maximizes driving fun and is equipped with 160kW motors on the front and rear wheels, providing a combined maximum output of 320kW, a combined maximum torque of 605Nm, and a single charge distance of 368km. In particular, in boost mode, the combined maximum output is increased to 360 kW for 10 seconds. The combined maximum torque is raised to 700 Nm, enabling acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in 4 seconds.

The stable ride quality is an essential feature of the GV60. The ‘Electronic Differential Limiter (e-LSD) ’ distributes optimal torque to the drive shaft during high-speed turns to improve cornering and starting performance, and it helps maintain a stable posture even on slippery roads such as snowy or rainy roads. In addition, the ‘Preview Electronically Controlled Suspension’ uses the front camera and navigation information to recognize situations that cause a major impact to the vehicle, such as a speed bump, in advance, and controls the suspension damping force to provide optimal riding comfort.

Woo-Young Jang also showed his impression on the new technology that the GV60 utilized. “The shape of the seat cushion changes according to the driving mode or driving situation. I feel like this car cares about me, and it feels great. And the digital side mirrors are much more comfortable than I thought. Even though it was the first time I used it, I quickly got used to it. My wife and I share a car, and the digital side mirrors are safer because there are no blind spots.”

The GV60’s front seats are equipped with a Relaxation Comfort seat that helps you relax while the vehicle is being charged or parked. In addition, the Ergo Motion Seat in the driver’s seat utilizes seven air pockets inside to realize optimal seating. Air pockets built into the seat find the optimal driving posture, while optimizing the cushioning and side support according to the driving mode and speed. And the digital side mirrors use the camera and OLED monitor to provide a clear and wide rearview.

Before Woo-Young Jang talked about his impressions of the GV60, he brought up his story of ‘specialty coffee. ’

“There are many varieties of coffee beans - Robusta and Arabica, for instance. Robusta has the advantage of being easy to grow, but has a weak flavor. Arabica is relatively difficult to grow but has a rich flavor; hence, it is a high-quality coffee. I think the difference between a basic car brand and a premium brand is similar. However, premium brands like Genesis are like specialty coffee. Specialty coffee, which refers to coffee made from specific beans certified by the association, has a unique flavor and taste that holds the origin’s characteristics and its soil. You can only taste it when you roast the right ingredients and the right way. The GV60 I felt was like a specialty coffee with the unique flavor of Genesis and the taste of the model. The biggest thing that specialty coffee and the GV60 have in common is that they understand delicate tastes.”

Photography by Jin-Ho Choi

Interviewee : Woo-Young Jang (CEO of JJ Bros)

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