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[All About PBV] Singleseater Van Niro Plus & Ray Redefines the Purpose Of Outdoor Activities

Which car should I use for outdoor activities? There is no right answer. It would be good enough as long as it suits your purpose. As purpose-built mobility, the single-seater van Niro Plus and Ray are perfect for outdoor activities.

Purpose Built Vehicle, so-called ‘PBV’, refers to an eco-friendly multi-purpose mobility vehicle developed according to the purpose and needs of users. Because of the unfamiliar terminology, many people think of PBVs as future cars. But this is not true. There are already various types of PBV around us.

The single-seater van Niro Plus and Ray show various possibilities of PBV. Both vehicles are the result of a quick response to the market’s desire to use the car in various ways. For this development purpose, the single-seater van Niro Plus and Ray can be used in various ways depending on how we use them. This includes outdoor activities such as picnics and auto camping. A larger cabin space than their competitors and multiple features to support various activities demonstrate that. So, how much can the single-seater van Niro Plus and Ray expand the realm of outdoor activities? In green nature sit the single-seater van Niro Plus and Ray.

Niro Plus to create your own perfect space anytime, anywhere

Picnic refers to an occasion when you have an informal meal outside. City dwellers will have to leave the city center before they can picnic. It would be perfect in a quiet forest, isolated from the noise. You will need a car to get to these places; You have to carry a lot of luggage and often drive off-road. This is why car-picnicking has become trending.

The Niro Plus makes the perfect picnic companion. First of all, since it’s an electric car, you can go wherever you want without harming the environment - and of course, it’s powerful enough. Thanks to the combined motor with a maximum output of 150 kW (approx. 204 hp) and a maximum torque of 395 Nm. The minimum ground clearance is also generous, so you can go over bumpy roads. In addition, there is no need to worry about traveling long distances because the 64.0 kWh battery has secured a driving range of 392 km on a single charge and 433 km on a city basis.

The greatest strength of Niro Plus is space. Compared to the first-generation Niro EV, the height has been increased by 80mm, so the overhead space of the front and rear seats has been dramatically expanded. The front seats have been enlarged by 50mm and the back seats by nearly 64mm, making the cabin even more comfortable.

When the rear seats are folded down, the Niro Plus transforms once more - thanks to the straight floor and higher roof, the spacious cabin space unfolds. From this point on, the interior of the Niro Plus is completely transformed into a private space of your own. A cozy room was completed by installing a flattening board sold as a separate accessory, then laying out an air mat and a blanket.

The pleasure of picnicking with the Niro Plus is maximized the moment the tailgate is wide open. The boundary between Niro Plus’ wide space and nature fades. Just spread out camping chairs and tables around the Niro Plus to create the perfect picnic spot.

The clever idea of the Niro Plus is found in the cargo space. The first thing that catches your eye is the V2L (Vehicle to Load) which allows you to use battery power as an external power source. Beneath the V2L outlet is a slot for the camping table and several storage areas, which comes as a basic accessory. Open the table and connect the laptop power to the V2L outlet to create your own office where no one will disturb you.

The Niro Plus is equipped with a wide cabin, various storage spaces, and advanced functions such as V2L. Literally, it is a PBV that can maximize its utilization according to the intended use; all features housed in the Niro Plus prove this fact. Niro Plus, which is more versatile than you think, provides your own space wherever you go.

The single-seater van Ray provides an optimized space for traveling solo

It is often said that auto camping requires a large car; This is because adults need ample space to comfortably lie down in a car. That is why SUVs and minivans with long bodies and high roofs are gaining popularity for auto camping. However, you do not need a big car for solo car camping. The single-seater van Ray was created from this point of view and suggested the direction of PBV.

You may fully utilize any space in a single-seater van Ray except the driver’s seat. You can place a blanket on the floor and use the safety bars installed throughout the room to comfortably mount various camping gear. As such, the cabin of the single-seater van Ray is completely different depending on what purpose it is used for.

The interior space of the single-seater van Ray reaches a maximum length of 1,913 mm. Thanks to this, even an adult can lie down comfortably. If you stretch out your feet in the space where the passenger seat has disappeared and lie down with your head toward the tailgate, it becomes the perfect bed. The interior height is also generous at 1,030mm, so you can sit comfortably. A bottle of drink and a book makes the world’s most perfect place to relax.

The generous space of the single-seater van Ray can be used for another purpose - an outdoor theatre. The minimum width of the loadspace is 920mm, so even large screens can be easily installed. The moment you open the tailgate, set up tables and chairs, and turn on the beam projector, your own theater unfolds right there.

The versatility of the single-seater van Ray is further expanded when all doors are wide open. This car does a great job as a cozy bedroom and storage space for outdoor activities. With a maximum cargo capacity of 1,628ℓ, you can bring everything you need for solo car camping. It is easy to take out your luggage thanks to the right door and sliding door that opens wide without a B pillar.

There is no right answer to how to do outdoor activities. There are just different ways depending on what you want. However, satisfaction can vary depending on which tool is used in the process. Hence, choosing a car that fits your outdoor activity purpose, for example, can be crucial. The single-seater van Ray and Niro Plus would make the perfect companions for those who want to enjoy new outdoor activities.

Photography by Jin-Ho Choi

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