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IONIQ 6 Seoul: A Unique Space Where You Can Experience Various IONIQ 6

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In the middle of Seoul, an exhibition hall where you can experience the various features of Hyundai’s new dedicated electric vehicle, the IONIQ 6, has opened ‒ IONIQ 6 Seoul. Here are the details about where you can directly/indirectly experience the various features of the IONIQ 6.

Hyundai Motor Company’s second dedicated electric vehicle, the IONIQ 6, was finally unveiled. Based on Hyundai Motor Group’s EV‒only platform E‒GMP, the IONIQ 6 boasts innovative aspects that are different from current electric vehicles in design, space, performance, and functionality. And based on these characteristics, it provides a unique and differentiated experience for each user to unlock their potential.

From July 28 (Thu) to August 20 (Sat), IONIQ 6 Seoul allows visitors to vividly experience the features of the IONIQ 6 at four experience halls located on the first floor of The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido. Here are the details of the IONIQ 6 Seoul, where you can meet the various aspects of the IONIQ 6 that set a new standard for the electric vehicle mobility experience.

IONIQ 6 Seoul, where you can experience the features and innovations of IONIQ 6

Experience the many features of the innovative electric vehicle IONIQ 6 at IONIQ 6 Seoul

In IONIQ 6 Seoul, you can fully experience the features and innovations of the IONIQ 6 that were not previously seen in electric vehicles through four Experience Exhibition Halls ‒ Mindful Cocoon, Infinite Universe, Life after 6, and 4096 Mood Tones.

Dae‒jun Park, manager of IONIQ 6 Seoul, said that this exhibition was planned to meet the high interest of many people

As a unique experience space, the impressive part of IONIQ 6 Seoul is the name of each exhibition hall. Dae‒jun Park, manager of Hyundai Motor’s domestic marketing team, who planned this exhibition, said about the unique names of the IONIQ 6 Seoul, “Rather than using simple exhibition hall names ‒ such as design zone or media art zone ‒ I wanted to use metaphors that can show the concept of IONIQ 6.” His explanation follows;

“As a cocoon symbolizes the form just before the birth of life, Mindful Cocoon used this name because we wanted to show the design story related to the birth of the IONIQ 6. Infinite Universe expresses the infinite driving pleasure that the IONIQ 6 can show through crystal LED media art that embodies the pixel, the identity of the IONIQ brand. Life after 6 is a name with the meaning of showing the lifestyle that will change after the user meets the IONIQ 6. In 4096 Mood Tones, the number 4096 symbolizes the number of possible combinations of the IONIQ 6’s dual‒color mood lamps, and at the same time, it can create so many different moods.”

Mindful Cocoon, where you can feel the emotional design and sound of the IONIQ 6

IONIQ 6 Seoul’s Mindful Cocoon is the first to tell the design story of IONIQ 6

When you enter the IONIQ 6 Seoul, ‘Mindful Cocoon’ is the first thing that catches your eye. Here, you can experience the emotional design and sound of the IONIQ 6 through design story graphics, color chips, VR Experience, and premium sound from BOSE. Among them, the story about the design clearly summarizes the unique design features of the IONIQ 6 at a glance. It is easy to see what exactly the ‘Electrified Streamliner’ housed in the IONIQ 6 is, and what elements are reflected in the interior and exterior design of the IONIQ 6.

Through virtual reality, you can experience the robust performance of the IONIQ 6’s drive mode

The core experience element of Mindful Cocoon is undoubtedly the virtual reality experience. You can directly/indirectly experience the various drive modes of the IONIQ 6 or the powerful acceleration that reaches 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds in virtual reality. Above all, the VR system lets you experience the IONIQ 6’s ambient mood lamp and electric vehicle active sound design (e‒ASD), which change according to the driving speed, allowing you to fully feel the performance of the IONIQ 6. And there is more; visitors may experience another feature of the IONIQ 6: the remote parking assist function and the super‒fast charging function that charges the battery from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.

Mindful Cocoon delivers various features of IONIQ 6 through experience elements

The Bose Sound Space provided behind the virtual reality hall is a space to indirectly experience the Bose premium sound system housed in the IONIQ 6. Although you cannot actually experience the rich sound of the IONIQ 6, you can indirectly feel the characteristics of the IONIQ 6 Bose premium sound system.

Infinite Universe, where you can meet the lighting technology and driving characteristics of the IONIQ 6

The Infinite Universe, with hundreds of crystal LEDs installed behind the stage, showcases the lighting technology of the IONIQ 6

The second experience space, Infinite Universe, the IONIQ 6 and hundreds of crystal LEDs installed behind the stage show harmony. Here, the interactive pixel light on the steering wheel, one of the symbolic features of the IONIQ 6, the interactive LED light at the bottom of the crash pad, and the parametric pixel design housing headlamp, and rear combination lamp are shown as visual elements. Thanks to this, you can easily check the characteristics of the IONIQ 6, which delivers visual information such as Welcome & Goodbye, driving status, reverse gear status, battery charging status, drive mode, and voice recognition status to the driver through lighting.

The splendid lighting production of Infinite Universe looks as if the IONIQ 6 is actually running

Specifically, the Infinite Universe shows the drive mode, the change of the IONIQ 6’s ambient mood lamp according to the driving speed, and the interactive light function with LEDs produced for 40 seconds. In the standby phase, the text of IONIQ 6 moves organically against a background of purple LED lights. Thanks to this, it conveys the feeling that the IONIQ 6 is ready to drive.

Afterwards, blue light is illuminated on the floor, and the four green pixels flash sequentially. This embodies the function of transmitting the battery charge status of the IONIQ 6 to the interactive pixel light on the steering wheel. When charging is complete, four pixels indicate that it is ready to drive. This also showcases the features included in the IONIQ 6’s Interactive Pixel Light.

In Infinite Universe, you can directly examine the various parts of the IONIQ 6 even with the lights on

From then on, the lighting changes according to the various drive modes and the speed of the IONIQ 6. For example, the brightness of the lighting changes rapidly as the speed changes. In Normal Mode, purple lighting in the shape of a city building flows from left to right. In Eco Mode, green lighting is deployed to depict driving in the forest. And in Sport Mode, which shows the powerful performance of the IONIQ 6, red lighting becomes the embroidery background. The LED show, lasting for about 40 seconds, ends with yellow light flowing from top to bottom.

Life after 6 Work & Healing showing the space and functionality of the IONIQ 6

Life after 6 Work & Healing shows utility of IONIQ 6

Across the Infinite Universe Hall is ‘Life after 6 Work & Healing’, where the IONIQ 6 blends with a private office and lounge. Through this space, it is emphasized that the IONIQ 6 is not just a means of transportation but a life partner in close contact with our daily lives. Especially the number 6 in Life after 6 means that the IONIQ 6 will make a difference after it enters your life. In addition, it has another meaning of working hours after 6 am, or personal life after 6 pm with the IONIQ 6. Indeed, the IONIQ 6 aims to allow users to experience a space where they can unlock their limitless potential; through this, the automaker proposes a space that is more than a simple means of transportation so that owners can discover the various uses of the IONIQ 6.

Accordingly, Life after 6 Healing shows that you can create your own healing space by utilizing your own IONIQ 6; in other words, it shows that the IONIQ 6 can become a perfect healing space as good as home, where you can rest while enjoying movies and games with the most perfect sound. In fact, in the IONIQ 6, the eight high‒performance speakers provided by Bose are housed in the center of the dashboard, both front and rear seats, boasting excellent acoustic performance and allowing passengers to enjoy various entertainment activities.

Life after 6 Healing shows that the IONIQ 6 can be used as a cozy space as good as home

Life after 6 Work conveys the space of the IONIQ 6 and the fact that V2L can create your own perfect office; Sometimes you work in your own space where no one will disturb you, using fully stocked office supplies; but sometimes, the IONIQ 6 can offer the same as well. For example, the IONIQ 6 has a V2L function that supplies the outdoor 220V power outlet. Thanks to this, it provides an environment where you can easily utilize your office supplies outdoors as well. In addition, Life After 6 Work shows that a perfect mobile office can be created by connecting electronic devices to the indoor V2L port under the rear seat.

Life after 6 Work lets you learn about features like V2L in the IONIQ 6

IONIQ 6’s emotional lighting showcased by 4096 Mood Tones

At 4096 Mood Tones, you can see various colors of the mood lamp housed in the interior of the IONIQ 6

The IONIQ 6 is the first Hyundai to use dual‒color ambient mood lamps, as shown by 4096 Mood Tones. A total of 4,096 colors can be created by combining the number of colors of the mood lamps at the top and bottom of the cabin of the IONIQ 6. In this way, thousands of combinations of dual‒color ambient mood lamps spread throughout the interior of the IONIQ 6 while drawing gentle waves, providing an aesthetically and emotionally rich experience compared to current monochromatic mood lamps.

Visitors can feel various emotions through a total of 4,096 color combinations

Expert recommended themes of dual color ambient mood lamps that are actually provided in 6 types ‒ mind care (reducing stress), concentration (improving concentration), healing forest (providing a sense of stability), Wonderful Day (improving vitality), Meditation (meditation effect), And the creative moment (creativity enhancement) ‒ has been verified for its effectiveness through EEG and ECG analysis conducted by Hyundai Motor Company.

The kiosk creates several mood lamp color combinations, and these combinations can also be sent to your smartphone

If you use a kiosk in one corner of 4096 Mood Tones, you can check out the various mood lamp color combinations of the IONIQ 6 for yourself. If the viewer selects each of the 64 colors on the left and right, it is directly reflected in the LED light on the top of the IONIQ 6, making the color change more evident. If you like the color combination, you can receive the dual‒tone color image by e‒mail in the form of a smartphone wallpaper.

Through the IONIQ Collection, you can see various lifestyle items of the IONIQ brand

Meanwhile, at IONIQ 6 Seoul, IONIQ Collection showcases various lifestyle items that reflect the design and concept of IONIQ, Hyundai Motor’s eco‒friendly brand. These items are not simply on display, but are scheduled to be sold at a later date, and many people will pay attention to this collection because of its perfection.

Hyundai Motor Company’s second dedicated electric vehicle, the IONIQ 6, aims to provide users with a new experience with a design and various functions that have never been seen before. The IONIQ 6 Seoul is the first place to fully experience the IONIQ 6. If you want to experience new mobility in the electrification era through the IONIQ 6, please visit the IONIQ 6 Seoul, which will be held at The Hyundai Seoul until August 20.

Photography by Beom‒Seok Kim

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