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Harsh Test Driving for High‒Performance Perfection of Kia EV9

The Kia EV9, which shows the direction of Kia’s dedicated electric SUV, is Kia’s flagship electric SUV. And it is undergoing harsh testing to achieve a high level of perfection.

Recently, many are showing interest in Kia’s dedicated electrification lineup. The EV6, Kia’s first dedicated electric vehicle, was successfully launched, and the EV9, a dedicated electric SUV, was also announced. The potential of the Kia EV9 was shown by The Kia Concept EV9, which was unveiled for the first time in the world last year. The Concept EV9 is Kia’s flagship electric SUV, and through Opposites United ‒ a creative fusion of opposing concepts ‒ that shows harmonious design, innovative interior space, and excellent driving performance derived from E‒GMP ‒ the future Kia‒only electric SUV direction has been successfully presented.

Kia EV9 is undergoing various driving tests at Hyundai Motor Group’s Namyang Research Center R&D Center

Recently, the Kia EV9 was unveiled; The EV9, in the midst of a test drive at Hyundai Motor Group’s Namyang Research Center, was revealed. Although the body was completely covered by a camouflage film with a complex pattern, the strong presence of the Kia EV9 was still revealed. The EV9 was a large electric SUV with a large body that stood out, and was undergoing harsh test driving for a successful launch.

Kia is concentrating its energy on developing the EV9, Kia’s flagship electrified model. Currently, the EV9 is undergoing various driving tests and durability tests to set new standards in design, mileage, driving performance, and technology. It is being pushed to the limit to show the perfection that meets the high expectations of Kia’s electrified lineup.

Kia EV9 on high‒speed track to verify stability and powertrain performance and braking power

Rugged driving tests and durability tests are essential processes for new car development. The Namyang Research Center R&D Center is a world‒leading facility, equipped with a total of 70 km of test tracks, including 34 types of road surfaces and 4.5 km of high‒speed tracks, on a site of 1.65 million m2. Test runs are being carried out on roads depicting various terrains and environments in Korea and abroad, and the EV9 is also undergoing harsh tests to satisfy the excellent performance and durability of mass production standards.

First of all, the Kia EV9 is constantly running on high‒speed tracks to verify its performance and durability in high‒speed driving. Considering centrifugal force, the EV9’s powertrain performance, high‒speed driving ability, durability, and braking power are tested on a high‒speed track with banked turns. In addition, the EV9 is undergoing tests to verify braking performance and driving safety on particular test roads that mimic slippery road conditions in the rain and snow.

The Kia EV9 in the terrain mode test shows a strong driving force suitable for a flagship electric SUV

In addition, the automaker evaluates the level of leaks and seals inside the vehicle in rainy situations, conducts tests to develop the durability of vehicles and parts through uneven road surfaces, and verifies the climbing ability suitable for SUVs. Such various tests are for improving the performance and drive quality of the vehicle. The most eye‒catching test among them is the terrain mode test. On a test road that simulates various terrain conditions, the Kia EV9 shows a stable driving force even in a section where one wheel slips, demonstrating the powerful off‒road performance of a four‒wheel‒drive SUV.

In addition, the EV9 will realize excellent driving performance and a long driving distance on a single charge based on E‒GMP, Kia’s dedicated electric vehicle platform. This has already been sufficiently verified in EV6, which shares the same E‒GMP platform.

For the successful launch in 2023, the automaker is doing its best to perfect Kia EV9

The EV9, undergoing harsh test driving, is scheduled to debut in the global market in the first quarter of 2023. The EV9 will be Kia’s flagship electric SUV, revealing its robustness among its competitors in the same class based on its excellent marketability. The EV9, which is going through harsh tests to achieve a high level of perfection, shows both robust basic features and Kia’s innovation for mobility.

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