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The Iconic EV For Your Own EV Life: IONIQ 6

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Hyundai Motor Company’s second dedicated electric vehicle, the IONIQ 6, provides a personalized space suitable for a variety of lifestyles. Here’s the new electric vehicle experience proposed by IONIQ 6 and the advanced specifications that support it.

Hyundai Motor is accelerating its step towards the era of popularization of electric vehicles by expanding its lineup of exclusive electric vehicle brand IONIQ. The automaker’s second dedicated electric vehicle, the successor of the IONIQ 5, is the IONIQ 6. Based on the streamlined design that maximizes aerodynamic performance and the spacious interior space structure of Hyundai Motor Group’s EV‒dedicated platform E‒GMP, this model realizes an ideal driver‒centered space. In particular, the interior space of IONIQ 6 is completed with the concept of a comfortable and personalized sanctuary, proposing a new EV experience and diverse lifestyles that suits it. Here’s a story about the cabin space features of the IONIQ 6 and the advanced personalization features this model offers.

An ideal driver‒centered space design based on E‒GMP

The IONIQ 6 takes full advantage of the structural advantages of E‒GMP, which optimizes indoor habitability by placing the battery low and flat between the front and rear wheels. Thanks to this, the wheelbase, which determines the space between the front and rear seats, reaches 2,950 mm, and the flat floor contributes to creating a comfortable space. In addition, the Streamline silhouette, which is ideal for arranging airflow around the vehicle body while driving, realizes a dome‒shaped interior space that creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, and increases power consumption efficiency, an essential element of electric vehicles. It is not just a car space for transportation, but works as a personal haven.

In addition to these features, the interior space of the IONIQ 6 reflects the unique design centered on the driver’s seat. Housing a high bridge‒type center console, the upper part can be used as a laptop stand, and the lower part secures a large storage space.

The space surrounding the driver was created, and the driver‒centered ergonomic space was completed by intensively arranging the driving mode button and column‒type SBW placed around the steering wheel, as well as the control units that are frequently touched while driving, in the central area. In addition, the IONIQ 6 expands the experience of using electric vehicles to a new level by providing various functions that help the driver to interact with the car.

Function and emotion harmonized by light

The most notable function that connects the driver and the car is the dual‒color ambient mood lamp, which the automaker first introduced in the IONIQ 6. Unlike conventional monochromatic ambient mood lamps, this mood lamp divides the interior into upper/lower sections to express independent colors for each area, adding to the aesthetic function and emotion. For example, as shown in the photo above, purple lights are set at the top of the crash pad and door trim, and blue lights are set at the bottom of the door trim to create a dreamy atmosphere. The driver can select up to 4,096 combinations by setting up to 64 upper/lower colors depending on the mood of the day, or select a color combination of six themes recommended by IONIQ 6.

The six themes provided by the dual color ambient mood lamp were developed in collaboration with color experts. The 6 themes are Concentration (Blue/Green), Healing Forest (Yellow/Green), Wonderful Day to improve vitality (Red/Gold), Mind Care to reduce stress (Pink/Violet), Meditation (Royal Blue/Blue), and Creative Moment (turquoise/green) themes.

Dual color ambient mood lamps can be set to change the brightness according to the speed of the car. This feature helps the driver feel a sense of unity with the IONIQ 6; When enjoying dynamic driving at high speed, the color of the front seat mood lamps is changed to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere. In addition, the EV Active Sound Design (e‒ASD), first housed in the IONIQ 6 among Hyundai models, is linked to various driving conditions to provide a futuristic sound that feels like a spaceship passing through a wormhole. IONIQ 6 satisfies its passengers while they enjoy the mood lamp linked to the speed and the atmosphere created by the e‒ASD.

There are also other lighting technologies that lead the driver to have a deep connection with the car ‒ an interactive pixel light in the center of the steering wheel instead of Hyundai’s emblem, and an interactive LED light at the bottom of the crash pad. The four‒pixel interactive pixel light has a Welcome & Goodbye feature that greets drivers as they get in and out of the car. In addition, the lighting notifies you of ready‒to‒drive, reverse gear status, battery charge status, driving mode change, and voice recognition status. The interactive LED light at the bottom of the crash pad expresses welcome & goodbye, power on/off, and voice recognition functions with lighting.

Customizing features that allow you to enjoy your own EV life

Apart from the driver’s interaction with the car, the IONIQ 6 is equipped with various customization functions linked with the cabin space and driving performance so that the driver can enjoy their EV life. First, unlike other cars, the top of the door trim of the IONIQ 6 does not have buttons on the armrests or separate storage space. This is because the development team of IONIQ 6 considered interior space and usability, such as moving the window switch to the center console so that owners can configure the space according to their personal taste and use without being bound by a specific frame.

Various accessories can be mounted on the door trim of the IONIQ 6 using a dedicated metal clip. For example, the sunglasses case may be mounted on the driver’s door trim, and the cup holder may be mounted on the passenger’s door trim. In addition, owners can decorate their own space by using various accessories, such as a table mounted on a steering wheel or glove box.

A customizing feature related to driving performance is EV performance tune‒up technology housed in the IONIQ 6 for the first time. Owners can customize the motor output (three levels), acceleration sensitivity (three levels), steering wheel weight (two levels), and drive power distribution for all‒wheel‒drive models (three levels, but not for rear‒wheel‒drive models). In addition, the driver can preset the setting that best suits their taste through the 12.3‒inch infotainment display and activate it at any time while driving by pressing the driving mode button on the lower left of the steering wheel.

EV performance tune‒up technology is similar to the custom driving mode of high‒performance internal combustion engines, except that it is optimized for the driving and control method of the EV. For example, owners of Avante N(Elantra N), one of Hyundai’s high‒performance models, can freely change the engine, steering wheel weight, suspension, transmission, e‒LSD (electronic‒limited slip differential), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), and exhaust sound level. It is similar to IONIQ 6, but the difference is that it is the world’s first EV to house custom mode technology that can be set for each level. In addition, many are paying attention as this technology will push electric vehicles’ driving performance to a new level. In addition, as the high‒performance electrified model of the N brand is expected to be released in 2023, the EV performance tune‒up technology of IONIQ 6 is expected to evolve more diversely.

The colorful lifestyle offered by IONIQ 6

As such, the IONIQ 6 continues to communicate with the driver from the moment they get into the car, offering limitless possibilities to utilize the interior space according to the driver’s personality, taste, and utility. IONIQ 6 Digital World Premiere video(https://youtu.be/QDP2Otyb9EI) shows the new daily life we can experience with IONIQ 6.

The owners of IONIQ 6 in the video are diverse, including eco‒friendly artists who pursue sustainable art, metaverse designers who create virtual worlds, and social content creators who communicate with people around the world in the digital world. They can relax their body and mind inside the IONIQ 6, do creative work in the car inspired by the light and exhilarating performance of the IONIQ 6, enjoy content in a cozy space isolated from the outside, and enjoy online broadcasting. The reason their lives can shine in various colors is IONIQ 6, which awakens our infinite possibilities.

Of course, this is not the end of the story. As the ways of using a car become more diverse as time goes by, those who will experience the IONIQ 6 in the future will definitely create a remarkable EV life. EVs will certainly diversify our future daily lives. Progress for Humanity ‒ Hyundai Motor’s brand vision to contribute to a better everyday life ‒ is the essence of IONIQ 6.

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