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Why Hyundai Motor Group Attended The World Cities Summit

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Hyundai Motor Group presented the ‘HMG Greenfield Smart City Master Model’ built on the basis of its vision and philosophy for smart cities at the 2022 World Cities Summit held in Singapore.

At the ‘World Cities Summit (WCS),’ mayors, politicians, businessmen, and academics from all over the world gather together to share challenges to create a sustainable city and establish new partnerships. Since 2008, the Center for Liveable Cities (CLC) in Singapore and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), a quasi-governmental organization under the Ministry of National Development, have held the event every two years. The event was held from July 31st to August 3rd at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore this year. Innovation team members in charge of HMG’s smart city business participated as panel discussion speakers along with the exhibition, shared smart city and business visions, and discussed business opportunities.

Hyundai Motor Group’s Smart City Vision presented at the World Cities Summit

HMG Greenfield Smart City Master Model aims for an eco-friendly city that uses hydrogen energy

Hyundai Motor Group announced its human-centered smart city vision and philosophy at the 2022 World Cities Summit.

The innovation manager in charge of the HMG smart city business has established a future city philosophy with a ‘human-centered smart city advisory group’ made up of outside experts since 2019. conducted research on This is the result of research that unraveled the ideal city shape, such as the connection between people and nature, as well as various solutions such as mobility, logistics, and energy. In addition, with the Greenfield Smart City in mind - a new city planned as a smart city from the beginning - the innovation manager, Hyundai Design Center, and architect Hyunjoon Yoo worked together.

The biggest feature of the HMG Greenfield Smart City Master Model is that it adopts a honeycomb structure in consideration of future scalability. Another notable factor is that major infrastructure - such as logistics routes and eco-friendly energy facilities - were designed underground using autonomous driving mobility. The ground floor was reserved for people; nature is connected with people everywhere in the city. In addition, buildings are classified according to their use and building density, and the density is lowered as they are closer to nature so that wildlife can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Hyundai Motor Group has presented the concepts of AAM (future air mobility), PBV (purpose-based mobility), and Hub (mobility transfer base) as mobility solutions for the realization of smart cities. AAM connects the sky and the ground, PBV connects people on the road, and the two types of smart mobility are connected to Hubs to be installed throughout the future city to build the mobility ecosystem of the smart city. Furthermore, the automaker plans to implement a smart city with a virtuous cycle ecosystem by configuring a solution package that considers complex domains such as eco-friendly energy, logistics, and robots.

President Young-Cho Chi said, “Air mobility and ground mobility solutions will redefine urban boundaries, connect people in meaningful ways, and revitalize cities”, and “Hyundai Motor Group plans to continue to cooperate closely with governments around the world to realize its smart city vision.”

Attention focused on the HMG Greenfield Smart City Master Model

Visitors at the 2022 World Cities Summit showed high interest in Hyundai Motor Group’s HMG Greenfield Smart City Master Model. (Hye-Young Kim, Smart City Promotion Office Director, and Se-Hoon Oh, the Mayor of Seoul)

In fact, government officials and smart city officials around the world who participated in this event showed great interest in Hyundai Motor Group’s Greenfield Smart City Master Model. About 1,300 people visited the booth during the event, and they responded positively to Hyundai Motor Group’s comprehensive and systematic approach to designing a future city based on a comprehensive vision of a smart city, not just developing individual smart mobility solutions. Through this event, Hyundai Motor Group held individual meetings with key personnel and local partners in Singapore, a global innovation base, to increase their willingness to cooperate and materialize business opportunities. They also communicated with others, such as the government of Seoul or Temasek, a Singaporean state holding company, and conveyed their smart city vision and philosophy.

HMG booth attracts over 1,300 people

In addition, Young-Cho Chi, president of Hyundai Motor Group Innovation, is the only company personnel to participate in the Main Plenary Session as a speaker, along with South Africa’s Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure and UN Habitat Executive, delivering Hyundai Motor Group’s vision and philosophy for the smart city. To the question ‘How can we solve the urban disconnection issue caused by the pandemic?’, he answered, “People-to-people and people-to-society connections using smart solution grafting can solve urban problems and contribute to innovation. And for businesses to succeed, governments and public institutions must support them.”

Through this event, Hyundai Motor Group shared the results and future directions of its concerns about the future city platform where various smart solutions will be deployed. The automaker plans to continue city research with experts and continue to develop innovative smart city solutions and projects for human-centered city realization.

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