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For The Goal of The Century: Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.), The BTS Song For Cheer Up

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The cheer song ‒ Goal of the Century campaign ‒ for a sustainable world through FIFA World Cup™ was released on the Hyundai Worldwide YouTube channel.

There are many different positions in football: a striker who often gets the spotlight for their brilliant technique and thrilling goals, a midfielder who dominates the ground with their wide vision and killer passes, a defender who blocks opponents with intense fights and tackles, and a goalkeeper to block goals with their lightning‒fast reflexes. But actually, the audience makes soccer the hottest and most exciting sport. The crowd, often referred to as the 12th player, pours out their aspirations for victory with roaring cries or loud cheers.

On the 23rd, the Hyundai Motor Company released a special cheering song through Korean and overseas music‒streaming platforms such as Melon and Spotify, and Hyundai Motors Worldwide YouTube channel. The campaign song Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.), presented by Hyundai Motor Company with BTS, conveys their desire to achieve the Goal of the Century through the song.

Collaborating for a Sustainable World: The Goal of the Century Campaign

The Goal of the Century campaign is conducted by Hyundai Motor Company for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, and it contains a message about a bigger goal that can reshape the future of mankind, not just soccer goals. Just as soccer players work as a team to score the best goals, the automaker seeks to inspire and share its vision of creating a sustainable planet with everyone by achieving carbon neutrality.

Hyundai Motor Company and FIFA launched ‘Team Century’ to promote the achievement of the Goal of the Century. The members of Team Century from soccer and other various fields will work to achieve the Goal of the Century; they include former England national soccer player Steven Gerrard, the soccer player from the Afghan refugee camp / Danish UNESCO ambassador Nadia Nadim, famous American fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, documentary photographer Nicky Woo, Boston Dynamics robot Spot, and the former Korean national soccer team captain Park Ji‒Sung.

BTS: The member of Team Century

BTS, another Team Century member with the number seven and the global brand ambassador for Hyundai, released the song ‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’, its cheering song, as part of the campaign. This song is to deliver the campaign message of uniting the world for sustainability.

‘Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver.)’ is a reinterpretation of ‘Yet To Come’, the title song of the album’ Proof’ released by BTS in June. While maintaining the message and feeling of the original song, this version emphasized the climax to deliver the anticipation for the FIFA World Cup™ and the message of the Goal of the Century. The original message that the best moment will come in the future has in common with the campaign’s aspiration that a better future will come if everyone works together for the Goal of the Century. Some of the lyrics were specially adapted to the campaign ‒ “Now the vision is clear, the Goal of the Century is here,” “I know together we’ll make it better,” or “We’re gonna run till a new tomorrow.” ‒ and this highlights the anticipation for the future that our unity will bring.

From October 1st, the TikTok Challenge will also be held on Hyundai Motor’s official TikTok channel (@hyundai_worldwide) so that soccer fans around the world can share and enjoy this message. The #TeamCentury12 challenge, which expresses cooperation by choreographing two or three people shoulder‒to‒shoulder, urges all soccer fans to join as the 12th member of Team Century.

Ella Mills joins Team Century as a new member
Alex Morgan joins Team Century as a new member

Meanwhile, in addition to the members of Team Century, including BTS, famous British chef Ella Mills and US female soccer player Alex Morgan will join Team Century as the 10th and 11th members. In Europe and the United States, respectively, these two plan to deliver the campaign message of uniting the world for sustainability, just like the rest of the members.

Documentary photographer Nicky Woo will also take action. During the World Cup, she will host a photo exhibition on the theme of sustainability at Hyundai Motorstudio. More information on Team Century’s activities is available on the Hyundai Motor Worldwide website.

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Creating a sustainable planet for future generations is not something that any single individual or company can achieve. The Goal of the Century can only be achieved when everyone works together. The key to Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign is unity. The FIFA World Cup™ is a festival that brings the whole world together, and Hyundai plans to pursue the Goal of the Century through various collaborations with members of Team Century during the upcoming festival.

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