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Energize Your Life: Tucson Adventure Package

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Sometimes we discover things that affect our lives. Light sneakers or travel clothes will make you want to go outside ‒ and the same goes for cars. One delicate touch can awaken your DNA of adventure.

Have you ever experienced a change in your mind depending on the clothes you are wearing? For example, formal clothes may make you behave more calmly. And when you wear your favorite clothes, you feel more confident. Clothes may be what stimulates our specific behavior. It seems clear that tangible objects affect our minds.

Cars also stimulate our minds. Your mindset changes depending on what car is in front of you. For example, if you look at a high‒performance model such as the Avante N(Elantra N), you can imagine the thrill of sprinting on the track. And when you stand in front of the Grandeur, you can imagine a smooth ride in the city. Like our clothes, each car reflects our image. And if that image changes, our mood may also change a little.

The Tucson Adventure Package adds an adventurous image to the city‒focused SUV Tucson. It naturally makes you think of travel. This is not the result of simply adding parts; This is the result of careful refinement by designers over a long period of time considering the design of the Tucson. To mention one thing, the square grooves on the lower front bumper and rear skid plate are reminiscent of the decoration of camping accessories.

The matte black finish is also impressive. It seems that it is not afraid of stone chips. It’s the exact opposite of the Inspiration trim, where the silver skid plate emphasizes the chic look. The wheel arch decoration also added square‒shaped grooves throughout, adding to the unity of the design.

It is also noticeable that the overall tone is darkened by making the lower part of the body, the exterior mirror cover, and the border of the window all black. The ragged‒looking wheels are 19‒inch exclusive for the Adventure trim. It’s amazing that just by making subtle changes to the same Tucson can change the overall image so drastically.

These design changes may have blown my mind; I’ve been wanting to go on an adventure with the Tucson Adventure. Without a plan, I started the engine and turned on the navigator. On the screen, Taean and Anmyeondo, with dense forests and the sea, caught my eye. Anmyeondo is the 7th largest island in South Korea. Originally, it was a long stretch of land from the Taean Peninsula to the southern sea, but in the 17th century, it was separated and became an island.

On the long drive to Taean, the Tucson Adventure provided a comfortable ride throughout. That’s probably because of the neat interior design that gives the Tucson Adventure Package a twist. The horizontally structured dashboard gave a great sense of openness, and the ergonomic seat comfortably supported the body. Of course, ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance System, has reduced fatigue.

When we arrived at Anmyeondo, the smell of trees and the sea greeted us. I tried to get off the road as much as possible. The charm of Anmyeondo Island is the scenery where the pine trees and the sea become one. The pines stretched beautifully into the sky. It is a high‒quality pine tree that has been managed by the government since the Goryeo Dynasty.

I went through the pine forest with Tucson. When I opened the window, the smell of pine trees pouring in was very refreshing. And the hybrid Tucson didn’t make any noise: The Tucson Hybrid combines a SmartStream G1.6 turbo engine with a maximum output of 180 horsepower and an electric motor with an output of 44kW (approximately 60 horsepower), resulting in a system output of 230 horsepower.

However, Tucson’s hybrid system freely adjusts the combination of engine and electric motor usage according to the situation. When running at low speeds, it uses only an electric motor and is quiet with no emissions. It felt good to enjoy nature while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Then I headed to the sand and gravel road. There are many small sand dunes around the beaches of Anmyeondo. A small hill made of sand blown by the wind on the shore is a work of art in nature. It looks beautiful on the outside, but it’s actually a tricky terrain to drive through. Nevertheless, I dared to go there because of the excitement that the Tucson Adventure Package created.

The Tucson is a city‒focused SUV, and the hybrid model with increased efficiency is the pinnacle of that. I was a little hesitant to drive off‒road, but it turned out to be easy. When power was needed, the car used both the engine and the motor. All of a sudden, the anxiety was gone; Driving on a rough road that I would normally avoid felt so natural. Regardless of dirt and sand, I strode towards the sea with Tucson. I realized again that cars can have a huge impact on our minds just as our outfits can.

I arrived in front of the sea at low tide after a rough road. There was sand all over the tire and body. Normally, I would have thought of a car wash first, but today I didn’t. Rather, I was satisfied because I enjoyed the adventure I had only imagined. We spend most of our day in the city, so our SUV runs on asphalt. But when we buy the car, we imagine family camping on the weekend or romance in the mountains and sea. This is how cars affect our minds.

The Tucson Adventure Package understands us well. Its image change alone fuels our desire to run into nature. Those who crave adventure and nature should pay attention to the Tucson Adventure Package. It’ll make it easier for you to hit the road and go camping, and you’ll find yourself more daring than before. Even if dirt or stones get on you, you will be able to shake them off easily.

by Min‒hee Ahn

Photography by Sung‒pil Min

Filmed by Do‒yeon Nam, Jin‒ki Hong, Ji‒won Seo, and Sang‒hyun Lee

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