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IONIQ 6: A Friend After Work

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A car can be a fun friend ‒ just like the IONIQ 6.

We all can’t wait until we get home from work. Even when you’re exhausted from work, you become energetic again when it’s time to go home. It could be because you can enjoy freedom. That’s why we call the evening time ‘true life after work.’

Hyundai Motor Company is also well aware of the importance of life after work. One of the themes of the IONIQ 6 special exhibition hall, ‘IONIQ 6 Seoul’, is ‘Life after 6 Work & Healing’. This means your life gets changed since IONIQ 6, and it also means IONIQ 6 will be with you after 6pm.

Today, I experienced ‘true life after work’ with IONIQ 6. Winter is coming, so these days the sun starts to set even at 5pm. When I left work, the sky was already dark. However, Seoul at night was full of the beauty of light. Is it because of this atmosphere? With only the sound of the wind, the IONIQ 6’s cockpit reminded me of a night flight. The IONIQ 6 felt like a private jet.

Speaking of which, the design of the IONIQ 6 really has something to do with airplanes. This is because it is based on the Streamliner, which began in the United States in the 1930s and was widely used in various means of transportation such as airplanes, trains, and automobiles. The streamliner design minimizes wind resistance and has a huge impact on speed and efficiency.

Facing the era of full‒fledged electrification, one of the most important goals for automakers is efficiency. So, Hyundai Motor Company incorporated the design concept of the ‘Electrified Streamliner’, an evolution of the streamliner, into the IONIQ 6. As a result, the IONIQ 6 has a drag coefficient of just 0.21Cd.

The minimalist beauty of IONIQ 6 continues in the cabin space. The dashboard with two 12.3‒inch displays and the long, high bridge‒type center console are even functional. In addition, the dashboard is installed low, so the sense of openness is excellent with a wide field of view. There is also space under the center console to store things like handbags.

In particular, the mood lamp of IONIQ 6, which colors the inside of the cabin on a dark night, stimulates the emotions of passengers. Unlike the existing monochromatic ambient mood lamps, it is characterized by being able to express independent colors by dividing the upper and lower parts of the interior. Thanks to this, the driver can choose up to 4,096 combinations of up to 64 colors for the top and bottom, or select a combination of the six themes recommended by IONIQ 6, depending on the mood of the day.

The way home with the IONIQ 6 has never been more comfortable. The reason is the low center of gravity design of the E‒GMP platform, which is the basis of IONIQ 6. This is the secret to IONIQ 6’s sophisticated handling, stable behavior, and smooth ride.

Dynamic performance is also indispensable. The IONIQ 6 Long Range AWD uses two electric motors (74 kW in the front and 168 kW in the rear) to deliver a total of 239 kW of peak power. Thanks to this, acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h takes just 5.1 seconds. Thanks to the ample power and sophisticated handling, it makes driving fun.

When driving at night, music also has a significant impact. There is a saying that the final step for audiophiles is to buy a house. No matter how good the audio system is, it’s hard to turn up the volume in an apartment‒style house. However, there is no limit to increasing the volume inside the car, which is a completely private space.

In particular, electric vehicles such as the IONIQ 6 are relatively free from electricity use, allowing you to enjoy music more comfortably. Sitting in a conventional car and listening to music while idling will harm the environment and cause noise, and the accessory (ACC) mode may drop the battery voltage. But with IONIQ 6, where you stop becomes your very own concert hall. You can enjoy the beautiful night view of the Han River while listening to your favorite music.

Charging times are also tolerable with the IONIQ 6. You can comfortably lean on the relaxation comfort seat and enjoy a movie or game. Mobile games these days often recommend wearing earphones for a perfect auditory experience. But the IONIQ 6 gives you far more immersion in mobile gaming than your earphones can. This is because the harmonious sound created by the 8‒speaker Bose Premium Sound System allows for a richer auditory experience.

IONIQ 6 has the power to make you find this kind of fun. Thanks to the characteristics of mobile space, we find various ways to use it. When Hyundai Motor Company developed the interior of the IONIQ 6, it started with the concept of ‘living space’. The automaker indeed pursued a living space where customers could relax and live comfortably, beyond ordinary transportation.

Of course, IONIQ 6 can also be your mobile creative space. By using the V2L function, which supplies 220V general power outside the car, you can use electronic devices necessary for creative activities outdoors. Electronic devices such as laptops and auxiliary monitors can be plugged into the indoor V2L port at the bottom of the rear seat.

Life after work with IONIQ 6 was full of various charms. While driving, this car provided quietness, comfort, and sophisticated handling fun unique to electric cars, and gave me time to find new things to enjoy while standing still. IONIQ 6 makes you feel like you’ve found a partner who can make your life a little more fun after work. It is a car that makes you think, ‘What should I do after work?’.

by Min‒hee Ahn

Photography by Geun‒jae Lim

Filmed by Do‒yeon Nam, Jin‒ki Hong, Ji‒won Seo, Sang‒hyun Lee

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