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The All New Grandeur: Detailed New Technology Added To 36 Years of Heritage

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The All New Grandeur reinterpreted the Grandeur’s 36 years of heritage to realize its unique values in various aspects such as design, technology, and user experience. The heritage and major technologies of The All New Grandeur, which connects past fame and future, are explained here.

Hyundai Motor Company’s Grandeur, which has led the domestic luxury sedan market, returns as the 7th generation ‘The All New Grandeur’ and enjoys high popularity. It announced the successful generation change externally by recording the number of contracts reaching 109,000 units even before its release. The All New Grandeur is an advanced product in all areas, including an overwhelming stance befitting a flagship sedan, future‒oriented exterior design, a wrap‒around interior that maximizes comfort and luxury, advanced driving specifications, and a convenient user experience. have competitiveness. We looked at the main features of The All New Grandeur, which connects the past and future, in terms of design, convenience, driving specifications, and powertrain.

The cutting‒edge design of The All New Grandeur embraces heritage

The highlight of the front design is the seamless horizon lamp and integrated grille

The exterior of The All New Grandeur has an unrivaled high‒tech image. Seamless Horizon Lamps and an integrated grille made the front look bolder. It also has the meaning of ‘Homage’ that respects and inherits the legacy of previous Grandeurs.

New oval‒H‒shaped emblem

The oval‒H‒shaped emblem on the bonnet and the side design best reveal this meaning. The elliptical H emblem of The All New Grandeur is made of aluminum, minimizing the thickness and widening the width to increase visibility. The oval H emblem, introduced from the second‒generation Grandeur, has evolved to suit the new era.

Opera glass on the C‒pillar is one of the iconic heritage elements of The All New Grandeur

On the side, the C‒pillar’s opera glass, frameless doors, and flag‒type side mirrors stand out. This is an element that reminds us of the 1st and 3rd generation Grandeur (Grandeur XG), respectively. Here, the character line that runs horizontally from the headlamp to the rear lamp, along with the auto flush door handle, completes the slim and neat side design. As such, the side design of the All New Grandeur reinforces the Grandeur’s reputation as the most progressive luxury sedan today.

The single‒spoke style steering wheel that pays homage to the first‒generation Grandeur

The interior has a wraparound structure that surrounds the occupants, and refines the interior design of the first‒generation Grandeur in a more three‒dimensional way. In particular, the single‒spoke style steering wheel that integrates the control system improves driver convenience while at the same time giving passengers a nostalgic feeling for the first‒generation Grandeur.

This is not the only interior design element of The All New Grandeur that satisfies both aesthetics and functionality; The All New Grandeur’s interactive ambient mood lamp, which leads a comfortable indoor atmosphere with soft light, communicates driving information using lighting patterns with various colors and a sense of movement in conjunction with driving situations such as drive mode or child protection zone.

The power recliner provides a comfortable moving experience for rear‒seat passengers

The rear seat is housed with a power recliner that increases comfort by adjusting the backrest and cushion by 8° and 81mm, respectively, with a single touch. For reference, the 2nd‒generation Grandeur (New Grandeur), which had a strong symbolism as the best shopper‒driven sedan of the time, and the 4th‒generation Grandeur, which emphasized innovation, also had a power recliner for the convenience of rear‒seat owners.

Self‒evolving smart mobility

The next‒generation infotainment system further enhanced the user experience with expanded voice recognition functions, new UX, extensive wireless software updates, and the Carpay function linked with e hi‒pass

The next‒generation infotainment system (ccNC: connected car navigation cockpit) of The All New Grandeur is also one of the key specifications that make the user experience even smarter. The next‒generation infotainment system of The All New Grandeur provides content such as natural language‒based voice recognition, media streaming, and real‒time navigation through a 12.3‒inch panoramic display. Above all, the new UX (Quick Control, Integrated Search) further enhanced driver usability and convenience. Also, it recognizes more diverse voice commands: “Tell me how much money is left on my Hi‒Pass account,” “Turn on car wash mode”, “Close the rear window,” “Tell me how often to change the engine oil.” The system supports a wide range of voice recognition functions for vehicle control.

Thanks to over‒the‒air software updates, various related functions can be improved, ranging from driving and comfort, without visiting a service center

In addition, the next‒generation infotainment system of The All New Grandeur delivers a high‒quality user experience by supporting the most extensive over‒the‒air (OTA) software update ever in the Hyundai Motor Group. The wireless software update items of The All New Grandeur have more than doubled compared to the previous model. The range of wireless software update support for the previous generation Grandeur was limited to navigation.

On the other hand, in the All New Grandeur, hardware related to driving, such as engine control, transmission control, body posture control system, electronically controlled suspension, electronic shift control, and high‒voltage battery management exclusively for hybrid models, also benefited from wireless software updates. Of course, convenience features such as the GUI design of the cluster and head‒up display, built‒in cam 2, and mood lamp are also subject to wireless software update support.

Through this, it is possible to update the main electronic control devices of the vehicle, such as the infotainment system, suspension, brakes, steering wheel, and advanced driver assistance systems, without visiting a service center. In other words, The All New Grandeur has become a smart mobility that evolves on its own, always keeping up to date.

Indoor fingerprint authentication system provided on the left side of the cluster

In addition, the next‒generation infotainment system of The All New Grandeur adds biometric technology and connected technology to seamlessly provide a differentiated user experience from boarding a vehicle to starting the engine as well as making payments in the vehicle without a smart key or wallet. This experience is possible thanks to the Digital Key 2 function of The All New Grandeur. Digital Key 2 is a technology that allows you to lock and unlock doors with a smart watch or smartphone, and designate usage rights for up to three people. If you put your smartphone on the wireless charging pad in the vehicle, you can even start the engine.

On the left side of the cluster of The All New Grandeur, there is an indoor fingerprint authentication system that recognizes the user’s fingerprint and enables convenient vehicle use. It is a specification that supports necessary authentication functions such as starting with a user’s fingerprint, easy payment in the vehicle (Hyundai CarPay), and releasing the ballet mode. In addition, pre‒stored user profiles such as seat position, side mirror angle, and preferred radio channel can be selected with the user’s fingerprint.

Hyundai Carpay, which allows easy payment of fuel or parking fees in the car, has a new e hi‒pass sync function, enhancing convenience. If you use the e hi‒pass sync support, which allows you to apply for and manage your e hi‒pass, you can pay tolls without a card.

e hi‒pass allows drivers to pay highway tolls without a card

The All New Grandeur has formed a powertrain lineup with two types of gasoline, LPG, and hybrid to meet the needs of various customers: Smart Stream Gasoline 3.5, which represents The All New Grandeur with powerful output, Smart Stream Gasoline 2.5 expands the accessibility of luxury sedans, Smart Stream LPG 3.5 with a luxurious and smooth 6‒cylinder engine and improved economy with LPG, and the Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Turbo Hybrid that combines outstanding efficiency and eco‒friendliness.

For reference, the powertrain lineup of the previous 6th generation Grandeur consisted of Smart Stream Gasoline 2.5, Gasoline 3.3, Diesel 2.2, LPi 3.0, and Gasoline 2.4 Hybrid. In other words, Hyundai Motor Group’s advanced engine technology, Smart Stream, was applied to all powertrains as the All New Grandeur was released.

The All New Grandeur has all the values of performance, efficiency, and eco‒friendliness through smart stream technology. For example, The All New Grandeur’s Smart Stream Gasoline 3.5 and 2.5 have a dual fuel injection system that implements optimal fuel injection with direct injection (GDi) and indirect injection (MPi) according to driving conditions. And the model features the integrated flow control valve technology, which optimally manages the cooling temperature of the engine head and the block, not only reducing pollutant emissions but also improving performance and efficiency.

The e‒Dynamic Drive is a driving motor, and it is a specialized hybrid technology that improves driving quality by effectively controlling brakes, shifting, and driving torque

In addition, the Smart Stream Gasoline 3.5 and Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Turbo Hybrids have the effect of reducing nitrogen oxides and improving efficiency through the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) cooler system that circulates some of the exhaust gas to the engine combustion chamber to lower the combustion temperature.

On the other hand, hybrid‒only technology also allowed the Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Turbo Hybrid to improve driving quality through drive motor control. There are two technologies specialized for hybrids: e‒Dynamic Drive and e‒Comfort Drive.

Ride comfort technology (e‒Comfort Drive) suppresses shaking that occurs after passing a speed bump by controlling the drive motor

The e‒Dynamic Drive effectively controls the brakes, shifting, and driving torque of the drive motor to ensure linear acceleration, stable cornering performance, and better driving performance. In addition, the ride comfort technology (e‒Comfort Drive) controls the drive motor for a smooth ride by minimizing shaking that occurs when re‒accelerating after passing a speed bump.

Advanced driving control technology inspired by heritage

The electronically controlled suspension with road preview detects the road surface conditions ahead and the location of speed bumps based on information from the front camera and navigation system, and automatically controls the suspension’s damping force

Even in driving technology that maximizes ride comfort, the legacy of the predecessor, Grandeur, still lies. The All New Grandeur’s ‘Preview Electronically Controlled Suspension’ detects the road surface conditions and speed bump locations in front through the camera and navigation information. Then it provides a sophisticated ride with appropriate suspension electronic control. This has evolved further by implementing the concept of the second‒generation Grandeur’s Electronically Controlled Suspension (ECS III), which analyzes the front road condition through ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left and right sides of the front bumper and effectively controls the damping force accordingly.

It is equipped with ‘Congested Section Specialized Control’ that reduces unnecessary manipulations caused by repetitive acceleration and deceleration by comprehensively judging the navigation road information and the vehicle’s condition

The All New Grandeur is also equipped with various shift‒specific technologies that maximize driving convenience and efficiency. Among them, the representative Predictive Gear‒shift System connects navigation, radar, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to predict the driving situation ahead and shift to the optimal gear in advance to increase driving convenience and stability.

‘Congested Section Specialized Control’ is a technology that improves ride comfort by strategically changing the shift pattern and engine start time to reduce speed changes and unnecessary shifts when a low‒speed congested section is determined by combining road information obtained from navigation and vehicle driving conditions. Lastly, ‘neutral drive control’ is a shift‒specific technology that neutralizes the transmission during coasting to increase fuel efficiency.

As befits a luxury sedan, this model is also equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that reduce the risk of accidents in driving situations and increase driving convenience. Forward Collision‒Avoidance Assist 2 (FCA 2), Lane Keeping Assist (LKA/LFA), Blind‒Spot Collision‒Avoidance Assist (BCA), Intelligent Speed Limit Warning and Assist (ILSA), Blind‒Spot View Monitor (BVM), High Beam Assist (HBA), Navigation‒based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC), Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2), and Rear Cross‒Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA) assist the driver in dangerous situations that can occur in all directions while driving. In addition, Safe Exit Warning (SEW), Reverse Parking Collision‒Avoidance Assist (PCA‒R), and Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) help safe driving in parking lots.

Grandeur advanced driver assistance system operation image

As mentioned above, The All New Grandeur has become a perfect luxury sedan as the final evolution of the Grandeur, which has led innovation for the past 36 years. Above all, by reinterpreting the heritage of its predecessor, it is receiving a positive response with its unique value and enhanced marketability. The All New Grandeur indeed connects the past with the future ‒ and many are wondering how this model will improve the Grandeur series in the automobile market in the future.

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