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Cars Evolving Through Technology: Simpler, Yet More Convenient

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As the latest technology is rapidly applied, the form and use of automobiles are changing significantly. Hyundai Motor Group vehicles, which are constantly evolving to serve customers, demonstrate the latest trends in the automobile industry.

Cars today are evolving faster than ever. In the past, there was only one‒dimensional purpose ‒ movement ‒ whereas now, it is becoming a device that responds to various needs of consumers. What is interesting is that fashion exists even in this evolutionary process of automobiles. Here, the latest trends in the automobile industry, which housed all the advanced specifications, while concisely refining the shape or composition in consideration of convenience and efficiency, were introduced.

Daytime Running Lights: From Vehicle Identification to a Key Design Element

The LED daytime running lights housed in the latest vehicles of the Hyundai Motor Group are replacing sidelights that existed in the past

One of the biggest differences in appearance between old cars and new cars is the lights. For example, sidelights, which were applied to both sides of the front of the car, are now being replaced by daytime running lights. Originally, a sidelight is a lighting device that informs the location and width of a vehicle at night. In the past, the weak light emitted by turn indicators or headlamps functioned as sidelights, but recently, LED daytime running lights have replaced this feature.

The parametric jewel hidden lamp on Hyundai Tucson usually looks like a part of the grille, but turns into a daytime running light when the engine is on

Regulations have changed and most vehicles sold in major global markets are equipped with daytime running lights; And they have become essential design elements that determine the impression of a vehicle. It has developed into a device that symbolizes a brand or model while maintaining its unique function ‒ identifying a vehicle. Hyundai Motor Group is also using daytime running lights as a key element in face design.

For example, the daytime running lights on the IONIQ 6 parametric pixel lights stand out for their delicate modeling and light production. In addition, this is a common design feature of the IONIQ brand and serves as a medium to emphasize the characters of the overall lineup. The daytime running lights of the newly introduced The All New Grandeur are also one of the eye‒catching design elements; The Seamless Horizon Lamp clearly expresses the luxurious and robust image of the Grandeur with a slim format that comes from an integral structure without any sense of disconnection. Star Cloud Lighting, the daytime running light of the Kia K8, similarly uses an elaborate diamond pattern to create a fresh atmosphere that was not found in other vehicles.

Digital key: getting in and starting the engine without a key

The smart key of Hyundai Motor’s The All New Grandeur has various functions besides vehicle security

Past occupants hopped in and started the engine by inserting and turning the key. However, car keys are constantly evolving to reduce the trouble of carrying physical keys. Since the spread of remote control keys in the 1990s, it has become much more convenient to get into a vehicle, and later smart keys have made it possible to get into a vehicle and start the engine without a key. Recent key systems boast excellent vehicle security performance as well as convenient usability.

Hyundai Motor Group introduced a convenient digital key function that responds to smartphones, smartwatches, and fingerprint recognition

Hyundai Motor Group vehicles are introducing a more convenient key system with advanced technology and automotive security features. For example, The All New Grandeur provides a more convenient and safer driver environment with Digital Key 2. It utilizes the latest IT technology to enable door locking/unlocking and engine starting with a smartphone or smartwatch. In addition, by using the indoor fingerprint authentication system located next to the digital cluster, it is possible to start the engine and drive with only fingerprint recognition. It is no longer necessary to carry a physical key to operate the vehicle.

Face Connect of the Genesis GV60 provides a more convenient user experience with facial recognition

Genesis offers a new user experience with a more advanced Face Connect function. Face Connect, which was first introduced through the Genesis GV60, allows the face recognition sensor on the B‒pillar to recognize a user’s face registered in advance, enabling doors to be locked and unlocked without a key. In addition, through facial recognition, the position of the driver’s seat and steering wheel, head‒up display (HUD), and infotainment settings are linked with personal profiles to create a more convenient driver environment.

Digital Side Mirror, Safety and Efficiency at the Same Time with Digital Technology

Hyundai IONIQ 6’s digital side mirror

As is well known, side mirrors are mounted on the outside of a vehicle so that a driver can check the rear side of the vehicle. Since the first application of mirrors in 1911, they have been an essential piece of equipment found in almost every modern car. Recently, however, some global automakers are introducing so‒called ‘mirrorless’ vehicles that use cameras instead of side mirrors.

Hyundai Motor Group is also introducing a Digital Side Mirror (DSM) for its electrified models. IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6, Hyundai Motor Company’s representative electrified models, and Genesis’ dedicated electric car GV60 provide digital side mirrors using high‒definition cameras and OLED monitors.

Digital side mirrors utilize high‒definition cameras to provide rear‒side view

Digital exterior mirrors feature wide‒angle rear‒view. It minimizes blind spots with a viewing angle 11° wider than current side mirrors, and provides a safer driving environment with a lane change assist line display function. It also contributes to improving forward visibility and reducing driving wind noise with a minimized volume.

Digital exterior mirrors feature wide‒angle rear‒view. It minimizes blind spots with a viewing angle 11° wider than current side mirrors, and provides a safer driving environment with a lane change assist line display function. It also contributes to improving forward visibility and reducing driving wind noise with a minimized volume

Steering wheel, beyond the role of steering, attempts to communicate with the driver

The steering wheel continues to evolve to communicate with the driver

The steering wheel is an essential device that controls the driving direction of the vehicle. Since it is closest to the driver and is always within reach of the driver, it has been developed for safety and convenience by changing the size and shape and adding various buttons. However, recently, it is rapidly evolving to communicate with the driver.

An interactive light composed of four LED lights is placed at the center of the steering wheel of The All New Grandeur

This trend is also reflected in the steering wheels of the recently released Hyundai Motor Company’s The All New Grandeur and IONIQ 6. Both vehicles attracted attention with the LED lighting applied to the center of the steering wheel (airbag cover). It is an attempt to make a drastic change by applying an interactive light composed of four LED lights to the place where the brand emblem is normally located.

The driver can intuitively recognize the state of the vehicle or whether the function is operating through the interactive light

The interactive light not only creates a future‒oriented atmosphere, but also lights up in various ways according to the driving state or function operation to communicate with the driver. The driver can intuitively check the status of the vehicle through the LED lighting, and clearly know whether it is working even when handling various functions.

Hyundai Motor Group vehicles that are continuously evolving to provide an advanced mobility experience

As such, automobiles are becoming more convenient and concise through the latest technology. The electronic parking brake, which replaces the lever‒type handbrake, and the dial/button type SBW (Shift By Wire), which replaces the gear lever, are also signs of evolution. Importantly, these changes are focused on consumer safety and convenience. Hyundai Motor Group will continue to strive to develop convenience and safety technologies to provide innovative, customer‒oriented mobility experiences.

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