Four Consecutive Victories in 2022 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge (IMPC) | Hyundai N – Ngage Ep.2

Welcome back Nthusiasts! It’s been a long wait, but we are finally back with another episode of N-gage. This time we made a stop in the U.S.! Enjoying a cruise along the coast of Northern California with our fellow NorCal N Club members, to witnessing Bryan Herta Autosport team’s ever-continuing success on the track, we have the full package here for you to sit back and eNjoy! 😎 On this episode of Ngage: 00:00 Ngage Episode 200:33 Intro01:21 Nthusiast Cruise01:33 Interview ─ Martin (President, NorCal N Club)02:20 Interview ─ Maria (NorCal Nthusiast)02:58 Kona N Ride Along with Bruno (NorCal Nthusiast)04:14 Veloster N Ride Along with Martin (President, NorCal N Club)05:28 Tacos Turbos06:14 Fox Factory 12007:00 Driver Interview – Taylor Hagler (IMSA TCR ‘21 Champion)07:39 Driver Interview – Michael Lewis (IMSA TCR ‘21 Champion)08:25 Driver Interview – Robert Wickens (Driver of #33 Elantra N TCR)09:35 Fan Interview (I)10:07 Fan Interview (II)10:48 Interview – Bryan Herta11:38 Start of Race12:28 Race Finish Celebrations13:00 Race Results