Heals on Wheels – 2023 Campaign Film | Hyundai Motor Group

Introducing ‘Heals on Wheels’ campaign film by Hyundai Motor Group. Every year, more than 1 billion children suffer from domestic violence.To make a small change and provide psychological counseling to children who have been victims of domestic abuse,a team of researchers at Hyundai Motor Group designed the mobile counseling mobility, 'iCAREcar.'From small towns to bigger cities, ‘Heals on Wheels’ is on the move to support a brighter future for all.Because we believe that every child deserves one. *This film is based on an actual case, but recomposed to protect the child. 00:00 Intro00:46 Heals on Wheels - Progress for change00:57 Heals on Wheels - Interview with Hyundai Mobis01:10 Heals on Wheels - Interview with 42dot01:40 Heals on Wheels - iCAREcar01:53 Heals on Wheels - Child counseling in iCAREcar01:59 Heals on Wheels - Brainwave-based Stress Level Measurement Technology (Hyundai Mobis, 2023 CES Innovation Award Product)02:08 Heals on Wheels - AI-enabled Smart Sound Recognition (42dot)02:26 Heals on Wheels - Psychological Counseling Assistance App (Hyundai AutoEver)02:43 Heals on Wheels - Digital Therapy (Hyundai Motor Group)