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Bolder Innovation: The All New Kona

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Hyundai Motor Company’s iconic SUV new-generation Kona has returned with a new design. The All New Kona, a more bold and future-oriented evolution, shows a radical design change.

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled the completely new and evolved look of The All New Kona. The Kona is Hyundai Motor’s signature compact SUV and has undergone a generational change in 5 years since it was first released in June 2017. The new Kona, which features a larger body based on a new platform, exudes a future-oriented atmosphere with innovative design changes. In particular, each model - Kona Electric, internal combustion engine model, and N line - has a specialized design that catches the eye.

The All New Kona will change the atmosphere of the city center with radical design changes

Among Hyundai’s SUV lineup, the Kona was developed with a particular focus on design. So, the automaker is putting a lot of effort into an unconventional design for Kona. This second-generation new Kona also features innovative design and iconic style like its predecessor. In particular, the new Kona has been reborn in a bolder style while maintaining the current design elements. The design that has evolved into a more sophisticated look and the unique elements that are melted throughout the body show the true charm of the new Kona.

Kona’s unique ratio given by a larger body

The new Kona exudes a strong presence based on a larger body and future-oriented design

One of the biggest changes in the new Kona is its size. The length of the new Kona (internal combustion engine model) is 4,350mm, which is 185mm longer than its predecessor, and the overall width is also 1,825mm, which is 25mm longer. Of course, the height (1,570mm) and wheelbase (2,660mm) have also increased by 20mm and 60mm, respectively. Thanks to this enlarged body, it not only provided a more spacious cabin, but also strengthened its presence. The important point is that the body has grown, but the Kona’s unique proportions are still the same. The new Kona also features a unique design charm that is bold and dynamic.

Exterior design emphasizing sophistication with a future-oriented atmosphere

The new Kona has a ‘Seamless Horizon Lamp’, a design element representing the latest Hyundai Motor Company

The new Kona also has a composite lamp configuration in which the daytime running lights and headlamps are separated up and down as before. However, thanks to the drastically changed front design, the atmosphere is quite different. Among them, the most notable design element is the Seamless Horizon Lamp. The horizontal lamp, which is commonly housed in Hyundai Motor Company’s latest models, embodies a new design that reflects the automaker’s design philosophy, emphasizing lighting that continues uninterruptedly and concisely. This not only serves as a daytime running light, but also emphasizes a visually wide and future-oriented impression.

The long and slim tail lamp further emphasizes the wide and high-tech image

The design of the rear part also stands out because it has the same configuration as the front part. A wide and stable stance is created centering on the tail lamp that crosses the body, and the long and slim shape gives a high-tech atmosphere. In addition, the unique cladding surrounding Kona’s wheel arches and the integrated design elements of tail lamps stimulate the SUV’s tough image.

Sketch design of the new Kona: Dynamic lines and faces maximize the sporty image

The side of the new Kona looks harmonious with sophisticated design elements realized by dynamic proportions. The sharp character line on the side is one of Kona’s signature design features, contrasting with the simple body. The sharp side character line shows the parametric dynamics design contrasted with the voluminous front and rear parts; The dynamics of the elaborately crafted body surface stand out according to the light shining from various directions. In addition, the belt line that leads to the rear spoiler in one line maximizes the sporty image as if it is about to speed up on the road. Meanwhile, the armor-shaped cladding that tightly surrounds the wheel arches is a unique charm of Kona design that has been shown since the first generation of Kona. Kona’s unique strong and dynamic charm created from the solid wheel arch design is still strong.

Kona Design blurs the boundaries between EV and internal combustion engine models

The design of the new Kona was developed with a focus on electric models, and was extended to designs for internal combustion engines and the N line

The design of the new Kona has its own personality according to the characteristics of the powertrain, and it is worth noting that all three models radiate their own charm without superiority or inferiority. The secret lies in Kona’s unique design development process. Unlike the typical automobile design process, which starts designing for an internal combustion engine model, the new Kona starts design development for an electric vehicle model and then extends it for internal combustion engine models and N-line models. For example, the new design element in the radiator grill, which is different for each model, is a new attempt to break away from the traditional automotive design framework. Thanks to this, while keeping the charm that Kona models have in common, each model’s specialized personality was well revealed.

The designs of the Kona Electric, the Kona internal combustion engine model, and the Kona N line stand out with their individuality

For example, Kona Electric housed the Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp - a parametric pixel shape added to Hyundai’s unique lighting design. In addition, the lower part of the bumper has a common parametric pixel structure, the lower part of the vehicle shows a black point line, and the pure and future-oriented image of the electric vehicle is further emphasized by unifying the wheel arch cladding with the body color.

Unique design elements throughout the body show the charm and personality of each model

The internal combustion engine and hybrid models inherited the sensibility of a tough SUV that strives in a harsh natural environment, while making various attempts to break away from the traditional design. New design elements that replace the radiator grille, thicker skid plates and black painted wheel arch cladding give off a sturdy and strong impression.

Meanwhile, the Kona N line has developed into the most aggressive look among the Kona lineup with a more three-dimensional front and rear bumper design. A low and stable stance is created through silver-colored side skirts, and a sporty image is emphasized through a bold wing-shaped bumper and wing-type rear spoiler.

Driving cockpit considering various lifestyles

The driver-oriented structure stands out in the new Kona’s driving cockpit sketch

The interior of the new Kona stands out with unique changes suitable for the new generation. In particular, Kona’s driving cockpit, where the driver sits, has evolved into a functional look that handles various lifestyles. First of all, the driver-oriented structure considering usability stands out in the driver’s seat; The panoramic display, which integrates a 12.3-inch cluster and a 12.3-inch navigation, is tilted toward the driver, and each component is configured as a module to emphasize a high-tech image.

The driver-oriented structure and horizontal layout are in harmony

One of the features of the new Kona interior design is that all models have an identical slim and wide basic structure unique to EV. In addition to the cockpit, which emphasizes a sporty atmosphere with a driver-centered structure, the overall interior embodies a sense of space with a horizontal layout and slim crash pad. The interior of the new Kona has a simple structure that encompasses a wide customer base, and the gear knob is moved to the steering wheel column to improve space utilization. In addition, the ample storage space and the open console that can be used in various ways depending on the situation are practical.

Based on the larger body, it provides best-in-class interior space

In addition, the interior of the new Kona has secured class-leading spaciousness through a larger body. The longer overall length and wheelbase clearly expand the interior space, and the second row of bench seats that spread out like a sofa provide a smooth ride quality that goes beyond the class.

Kona’s charm became even more apparent in the second generation. The design, which has evolved into a more robust yet high-tech image, plays an important role in defining the new Kona and presenting the direction of Hyundai Motor Company’s SUV design in the future. The new Kona is set to change the compact SUV paradigm once again - with its more spacious and functional interior space and Kona’s own iconic design.

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