Behind the Success of South Korea's homegrown Nuri Space Rocket l HMG Presentation

Go behind the scenes of the New Space Era of KoreaFrom the launch of the first satellite in 1992 to the recent success of Nuri,South Korea has been developing its space technology with Hyundai Rotem. Join Donghwan Kim, from the Guided Munitions Development Group at Hyundai Rotem, Take us behind the scenes of S. Korea’s Nuri space rocket! 00:00 Intro00:24 The history of Korea’s aerospace industry02:06 Beginning of the space program at Hyundai Rotem03:28 Korea’s self-developed launch vehicle - Nuri development plan04:30 Hyundai Rotem’s technology - Propulsion engine system test facility06:19 Flame cooling system using acid08:12 Hyundai Rotem’s aerospace industry keyword