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Hyundai Motor Group Suggests: Lifestyle Expansion

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Just as each person has a different personality, each consumer has a different purpose for using a car. And Hyundai Motor Group is expanding the utilization of automobiles with its various accessories.

Cars today are more than a means of transportation, but a companion for a lifestyle. It should be able to respond to various purposes and tastes such as travel, hobbies, and work. In line with this, Hyundai Motor Group offers a variety of accessories: utility products such as refrigerators and tables, as well as car accessories for your own taste, such as grille badges and decals. Here, Hyundai Motor Group introduces items that will expand your lifestyle.

Accessories to show your personality

One small accessory can change the mood of a car’s interior - just like a flower or a doll can change the mood of a room. Especially, if the item feels like the design of a car, it’s perfect. The Hyundai Motors IONIQ 5/IONIQ 6 character diffuser kit and multi-tray seem to have been created to meet these customer needs. The character diffuser is an accessory that allows you to insert an air freshener (membrane) kit into the character housing with a cute design resembling the silhouette of IONIQ 5, and allows you to add the scent you want to the cabin. The magnetic multi-tray attaches to the IONIQ 5’s cockpit module to hold a variety of items including writing utensils, cards, business cards and coins. It can be easily detached and features a sense of unity that seems to fit perfectly into the IONIQ 5’s interior design.

A badge or decal sticker refreshes the exterior image of a car. It is one of the most popular and easily available car accessories among drivers. However, Kia’s ‘My Palette’ accessory goes one step further. Based on the cute designs of various artists, this accessory can be custom-made after choosing the background and image color yourself. It is a lot of fun to design the color and rim shape of various accessories such as grille badges, wheel caps, and decals.

There are also accessories for Hyundai high-performance N-brand enthusiasts. While they have high utility, they clearly reveal the identity of the N brand. For example, a plastic folding box is an accessory that helps keep luggage neatly stored in the trunk. The point is the performance blue color that symbolizes N. In fact, the plastic folding box is also an accessory for car enthusiasts who love sports driving. This is the perfect place to keep things you need for circuit riding, such as helmets, race car suits, gloves, and driving shoes, all in one place.

Accessories add convenience to life

It’s not widely known that an electric Hyundai IONIQ 5 or Kia EV6 can house an in-vehicle refrigerator; The refrigerator, which can be powered from an indoor V2L outlet, fits very naturally into the interior design thanks to the base designed to suit the seat curves. Thanks to this, you can also have a cool drink in the car. It can also be used in anywhere using the cable that came with it.

There are also accessories that can make everyday life with the family a little easier: like a child’s headrest that can be worn over a headrest. It is a car accessory that will be of great help to those who have ever needed various accessories for children, such as a neck pillow. Headrests for children were nominated at the 2021 Hyundai Motor Customizing Idea Festival. It has a simple structure that mounts on both bars of the headrests in the second row of the vehicle, and is easy to adjust the height, and thanks to the wing-shaped structure, children can rest their heads comfortably while sleeping.

There is also a basic air purifier for those concerned about fine dust in winter. This air purifier can be fitted with the rear finishing panel of the first row passenger seats and is easily operated with the touch of a button. Unlike air purifiers that plug into cup holders, these are designed to fit perfectly into the seat. This meticulous design and natural look are among the strengths of accessories made by automakers for their own models.

The Hyundai Motor Group also carefully considers the accessory’s daily use: like a road protector that prevents scratches on your valuable car when loading and unloading from the trunk. It is a simple product attached to the trunk floor using Velcro, but it is effective in protecting the plastic or bumper of the trunk opening when unloading heavy stuff.

Automobile accessories support outdoor life

When you’re out on the road, your car can be a great base camp: like The New Ray’s side tarp, table, and side detachable storage bag that can also be used for picnics. The side tarps latch onto the roof of the Ray and act as a sunshade, connecting the Ray’s cabin space to the outside world. A folding table or removable bag with magnets on the side of the Ray increases the efficiency of the space under the tarp.

To enjoy a variety of outdoor life, securing storage space is important. Sometimes the cabin can’t fit all the luggage; The roof basket is an accessory for just that. Put a crossbar on the roof, attach a roof basket to it, secure the luggage with a net, and you can go anywhere, even with a lot of luggage. In particular, the roof basket goes well with the Tucson Adventure Package, which emphasizes adventure.

If you enjoy traveling with a car, the fun of car camping is also great. There are also accessories to cover your car’s windows to isolate you from the outside world and make a comfortable night’s sleep; Multi-curtains, one of the accessories for the Palisade, are made to fit the shape of each door and window. It can be completely locked like a tent lock, or you can only deploy the net. It keeps bugs out, but lets outside air through, so you can use it even in the summer. This accessory enhances in-vehicle livability in several ways.

Traveling by car with your pet requires a kennel, car seat, etc - you never know what might happen on the road. However, if your pet is large, the current products may not be enough. So, Hyundai Motor Group offers various useful accessories such as pet car seats, anti-fouling seat covers, car fences, and harnesses that help drivers and pets travel conveniently and safely.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Company also introduced lifestyle items exclusively for the IONIQ brand on the crowdfunding platform Wadiz in October of last year. A total of 11 accessories were introduced in 4 categories: work, healing, entertainment, and hygiene. This is to offer more diverse lifestyles with automobiles by using the wide interior space and power supply function of Hyundai Motor Group’s dedicated EVs.

For example, ‘V2L Power Strip’ is like a power strip that can be used in Hyundai Motor Group’s dedicated EVs. These accessories help you use more electronic devices more comfortably by connecting to the indoor V2L outlets under the second row seats. There are two types of V2L power strips: The direct type, which connects directly to the indoor V2L, has three 220V outlets. In addition, the extension type with a 1.5M long wire added so that V2L can be used in the first row has two 220V outlets. These allow passengers to use their electronics right away without having to change their seats.

IONIQ exclusive smart table helps you use your IONIQ 5 or IONIQ 6 like an office. This table, which is used by inserting a connector into a cup holder and unfolding the top, can be used in both the front and rear seats, and its height or width can be adjusted. With a USB port and a wireless charging pad, you can easily charge your smartphone. Installing a smart table doesn’t mean you won’t have a place to put your drinks; There are always cup holders built into the table.

Hyundai Motor Group is conducting various activities to identify and respond to increasingly diversified customer needs. Hyundai Motor Company held an idea contest to promote mass production of customized products proposed by customers, and Kia held a ‘PBV Using Ray EV Ideas Contest’ to collect customer opinions.

As explained above, Hyundai Motor Group’s accessories tailored to the needs of its customers suggest many ways to use cars more actively. This is only possible because automakers see cars as lifestyle partners rather than just means of transportation. Those who have ever wished they had a certain function while using a car should look for accessories made by Hyundai Motor Group. You might think of various things you can do with your car that you have only imagined.

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