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Hyundai Digital Art Contest: Freedom of Movement into Art

Hyundai Motor Company
Hyundai Motor Company held a contest for digital artists’ creative activities. If ‘freedom of movement’ were to be expressed in digital art, it would be as follows:

Digital art refers to artistic works or works that use digital technology as a key tool for creative work. Unlike fine arts such as traditional paintings, sculptures, and art installations, the process uses graphic tools and techniques such as programming. So this category is quite broad: holograms, virtual reality, interactive exhibitions, robot dances, etc., all fields using digital technology.

‘H-everything’( left) by Lee Seung-yong (@yong.e.artist) and ‘Resting with the starlight’ by Lim Se-hyeon (@studio.senny)

But this is by no means difficult; Images and videos that are easily seen on the web or social media are also part of digital art. The advantage of digital art is that it is relatively easy to become an artist. Before digital art was born, anyone who would become an artist had to go through a lot of trial and error before they could freely express what they wanted - not to mention the cost of the materials needed in the process. However, programs such as graphic tools are readily available and can be easily modified. If you learn how to use it, you can start your own creative activities.

That’s why digital art is considered one of the best ways to realize an artist’s dream. Even now, many people are looking for opportunities by uploading their works on various platforms. Art contests are also a great opportunity for artists to introduce themselves to the public - Hyundai Motor Company’s Freedom Of Movement, held from November 9th to December 13th, for example.

‘The first time’ by Yun Kyun-ha (@arc21.4)

Hyundai Motor Company held the contest to support the creative activities of digital artists. It was conducted in the form of an image or video with a theme that utilizes the shape of Hyundai Motor Company’s vehicle model. Also, anyone can participate in this contest. The themes focused on life with cars, such as ‘RELAX (moment of rest with Hyundai Motor Company)’, ‘LIFESTYLE (my daily life with Hyundai Motor Company)’, and ‘CONNECT (Meeting myself in Hyundai Motor Company)’.

Digital artists went viral; From November 9th to December 2nd, 2022, 185 works were submitted, of which 133 were images and 52 were videos. The expert judges conducted the first screening based on subject suitability, workmanship, and popularity, and 22 works selected in this process were posted on Hyundai Motor Company’s official Instagram account (@about_hyundai), allowing the public to view and comment on them.

Followers were also delighted; There were 4,968 comments during the public evaluation period from December 7th to 13th, 2022. Various stories poured in, such as messages to support a favorite artist or memories recalled while watching digital works.

‘New Hippie Generation’ by Yoo Seung-seo (@happy_weirdos_club)
Of course, many gave good reviews about the digital art contest held by Hyundai Motor Company

“There are many digital art artists in Korea, but there are few opportunities to show their works. It’s great that corporate projects like this can give digital artists the opportunity to continue their work. I hope Hyundai Motor Company will continue to do great projects like this in the future.”

“It was nice to see the works of various artists expressing various aspects of Hyundai Motor Company in their own way. I really liked this exhibition.”

In addition, followers on Instagram commented, “Hyundai Motor’s famous cars seemed to play a role in connecting parents and children’s generations while playing the role of icons of the times.”

‘Always Together’ by Seong Ji-eun (@jesaint1123)

The work that received the most love was ‘Always Together’ by Seong Ji-eun, who won the grand prize. In this image, the two have been together since the Hyundai Sonata of 1985, and they are sharing memories with Hyundai Motors even now in 2022. Although things have changed over time, it contains the meaning of wanting to be together.

‘Remember’ by Baek Seung-sun (@sketchide)

The gold award went to Baek Seung-sun’s ‘Remember’. In this work, there is a Hyundai Motor Company N Vision 74 in a dreamy atmosphere and a three-dimensional figure of Hyundai Motor Company Pony reflected under it. Baek Seung-sun said that through two cars with the same DNA, he described the image of meeting our past selves in our memories.

Hwang Seok-min’s ‘Our Precious Daily Life’, which won the silver prize, expresses various moments of our lives like a small theme park - break time, daily life, leisure life, meaningful encounters, etc. Hwang Seok-min explained, “I put the hope that various people, such as individuals, friends, lovers, couples, and crews, share their daily lives and find a little happiness and comfort in the way they live freely.”

‘Our Precious Daily Life’ by Hwang Seok-min (@hollymolly__official)

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Choi Ki-min’s ‘Dream’, another silver award winner, captures the hopeful story of a child who wants to become a fighter pilot soaring into the sky in an IONIQ 6. Anyone who sees a child imagining the IONIQ 6 soaring through the sky with a fighter jet will look back on their dreams once again.

Hyundai Motor Company awarded a total of KRW 30 million in grants to the 20 award-winning artists in the Digital Art Contest; This means that the automaker supports the creative activities of digital artists. And Hyundai’s action doesn’t end there; Hyundai Motor Company plans to create new innovations through brand collaboration with digital artists.

Under the name H-ART CREW, 20 artists will be Hyundai Motor Company’s social ambassadors for three months. Artists working as H-ART Crew will receive a variety of support, such as a mentoring program conducted by 3D artist ‘May Kim’ and illustrator ‘Sup-Seop’, and networking by H-ART Crew 1.

In addition, H-ART Crew has several collaboration opportunities such as a number of  digital contents for Hyundai Motor Company.  The H-ART Crew will return with new works that suit various themes, such as ‘Enjoying Hobbies with 2023 Kona’, ‘Green Vehicles of Hyundai Motor Company Protecting the Earth’, or ‘The Heritage of Hyundai Vehicles’.  Many are looking forward to the story of Hyundai Motor Company, full of insights and styles of their favorite writers.

‘Coloring the Landscape’ by Lee Ho-jun (@ll.hojun_)

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