Future of Robotics for Humanity l Boston Dynamics l Hyundai Motor Group

‘Progress toward Humanity’, the most exciting time in the robot industry. Watch how Boston Dynamics and Hyundai Motor Group integrate and expand the vision for future mobility. 00:00 Intro00:49 Mark Theemann (CSO) Interview - Robotics_Current Status of Robot Industry02:37 Aaron Sunders (CTO) Interview - The Robotics Technology of Boston Dynamics and The Story of Robots02:51 Spot - A Four-Legged Walking Robot that Inspects Field Conditions and Identifies Industrial Sites04:23 Atlas - A Human Type Bipedal Walking Robot Capable of Autonomous Uprightness Such as Walking, Lifting Objects and standing up05:56 Stretch - A Loading and Unloading Robot that Is Difficult for People to Lift07:27 Jason Fiorillo (CLO) Interview - Robots and Humans Correlation Ethical, Legal, and Safety Stories11:25 Mark Theemann (CSO) Interview - Synergy with Hyundai Motor Group13:15 Closing - The Future We imagine Will Become a Reality