The all–new KONA | Digital World Premiere

Experience KONA, the Upscaled Multiplayer.Live a life of diverse moments. Move with the vibeKONA ※ The exact release date and specifications may vary by region. 00:00 Intro01:04 Unique Propotion01:08 Black Embracing Line encircling the lower body01:12 Aerodynamic Nose01:15 Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp01:20 Armor01:22 Parametric Surfaces01:30 Panoramic Display01:34 Open Console Storage01:36 Rotational Cup Holders01:38 Larger Interior Space01:42 Sharp Connecting Chrome Line01:44 Spoiler Integrated HMSL02:16 Digital Key 2 Touch02:18 Smart Power Tailgate02:24 Larger Cargo Space02:28 Driving Range : Over 490km02:30 BOSE Premium Audio02:40 Larger Interior Space02:42 Flat Floor02:58 Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)03:34 Vehicle-to-Load (V2L)03:55 Panoramic Display04:35 Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Update04:39 Column-Type Shift by Wire (SBW)04:50 Head-up Display (HUD)05:05 Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)06:18 Front trunk (Frunk)06:35 Ambient Lighting06:59 Blind-spot View Monitor (BVM)07:14 Surround View Monitor (SVM)07:20 1st-row Relaxation Comfort Seat07:27 Open Console Structure08:43 KONA Electric08:47 KONA Hybrid08:55 KONA N Line09:05 KONA ▶ Discover more at The all-new KONA Digital Studio!