Newly Developed Automatic Charging Robot (ACR) For Electric Vehicles l Hyundai Motor Group

Meet the new Automatic Charging Robot (ACR)! Watch how the charging robot communicates with our electric vehicle by automatically opening the charging port and plugging in the charger.The ACR was developed to operate reliably in all environments, regardless of charger location, weather and potential obstacles.What’s more? The 3D camera-based artificial intelligence algorithm in its control technology allows the robot to accurately plug the charger into the port. Visit the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show from March 31st to April 9th at Hyundai Motor’s exhibition booth to experience our all-new Automatic Charging Robot. 00:00 Intro00:10 RSPA (Remote Smart Parking Assist)00:17 Wireless charging port cover control00:21 Charging port recognition00:25 Insert charger into the charging port00:38 Anomaly detection00:43 Charging completed and charger unplugged00:45 Wireless charging port cover control00:48 Charging completed notification