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Enjoy the taste of three colors: Haevichi Hotel & Resort’s Myeongdong Gourmet Party

Haevichi Hotel & Resort
Haevichi Hotels & Resorts offers a three-color gourmet trip to the US, China, and Japan, providing high-quality gourmet food in Myeong-dong, Seoul’s signature hotspot and the birthplace of K-culture.

Regarding pleasure and style that extends through taste, Marie-Antoine Carême, the world’s first star chef, said, “When we no longer have good cooking in the world, we will have no literature, nor high and sharp intelligence, nor friendly gatherings, no social harmony”. The three restaurants that Haevichi Hotels & Resorts are simultaneously opening in Myeong-dong are pursuing the same goal. As K-culture spreads, this is also the reason why Haevichi chose Myeong-dong as the stage to create food culture as an urban content that can symbolize Seoul.

Le Méridien & Moxy Seoul Myeong-dong, a Janus-like hotel that appeared in the epicenter of K-culture

Myeong-dong is home to the ‘Beer Cafe’ opened by poet Lee Sang, Korea’s first Western-style restaurant and social club ‘Diplomatic Club’, poet Park In-hwan’s favorite whiskey tasting room ‘Poem’, and the classical music room ‘Philharmony’. It was a hideout for opinion leaders. In the midst of endemic, Myeong-dong is still full of style and taste.

The place to go for a gastronomic trip with Haevichi is the Le Meridien & Moxy Seoul Myeong-dong Hotel, which opened at the end of 2022 on the site of the former KT Seoul Central Telephone Office in Myeong-dong. Haevichi is outsourcing the management of the hotel. Haevichi manages and supervises overall management based on its know-how in operating a five-star hotel.

‘Le Méridien & Moxy Seoul Myeong-dong’ is a dual-brand hotel that combines two hotels with different concepts. As a luxury brand that started in France, Le Méridien is presenting a European signature program based on the concept of modern art. With Generation Z as the target consumer, Moxy departs from the typical hotel concept and boasts a bold interior with graffiti and neon signs tailored to the tastes of people in their 20s.

Entrance and reception desk at Le Méridien & Moxy Seoul Myeong-dong

The hotel starts on the 4th floor where the lobby is located. The 5th to 8th floors are Moxy, and the 9th to 15th floors are Le Méridien rooms, which exude a Janus-like charm that combines Paris in France and Myeong-dong in Seoul.

Rooms at Le Méridien and Moxy

Tastes of the World: Gourmet Cuisines of 3 Countries: US, China, and Japan

A full-scale Myeong-dong gourmet trip with Haevichi begins on the 3rd floor of this building. Ahead of the new spring, Haevichi opened a new American restaurant, Michael by Haevichi, a Chinese restaurant ‘Jungsim’, and a Japanese restaurant ‘Sushi Mer’ on the 3rd floor of Le Meridien & Moxy Seoul Myeong-dong. These are the restaurants that Haevichi opened in 2018 in Centropolis, located in Jongno, Seoul, and found success. They operate in the same building as a five-star hotel, offering more sophisticated menus and services.

New American Cuisine Michael by Haevichi

The new Michael by Haevichi in Myeong-dong is the third restaurant after Jongno and Busan. This restaurant, which has the concept of New American Cuisine, which is in the limelight as a global trend, serves dishes from various cultures such as Europe, South America, and Asia, reinterpreted in a casual American way.

Michael by Haevichi Myeong-dong provides high-quality delicacies by adding a new menu with sophisticated plating and enhancing delicate details in addition to the menus currently loved in the first and second branch.

Jungsim: Cantonese Chinese Cuisine

Jungsim, which has been presenting Cantonese-style Chinese food tailored to Koreans, has become more special in Myeong-dong. The concept and operation are similar to the first restaurant in Jongno, but the authentic Cantonese and high-end Chinese dishes have been expanded. In addition, dim sum menus and Hong Kong-style char siu, which are not available at the Jongno branch, have been added. Guests can enjoy high-end cuisine without a reservation, including Cantonese barbecue, steamed lobster, and Peking duck, as well as a variety of appetizers and meals featuring chef-made tofu and home-made noodles. The interior is also more exotic than the main branch in Jongno, with modern and colorful patterns added.

Sushi Mer: Authentic Japanese Omakase

Derived from the French word mer, which means sea, ‘Sushi Mer’ serves authentic Japanese cuisine prepared with the delicate and sophisticated skill of a chef who carefully selects only the best ingredients allowed by the clean sea and nature. Since the opening of the first branch in July 2021, it has been popular with customers for its high-end sushi omakase. And the Myeong-dong store also carried most of the current Sushi Mer’s taste, service, and interior. Visitors can enjoy authentic Japanese sushi with the original taste, texture and flavor of fresh ingredients delivered daily, accompanied by premium sake or champagne.

If you are going on a gastronomic trip to Myeong-dong, a place for cultural artists and a community space for stylish people, it would be right to put emphasis on culture rather than food. While opening three restaurants in Myeong-dong, including New American dining ‘Michael by Haevichi’, Chinese restaurant ‘Jungsim’, and Japanese restaurant ‘Sushi Mer’, Haevichi stated, “as we opened the restaurants in Myeong-dong, Korea’s signature commercial district and tourist hotspot, we want to promote our value through the taste, quality, and service of Haevichi, and contribute to conveying Korean delicacies and culture to Korean and foreign tourists.” Haevichi, a hospitality brand that offers a better everyday life through inspirational relaxation, strives to enhance the cultural experience of its customers with high-quality taste and service.

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