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Precious notes from Dear My Hero, a hydrogen cleaning truck

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Hyundai Motor Group’s big campaign video ‘Dear My Hero’, which introduced how new technology can benefit our daily lives, has been receiving global advertising awards. Here lies the meaning of the records and numbers that Dear My Hero has left so far.

The global interest in ‘Dear My Hero’, a big campaign video of Hyundai Motor Group with the theme of the positive influence of hydrogen cleaning trucks, continues. Recently, as a result of competing with over 3,000 entries at Spikes Asia 2023, the largest advertising festival in the Asia-Pacific region, the campaign won three categories including the Grand Prix in the Innovation category. Also, on March 24, it was awarded the Grand Prix, meaning the highest honor, at the 30th ‘Korea Advertising Awards’, one of Korea’s largest advertising festivals. The numbers symbolizing Dear My Hero, which is setting new records every day, are introduced here.

Since its release at the end of 2021, Dear My Hero has received 23 awards (3 Grand Prix, 1 Gold, 9 Silver, 3 Bronze, 7 others) in 14 domestic and international advertising festivals (6 in Korea, 8 overseas) until March 2023. The campaign has stood out at major Korean and foreign advertising festivals - in addition to Spikes Asia and Korea Advertising Awards, global awards ceremonies such as the London International Advertising Festival and Red Dot Awards, which have a long tradition and global authority, and domestic advertising festivals such as the Busan International Advertising Festival and Korea Advertising Awards -, and it drew worldwide attention.

Numerous media outlets also spotlighted Dear My Hero; After the video was released, numerous Korean media outlets such as YTN, MBN, JoongAng Ilbo, Herald Economy, and Channel A dealt with the issue, and overseas media also dealt with the news about Dear My Hero. So far, 72 media outlets from various countries have introduced the background story of Dear My Hero and the Big Campaign in detail. And after the video was released, it exceeded 10 million views in a week and 30 million views in 3 weeks, and it became the cover page of web portals.

Dear My Hero has also formed a high consensus among general viewers through various social media channels. Hyundai Motor Group’s official social media channels recorded a total of 43,783,162 views (as of March 2023), which means that about 85% of Koreans (about 51.42 million as of February 2023) have watched Dear My Hero at least once. The viewers’ reactions - likes, comments, shares, etc. - also recorded a total of 104,875 times. Among the 3,425 comments, the expressions ‘eco-friendly technology’, ‘thank you’, and ‘Hyundai’ were mentioned the most, and it was also interesting that many viewers watched the video for an average of 1 minute and 56 seconds, even though the video was 3 minutes and 3 seconds, which is not short at all.

It is also impressive that young consumers who are most active in trends and eco-friendliness and lead good consumption are the main viewers of Dear My Hero. The percentage of viewers under the age of 44 was 69.3%: 25-34 years old (25.8%) with a high interest in environmental and social impact, 35-44 years old (20.6%) leading the trend. And, speaking of the ones younger than 25 years old, with Gen Z and Alpha generations combined (22.9%), they strongly sympathized with Dear My Hero. In addition, the campaign had a high proportion of overseas viewers and proved to be viral with a high number of likes, comments and shares. Global audiences were in the Americas (53%), Europe (21%), Asia (14%), Oceania (7%), and Others (5%); This tells us that major automobile advanced countries, which are highly interested in nature conservation and future mobility, are very interested in Dear My Hero.

This year, Hyundai Motor Group is introducing ‘Heals on Wheels’ as a big campaign for 2023 after the success of Dear My Hero. Heals on Wheels is a big campaign video showing the development of next-generation mobility technology that touches the human heart. iCARE car (Staria), which is used as a counseling space and counseling tool for abused children, presents new examples of social use of new technologies in the future. In the future, Hyundai Motor Group plans to produce a big campaign following Dear My Hero and Heals on Wheels to continuously shed light on new technologies that make human life more pleasant and rich, and the positive impact of these new technologies on society.

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