From Delivery Vehicles to Pet Taxi, PBV(Purpose Built Vehicle) for Your Business l HMG Presentation

Built for the purpose of the driver, simple and optimized, Kia’s PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle) From delivery robots to taxis for furry animals, Experience the future of mobility with Kia’s PBV 00:00 Intro00:26 The ultimate multi-purpose mobility for your business01:47 Key to PBVs, Skateboard platform02:28 Example of PBVs 03:24 Kia’s customer-oriented PBV05:17 Kia’s PBV model - The Niro Plus06:00 Key traits of the taxi model Niro Plus07:12 Dedicated membership service for owner-driver cabs08:12 Kia PBV model – Ray, one-person van PBV 09:17 Kia PBV’s future and goals11:12 Inside of Kia PBV13:16 Getting ready for mass-production