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The All‒New Kona: The Urban Cool SUV Beyond Compact SUVs

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The All‒New Kona is full of best‒in‒class product quality. Here are the details of the All‒New Kona’s features, such as its high‒tech design, spacious space, colorful powertrain, and its advanced specifications.

Transcending its own segment, the All‒New Kona answers all these questions from the market: Can internal combustion engine models have the high‒tech design that only EVs have? Why don’t compact SUVs offer comfort and space? Are high‒tech specifications exclusive to luxury cars?

A distinctive feature of the new Kona is its wide interior design

Literally, ‘the all‒new Kona’, features the best‒in‒class marketability that goes beyond the car class. In addition, it is full of charm comparable to mid‒ and large‒sized cars such as future‒oriented design, spacious space, excellent advanced specifications, colorful powertrain, and enhanced NVH. Through this, it digs into our daily life with mobility and utility that supports various lifestyles. Here are the details of the all‒new Kona:

The high‒tech design unique to EV changes the urban landscape

It boasts a unique exterior design tailored to its personality

The rise of electric vehicles is rapidly changing the urban landscape; The characteristics of electric vehicles energize the city with its sleek body considering aerodynamic performance and a design symbolizing advanced technology. And after the automaker first developed a design that fits this trend for the new Kona, it took a new approach to using it for internal combustion engine models. Through this, it has a bold and innovative style and a future‒oriented atmosphere that reminds us of electric vehicles.

The front of the design package of the All‒New Kona N line emphasized the dynamic feeling

Its front design shows these characteristics well. Although the electric, internal combustion engine, and N‒line versions of the new Kona all share the same face, the detailed design of the radiator grill features different personalities for each model. Hence, each model boasts a different charm.

The Seamless Horizon Lamp is an exterior design element that drives the car’s future‒oriented atmosphere. The horizontal lamp is Hyundai Motor’s next‒generation signature lighting design that determines the front and rear image of the body. This is in the shape of a large light bar that connects the left and right sides of the vehicle. Functionally, it serves as a daytime running light and a taillight, and visually emphasizes its wide and future‒oriented impression.

The seamless horizon lamp completes the face of the new Kona
The side features include the wheel arch cladding and the ‘Z’‒shaped character line

Its side view stands out for inheriting the iconic design and dynamic proportions of the current Kona, which has successfully settled in the global automobile market. The striking and unique wheel arch cladding not only evokes a solid feeling like armor, but also conveys a strong and tough image unique to SUVs. Here, the sharply sculpted character line on the side creates a strong impression unique to Kona.

Spacious and innovative interior that transcends its class

Its cabin space offers an innovative interior experience; The spacious cabin of the new Kona can be used flexibly to suit various lifestyles. First, in the first row, a functionally designed driver space with a 12.3‒inch panoramic display arranged in a horizontal layout welcomes its passengers.

The new Kona offers innovative interior space
The new Kona is equipped with a gear knob on the steering column, and the relaxation comfort seats in the first row

The center console has greatly improved its utility thanks to the gear knob that has been moved to the steering column, and provides ample storage convenience along with a neat interior image. It also has a concept of relaxation; The first‒row relaxation comfort seats, which optimize the weight distribution in a zero‒gravity position, are optional, increasing the value as a resting space.

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The front of the crush pad uses an ambient lamp to enhance the emotional quality. The color and brightness of the ambient lamp are automatically interlocked according to each profile set with personalized interlocking control. It can also change its color depending on the drive mode (green for Eco, ice blue for Comfort, and red for Sports mode). The feature of calling the driver’s attention by blinking the mood lamp when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed, is also a newly housed feature

The rear seats are designed to support the various lifestyles of users. Based on a significantly extended length (4,350mm, internal combustion engine model standard) and wheelbase (2,660mm), it boasts a second‒row space and loading space that transcends its class. In particular, the two‒row bench seats, which look like neatly unfolded sofas, provide a comfortable space like that of a mid‒size SUV by adding a two‒step backrest angle control.

Thanks to its greatly extended length and wheelbase, it secured a spacious second row
The cargo space of the new Kona is the best in its class

The loading capacity reaches 466ℓ (VDA standard), the largest in its class. This figure is similar to that of the semi‒midsize SUV in the past. If you need to load large items that even this space cannot handle, you can fold the second row seats or lower the luggage board (bottom of the trunk) to provide additional cargo space.

The next‒generation infotainment system enhances smart user experiences

The new Kona is housed with Hyundai Motor Group’s next‒generation infotainment system

The new Kona is equipped with the Hyundai Motor Group’s next‒generation infotainment system (ccNC, the connected car Navigation Cockpit), which has been verified in the All‒New Grandeur and Genesis. ccNC is a system that further enhances the smart user experience. It provides enhanced utility and convenience through advanced natural language‒based voice recognition, new UX (quick control, integrated search), media streaming features (Genie and Melon streaming services), and real‒time navigation.

The natural language‒based voice recognition with high user satisfaction supports a wide range of voice recognition related to vehicle use, such as “how much money is left in the Hi‒Pass chip” and “tell me the engine oil replacement cycle”. Connected car service functions have also been improved. When an accident is detected in front of the vehicle, in order to prevent a possible secondary collision, it houses the ‘Secondary Collision Risk Notification Service’ for the first time among the Hyundai Motor Group vehicles.

ccNC housed over‒the‒air (OTA) software updates to always keep them up to date

A wireless (OTA, Over‒the‒Air) software update that can always be kept up to date, a built‒in cam 2, and an e hi‒pass that syncs with CarPay and has a payment function without a physical card, have been added to ccNC. For reference, the video recorded by the built‒in cam 2 has sound, and it also supports augmented reality navigation that provides more realistic guidance through real‒time video. In addition, the ccNC of the new Kona has added a function that automatically switches FM radio frequencies when moving around the area and a new natural sound source that includes background sounds. As such, the new Kona provides an excellent user experience through ccNC that is difficult to find in other compact SUVs.

Various engine choices supporting different lifestyles

The powertrain lineup has many options to meet the needs of customers who pursue various lifestyles ‒ two types of gasoline, hybrid, and EV version. The powertrains include the Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Turbo with a maximum output of 198 hp, the Smart Stream Gasoline 2.0 that is quiet and smooth, the Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Hybrid that boasts excellent efficiency, and the Kona Electric, a purely electrified model.

For the internal combustion engine lineup, Hyundai Motor Group’s advanced Smart Stream engine technology has secured all values such as performance and efficiency - like the CVVD technology contained in the new Kona’s Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Turbo. This is a great help in improving efficiency and performance by continuously controlling the valve opening section according to each engine operation.

The new Kona’s Smart Stream Gasoline 2.0 boasts  efficiency and durability ‒ through the integrated flow control valve that improves cooling performance, a proportionally controlled continuously variable oil pump that reduces friction inside the engine, and low‒viscosity engine oil (0W20 SN PLUS).

The All‒New Kona’s N line design package boasts a dynamic atmosphere
The hybrid model is equipped with an e‒Dynamic Drive that enhances driving stability when cornering

The new Kona equipped with the Smart Stream Gasoline 1.6 Hybrid gained an advantage in driving performance with ‘e‒Dynamic Drive’. This hybrid‒specific feature focuses on improving driving quality through control of the drive motor. The effect is most pronounced in corner driving; The hybrid motor effectively controls driving torque, gear shifting, and deceleration to realize stable cornering performance with seamless acceleration.

Kona Electric has two battery specifications: 48.6 kWh (standard) and 64.8 kWh (long‒range model). The long‒range model boasts best‒in‒class charging and driving convenience with a maximum combined range of 417 km (based on 17‒inch wheels) on a single charge. The maximum output is 150kW for the long range and 99kW for the standard, and the maximum torque is 255Nm, realizing powerful electrified driving.

Enjoy a comfortable experience with enhanced NVH performance

Best‒in‒class NVH performance

Even when choosing a compact SUV, customers’ needs for comfort and pleasantness are high. The new Kona enhanced its NVH performance to increase customer satisfaction. NVH is a compound word that means noise, vibration, and harshness, and is another expression that means ride quality.

For ride quality, the new Kona housed hydro CTBA bushings in the rear suspension (internal combustion engine 2WD, CTBA), which is unusual for a compact SUV. Hydro bushings can effectively reduce residual vibrations that cause discomfort by increasing the damping force for specific road surface vibrations (frequency) while minimizing the degradation of handling performance.

Other efforts to improve driving quietness also continued. To prevent outside noise from entering, an under pad was added to the floor carpet to carefully block the floor of the car. In addition, sound‒absorbing tires (limited to 19‒inch specifications) that absorb resonance inside the tire were provided as an option. The car also has double‒folded sound‒insulating glass on the windshield to reduce wind noise, reinforcement of sound‒absorbing and insulating materials inside the bonnet and fenders (hood weather end piece, fender upper block foam), etc. In addition, a cut‒line seal that fills the gap between the joints of the outside mirror prevents the passage of driving wind, and a lower seal is added to the lower part of the side of the body (rocker panel) to suppress the inflow of outside noise.

The new Kona is expected to accompany our daily lives with best‒in‒class marketability and various powertrains

As above, the new Kona breaks out of its class with best‒in‒class marketability. It provides a wide range of values that were difficult to enjoy in a compact SUV to maximize user satisfaction. Many are looking forward to how much the new Kona, equipped with advanced specifications and convenience specifications and outstanding charm, will enrich our daily lives.

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