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Kia Incheon Flagship Store: Breaking the Stereotype for Automotive Showrooms

In Incheon, Korea, there is a space where you can fully feel the values that Kia pursues. It is the ‘Kia Incheon Flagship Store’ where you can experience test drive, purchase, service and brand experience at the same time.

Kia has opened a new flagship store in Incheon. Going one step further from a showroom that simply introduces vehicles, the automaker has established a multiplex store that offers test drives, purchases, services, and brand experiences at the same time. This is to bring the company a little closer to its customers and at the same time to deliver its value more vividly.

Kia currently operates two flagship stores in Gangseo-gu, Seoul and Michuhol-gu, Incheon. The Kia Incheon Flagship Store was completed based on Kia’s design philosophy, ‘Opposites United’ (creative convergence of opposite concepts). Thanks to this, visitors can appreciate the delicate and thoughtful design unique to Kia throughout the interior.

The first floor of the flagship store is largely divided into three areas: exhibition gallery, mobility & consulting, and maintenance service. The exhibition galleries feature an exquisite mix of analog and digital; Kia’s signature models are displayed by the window. Visitors can comfortably take a look at them at any time. No matter how advanced digital technology is, real experiences are essential. It is difficult to digitally express the touch of your fingertips or the feeling of sitting in the driver’s seat.

Digital technology, however, can deliver information much better. It presents the information the customer needs in an easy to understand way. So, Kia put a QR code on the windows of the main models on display. By scanning the QR code with your smartphone, you can easily find details such as the configuration of the vehicle you just sat in.

The ‘Live Sketch’ that decorates the wall on the 1st floor shows images of the Kia brand, and you can also use a 1:1 3D configurator. Select the desired model, trim, color, options, and accessories, and the selected vehicle will appear on a huge screen. By operating the controller, you can see the exterior and interior from various angles. A car realized through 3D modeling on a large screen conveyed the feeling of a real car.

On one side of the wall, there is a ‘Digital Color Collection’ where you can check all of Kia’s exterior colors. These are ‘digital color chips’ implemented through the tablet. Those who have had trouble choosing the body color of their car will appreciate this service. Thanks to the screen that boasts true-to-life colors, you can see and compare multiple colors at the same time. The colors are displayed through cards at first, but after choosing a color you like, a list of vehicles available in that color and their specifications are displayed.

There is also a ‘New-tech Simulator’, an autonomous driving experience space. It is an interactive movie to experience the effectiveness of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), which is difficult to experience in an exhibition space. If you sit in front of the screen and choose the car you are interested in, you will be given options according to the situation as the story begins. Naturally, you can see the use of ADAS driving technologies applied to Kia models.

The Mobility & Consulting Area is a consulting space for customers and future customers. Those who have made a reservation for consultation or test drive on the Kia website (kia.com) go to the flagship store and check-in, then they can use it at the time they want. In the counseling room with a comfortable atmosphere, the monitor on the wall intuitively shows the composition of the desired model.

If you’re curious about the driving feel or ride comfort of your favorite car, you can easily test drive it. In particular, as Kia started operating the Incheon flagship store, the automaker offers a test drive program specialized in Incheon - city center, automobile-only road, etc. The company also has a number of options for customers to enjoy test drives, such as self-guided test drives, rides with/without an instructor, test drives at night, and family test drives.

The ‘Kia Pickup Lounge’, which delivers each customers’ new cars, is also a noteworthy space. Surface-emitting lighting is installed in a quiet space separated from the outside. The bright lighting is for careful inspection upon delivery of the customer’s vehicle. When a customer receiving a new vehicle visits at the scheduled time, a salesperson inspects the vehicle in the space and explains the important features of the vehicle. There is also a lounge for families welcoming new cars.

Maintenance services are also not to be missed. The Kia Incheon Flagship Store shares space with the Incheon Service Center. After checking in at the service center, visitors can spend time sitting on comfortable sofas or looking around the flagship store. You don’t have to worry about maintenance; You can check the status through the monitors attached to the walls everywhere.

The second floor is a little more special; Not only Kia’s special line-up vehicles, but also new car accessories (genuine accessories) for Kia models are available here. Through the digital showcase on the wall, visitors can check new car accessories of various models along with explanations about the special lineup. In addition, tuning parts such as brakes, wheels, springs, and shock absorbers are on display, and can be purchased directly through the QR code.

As seen above, the Kia Incheon flagship store is a lifestyle space with cars. It is a space that can be enjoyed by not only current and future customers, but also anyone interested in automobiles. So there is plenty of space for relaxation. There is a gallery space on the first floor and a lounge on the second floor. You can grab a beverage from the cafe on the 1st floor and sit on a chair or sofa to relax.

For those interested in automobiles, the Kia Incheon Flagship Store will be a great space. It is open even after dinner time, which makes it even more attractive. The operating hours of the Kia Incheon Flagship Store are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm every day, and it becomes an unmanned store from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (closed on New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day and Chuseok, including the days after). For those who want to get closer to their cars should stop by the Kia flagship store; A new aspect of Kia will be uncovered.

Photography by Hyuk-soo Cho

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